Chapter 821- Emperor Chao Feng

Lady Providence didn’t yield a single inch; she glared at the scholar coldly, and everyone in the courtyard sensed that her fury was no mere act. 


Facing this sort of pressure, the scholar couldn’t help but sweat nervously, but when he thought of the mission the Third Highness had assigned him….


“Lady, does our Four Directions Palace truly mean so little to you?”


The page boy had no other choice; he could only grit his teeth and borrow Bi’an’s prestige in an attempt to intimidate her. 


Little did he know, the moment he said this, even the other emissaries couldn’t help but shake their heads.


What sort of temper did Lady Providence have? She was absolutely the aggressive type. 


Within the Upper Three Realms, everyone had to treat her with the utmost respect. Now here he was, trying to use His Majesty Bi’an to pressure her. 


“Oh ho, so you’re trying to borrow Bi’an’s name to intimidate me?” said Lady Providence, her voice growing colder and colder. 


Sensing her imposing manner, the scholar felt a surge of uncontrollable panic. Still, he’d already come this far and had no choice but to continue down this path. 


His only hope was that Lady Providence would consider His Highness’s face and spare his life. 


“I wouldn’t dare,” said the scholar, bowing deeply to her. “That said, no matter what you say, I’ve still come here as the representative of the Four Directions Palace. Speaking to me in such a way, could it be that you look down on our Four Directions Palace?”


“You’ve got quite the mouth on you, but are you truly worth of representing the Four DIrections Palace?” she said, then laughed contemptuously. 


“Your Four Directions Palace is mighty indeed. My tiny little Profound Pavilion truly doesn’t dare offend it. Yet, you say you are their representative? Are you worthy? You’re nothing but a servant on an errand, yet you dare behave like this in front of me? Are you trying to provoke me? Or is that you think following that Highness of yours makes you special and important? And that Bi’an would stand against me for the sake of a mere subordinate’s page boy? Or are you saying that your Four Directions Palace already plans to become my enemy?”




The scholarly youth knelt to the ground, trembling and kowtowing repeatedly.


He absolutely didn’t dare oppose the Profound Pavillion. 


“Lady Providence, please calm your anger. This small one chose his words poorly….” he said, still trembling and kowtowing. 


Lady Providence simply glowered at him and said, “Go on, crawl back to where you belong.”


Still kneeling on the ground, he dared not defy her in the slightest, and actually crawled his way out of the pavilion. 


Suddenly, gentle laughter emanated from above. “Lady Providence, your aura is really quite huge.” 


The emissaries were dumbstruck; this person dared fly above the Profound Pavillion. Who could he possibly be? 




Without so much as a moment’s hesitation, her primordial spirit burst out of her body, taking on the shape of a hand as it slammed into the sky. 


As it shot forth, the heavens and earth transformed around it. 


The surrounding laws shifted and distorted as it struck, stirring up violent winds that shattered stone and shook the mountains. Even the very earth itself seemed to tremble. 


With the obvious exception of the page boy from before, those chosen to go and recruit the star-bearer could be considered highly ranked existences within their respective clans. 


Those standing here were at least at the Sky Supreme level, but the instant Lady Providence’s palm struck, their faces grew pallid and wan. They used all of their divine energy, but still just barely managed to defend themselves, 


“Is this Lady Providence’s true power?” they wondered internally, hearts shaking. This was nothing but the shockwaves; they couldn’t even imagine what the blow’s true target was experiencing. 


“Lady, Is this really necessary?”


Suddenly, nine stars illuminated the sky, forming an image of rivers and mountains.  




The palm vanished, and the star pattern dispersed.


“Thank you so much for going easy on me,” laughed a voice from above. 


“I wouldn’t have guessed you’d come here in person. ”


In truth, the moment the blow landed, she’d already retrieved some portion of its power, so it was unsurprising that the voice thanked her. Even so, she knew full well that he wouldn’t have been harmed even if she’d used all her power. 


“No need to hide, come on down”


For the first time, the person in the sky revealed himself. 


He traced his fingers along his temples, revealing an angular face and a confident grin.


“Greetings, Lady Providence.”


The man had a scholarly air, and his every movement was dignified and refined.


“I am not worthy of such treatment,” she said, turning away. “Don’t you agree, Emperor Chao Feng?”


The emissaries had wondered why she’d treated this new arrival with such respect, but when she said the name “Chao Feng”....


“Greetings, Emperor Chao Feng,” they called out, then bowed hurriedly.


Chao Feng was the third of the Dragon God’s nine sons. 


During the Great War of Demons and Gods, the Dragon God left behind nine sons, one taking up residence on each of the God Realm’s nine continents. Some were called Emperors, others lived carefree lives disconnected from the rest of the world, and some founded and led their own powers. 


Chao Feng was one who’d founded his own organization, but had no particular desire to formally become an emperor. 


However, regardless of their formal status, whenever anyone of the God Realm saw him or one of his brothers, they’d call them “emperor” as a sign of respect. 


“Everyone, at ease.”


Chao Feng lightly waved his hands, and everyone felt a gentle wind lift them from the ground. Internally, they marveled at how friendly and approachable this emperor was, but at the same time, their hearts sank. 


For him to arrive at this time…. 


“I understand that everyone has come in search of talent, but I’d like to respectfully request that it ends here. ”


As expected.


The emissaries signed inwardly, but given that the emperor had come in person, the star-bearer was all but guaranteed to follow him. No matter how you looked at it, he was the Lord of Nine Stars, and led a force of countless other star-bearers. It seemed only natural that this brand-new star-bearer would choose to join him….


Emperor Chao Feng’s Star Alter the best place for her. Furthermore, he’d already given them enough face, so they had to let it go.


“Then we’d like to congratulate you in advance for recruiting the Lord of Seven Stars.”


They greeted him politely and left, but not before obediently leaving their greeting gifts behind. 


“Emperor Chao Feng is truly exceptional. You’ve just arrived, but you’ve already ruined my plans,” said Xuan Ji strangely. 


This was just how her temperament was. No matter who you were, she was always on the offensive. Even though she now faced Chao Feng, she couldn’t help but needle him


However, Chao Feng just kept on smiling amiably, seemingly not bothered in the slightest. 


Her target didn’t react to her attack, so she felt as if she’d punched soft cotton; it was totally unsatisfying. She lost interest in pestering him and got to the point. 


“If you’ve come to visit my dear friend, have you brought anything to prove your sincerity? Perhaps you don’t know, but those people who just left all hail from emperor and sacred beast clans. You’ve already chased off all your competition. Given that you’re the only one left, you ought to present proof of your sincerity, something that’s enough to satisfy me…. Otherwise, even if you’re an emperor, I’m sorry, but I’ll have to refuse.”


“Proof?” he smiled calmly. “Of course I’ve brought proof.”

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