Chapter 826 - The Heavens Chose Two Emperors


“You’ve said too much.”


Sensing the change in atmosphere, Su Zhu rolled her eyes at Yuan Hong and said, “Your whole body’s wrapped in bandages, but you still can’t keep quiet for even a second. If you keep this up, you’d better believe I’ll have Big Sister Liu’er beat you up again. Want to spend a few more days lying in bed recovering?”


“Hah…..” Yuan Hong also knew he’d said the wrong thing, so he laughed dryly, then obediently walked over to the corner and faced the wall as punishment. 


“Don’t change the subject.”


As he watched the others make light of the situation, Fatty Yin’s expression grew unsightly. As the Deputy of the Left, he was the head chancellor, the leader of the Auxiliary Stars. He had to put the Emperor first, both protecting him from harm and helping him strategize. 

 Once the others got their expressions back under control, he spoke again.


“Earlier, I mentioned the Literati Star and the Deputy of the Right. We know who the Fated Stars are, and we know that Su Liu’er and I are the Martial Star and the Deputy of the Right, respectively. All of us are already familiar with Emperor Ye, so the other Auxiliary Stars should also be people he knows. Since Heavenly Fate chose Emperor Ye as the North Star, it must have arranged for him to encounter those destined to serve him in advance, even before he illuminated the Emperor Star.”


“Emperor Ye, let’s start combing through the people you know and see if we can find the Deputy of the Right and Literati Stars.” 


Ye Zichen sensed Fatty Yin’s utter seriousness and knew full well that Fatty was saying this out of consideration for his well-being. 


“I’ll keep an eye out,” he said, nodding, “but I’ve only just illuminated the Emperor Star. Furthermore, you’ve all looked after me and Lil’ Yan for so long; you must be exhausted. How about we set this aside for now and talk more about this later?”


“Alright,” said Fatty Yin conscientiously.


“Then…. Let’s disperse for now.”


Everyone left. Before long, only the three Su SIsters and Ye Zichen remained in the room.


The women looked at him, and, sensing their gaze, Ye Zichen raised his eyes eyebrows inquisitively. 


“What are you looking at me for? Go get some rest.”


“Emperor Ye!” said Su Liu’er through gritted teeth, “this is our sleeping chamber. Could it be that, since you’ve lit up the Emperor Star, you plan to stay here and have all three of us serve you in the bed-chamber?”


“Cough…. I’m leaving, I’m leaving.”


He frantically scurried out of the loft, then gazed up into the starry night sky. He focused on the northernmost star in particular: the Emperor Star. 


The Heaven’s Chosen Emperor?


Then, before his very eyes, the two remaining Auxiliary Stars fell to earth as well.

“Get me some red-braised pork”


A young man whose head sprouted a single prominent tuft of hair muttered in his sleep. He tossed and turned over and over, occasionally gnawing on one of arms. 


“Why is this meat so old?” he said, still fast asleep. “Waiter, get me a fresh portion.”


With that, he turned over again. It was then that a star descended onto his chest. The image of a star radiated outward. It was…. The Deputy of the Left.




“I should be able to perform this sort of divination without too much difficulty.”


A wizened old man sat on a mossy stone platform, muttering to himself. One look at his face and you could see he was like a candle flickering in the wind, but his eyes dark eyes shone.




A beam of light shot through the sky. Although the old man faced the opposite direction, he laughed nonetheless and reached out with his hand.


“The Emperor Star has chosen, and the Auxiliary Stars have fallen to Earth!” said the old man, his voice low and raspy. “Who would have thought that I’d be his Literati Star?” He looked intently at the dull star mark on his hand, then let out a melancholy sigh.  


“It seems that I’ve almost hit my limit,” he said, then lifted himself up. 


This was his favorite spot to be alone, and the only place where he could still see such vibrant greenery.


Outside of this place, no matter where he turned, all he saw was dense purple demonic energy.


“Grandmaster Su.”


Suddenly, a muscular man appeared before him, his entire body emanating waves of demonic energy. 


“Get the hell out of here.”




The old man shouted, and the intruder fell backward, not stopping until he’d left the space. 


This was the elder’s last patch of greenery. He refused to allow any demon to contaminate it.


The brawny demon took the blow, yet didn’t dare complain. Enduring the pain in his chest, he bowed, saying, “Your subordinate understands his error and pleads for the grandmaster’s forgiveness.”


“Why have come here?” said the old man


“The King has asked that you come to the sacrificial altar.”


“Tell him I’ve received your message and will be there momentarily.”


“Of course,” said the muscular man. He left, still clutching his chest. The elder’s longing gaze lingered on the patch of moss, then, with a wave of his hand, it disappeared. 


“I’ve no longer any need for this”


Just as he was about to depart, the Emperor Star lit up for the second time.




The wizened elder came to a sudden stop and formed a few rapid hand-signs.


“Two emperors?” he said, lips trembling. “How could this be?”


At the same time, Bi’an, having failed to receive the Emperor star’s recognition, was busy venting his fury on the surrounding landscape. Taking a look around, you’d see that the surrounding mountain ranges all bore evidence of his rage.


The Emperor Star.


He had waited for a hundred thousand years, but it had illuminated for someone else.


This was extremely difficult for him to swallow.


Suddenly, the North Star illuminated, emitting intense light for the second time.




Seeing this, Bi’an’s full ruler-level aura exploded outward.


Two Emperors!


There were two emperors, and they’d both appeared on the same day. 


And yet, neither of them were him!


“Heavenly Fate, you’ve really pissed me off now!”


“This will change everything”


The Patriarch of a certain ancient clan let out a long sigh. He’d left seclusion after the North Star Illuminated. The Lord of Seven Stars had appeared, the Emperor Star lit up, the Auxiliary Stars descended to Earth….


These back-to-back upsets sent ripple after ripple through the long-stagnant Upper Three Realms.


“The Emperor Star has chosen, the Auxiliary Stars have descended, the Lord of Seven Stars has appeared, and everything has fallen into chaos.”


After a long while, the old patriarch turned and addressed the clan’s younger generation, “Given the current state of things, we can no longer only think of ourselves. Spread the word: from now on, we shall leave seclusion. We must find the one chosen by the Emperor Star, and his Auxiliary Stars, and help them ascend to the throne!”




“Wait a moment! If you find the chosen one, you may also try and seize his destiny!”




As the group left the palace, the elderly patriarch closed his eyes.

Two Emperors.


Two Emperors!


At the same time, many long-hidden clans of the Three Realms chose this time to make an appearance. The heavens had chosen two emperors, so these ancient clans could no longer distance themselves from the world. They either had to choose a master and follow him, or steal his destiny.


As for that person who’d made the Emperor Star illuminate a second time….


“I knew it! I am the true son of destiny!”


Within a Palace enshrouded by immortal mists, a monk knelt before a statue of the Buddha, sutras clasped in his hands. A fanatical light flashed through his eyes.


His hands tightly clenched his robes, and veins bulged in his arms.


“The Heavens haven’t let me down”


Suddenly, a dimly discernable voice floated through the palace. 


“Only a mind free of distractions can comprehend the true essence of Buddhism.”


The monk hurriedly crawled onto a praying mat and bowed low to the ground.


“Your apprentice shall bear that in mind.”


“You are naturally intelligent and blessed with excellent comprehension. Comprehending Buddhist Truths will benefit you greatly.”


“I understand.”


After a long while, the monk rose, lips tugged into a brief yet demonic smile. In an instant, his gaze turned sinister as he gazed at the prayer mat. 


“Just wait! Once I get out of here, the world is mine!”


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