Chapter 823 - The Emperor Star

Within the hidden land, Su Liu’er and Fatty Yin were locked in verbal warfare.


“Fatty, please don’t try my patience any further.”


After several thwarted attempts to rush in, Su Liu’er burned with fury. The atmosphere in the hidden land grew heavier and heavier, and her dark eyes turned blue. 


“Can you try to be just a bit more reasonable?” bellowed Fatty Yin. 


“Who exactly is it that’s being unreasonable?” Su Liu’er’s roared right back at him, expression dark. “Don’t you see that Lil’ Yan’s life force is pouring into Ye Zichen? I know your relationship with him is good, but is her life worth nothing to you?”


“She’s returning a favor.”


“I know that!”


Whenever Su Yan was involved, Su Liu’er lost all capacity for reason.    


Fatty Yin sighed helplessly, then pointed to the couple lying on the jade bed. 


“Look carefully; Su Yan really giving Ye Zichen her life force?”


She stared fixedly at them. 


On the surface, it really did seem like Ye Zichen was pilfering Su Yan’s life force. However, upon closer inspection, Su Liu’er realized that as her life force flowed into his body, he returned the favor. 


It was just that Su Yan had caused such a huge commotion, Ye Zichen’s contributions had been obscured. 




As she carefully examined the pair, her imposing manner vanished completely, and her expression grew awkward.


“I have no idea what happened between them, but from the look of things, their lifelines have connected. Su Yan is nourishing Ye Zichen with her abundant life force, which he’s purifying before returning to her.” 


“Sister-in-law, please try not to be so short-tempered. I’m no almighty expert, but I’m still a supreme from the God Realm, so my eyesight and judgment are both pretty good. Could you try trusting me just a little more? If I hadn’t stopped you from forcibly separating the two of them, they both would have died.”


Su Liu’er’s face stiffened in response, but she felt no displeasure. To the contrary, she was internally celebrating the fact that he’d managed to stop her in time.


She really had been too hasty, but she hadn’t been able to control herself...


When Su Yan was involved, she couldn’t maintain her usual rationality. She was just so worried that something would happen to her that she’d lost control. 


This must be what people mean when they say love drives you crazy!


“Yin Shang, that’s enough,” interrupted Su Zhu. “She didn’t do it on purpose, no need to be so harsh.”


“No need,” said Su Liu’er, stopping Su Zhu. “Just now, I really was overly reckless.”


She turned to Fatty Yin and bowed slightly. “It’s truly fortunate that you stopped me. Thank you so much.”




Now Fatty Yin felt somewhat uncomfortable. In his experience, Su Liu’er absolutely didn’t have this sort of good temperament. 


“No need to overthink things,” she said sincerely. “I’m really just grateful. Su Yan is really extremely important to me, so I’m truly thankful to you for stopping me and preventing anything serious from occurring. “ 


“Then, given your experience, what should we do now?” she said, like a student asking a teacher for advice. “Will they be in danger if things go on like this? Approximately how much longer do you think it’ll be before they wake up?”


Everyone’s eyes were as wide as dinner plates; no one had seen Su Liu’er this humble before. Although this new behavior felt pretty weird, Fatty Yin still answered her.


“Way I see it, there shouldn’t be any danger, but it’s hard to say how long it’ll be until they wake up. It depends on how long their reciprocal exchange goes on. Right, didn’t you say that some expert came in and saved them while I was unconscious? Did that expert tell you when they’d wake up?”


“Lady Providence said they’d awaken within three days, but right now…. There are only fifteen minutes left until the end of the third day.”


“Then let’s…..,”  just as he was about to finish his sentence, he came to a sudden stop. Visibly shaken, he forcefully swallowed his words, then, practically frothing at the mouth, asked, “Who…. Who did you say that expert was?”


“Lady Providence.”


“My heavens,” he clasped his hands to his head in shock. ”So it was Lady Providence. In that case, there’s no need for you to worry. She said three days, so it’ll definitely be three days. Earlier, you said there were fifteen minutes left, so let’s just wait…. In fifteen minutes, they’ll definitely wake up.”




“No ‘buts,” he said, cutting her off after the first word. “You aren’t from the God Realm, so you have no idea what Lady Providence’s methods are like. Let me tell you, in fifteen minutes, they’ll definitely wake up. If you don’t believe me, just wait and see.”


Time passed.


They’d stewed in agony for three days, but these last fifteen minutes were even more painfully drawn-out.


“It’s about time.”


Before she’d even finished her sentence, they saw….


All the life force Su Yan had absorbed from the hidden land flooded back into the surrounding vegetation.


Before long, the plants flourished once more, looking far healthier and more vibrant than before. 


At the same time, the reciprocal flow of energy between Ye Zichen and Su Yan ceased.





The call of a phoenix and the cry of a dragon resounded through the skies. 


As they were enveloped by these auspicious omens , the pair sat up, They still held each other’s hands, and their eyes remained tightly shut. 


Before long, illusory figures manifested behind them. 




Each of their nine lives.


Ye Zichen had reincarnated nine times, and each time, Su Yan had followed him. No matter which of their lives, she’d always been by his side, and had never once left him


“Nine cycles of reincarnation, nine lives coming together as one.”


Fatty Yin stood to the side. As he watched this scene play out, he muttered under his breath. Suddenly, a dazzling ray of light attracted the group’s attention.


The North Star.


The night sky’s “Emperor Star”, the North Star, emanated purple light so dazzling, its glow seemed to blot out all other stars. 




Fatty Yin looked dazedly at the North Star, then back at Ye Zichen. His eyes remained closed as his body floated into the air, bathing in the light of the North Star.


The Son of Destiny.


You had to know, the God Emperor currently ruled over the God Realm, but now that the North Star, the Emperor Star, had lit up….


This would change everything!


At that very moment, shooting stars came crashing down from above. 


Besides the Emperor Star, its auxiliary stars fell to earth. Deep within his heart, Fatty Yin felt one of them beckon to him. 


He stiffened.


Having heard the call of the stars, he stood there like a statue for a long while, until....


“Hey, did any of you just feel a strange….  calling sensation?”


The one who spoke was Xia Keke. She smiled and danced about gleefully, but when Fatty Yin glanced at her, he saw a star emblazoned on her forehead


He reached out to cover her mouth, then looked everyone in the room over coldly. 


“No one is permitted to spread what happened here today. If anyone leaks so much as a single word ... the punishment is death!”

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