Chapter 819 - The Lord of Seven Stars

“A transmission?” asked Su Zhu in a daze.


“At the time, I was in secluded cultivation, and had been repressing my body’s spiritual energy, but even so a transmission appeared in my sea of consciousness.”




“Would you like to see your big sister again?”


Su Liu’er had been deeply immersed in meditation when this sentence suddenly popped into her consciousness.


Instinctively, she reached out with her spiritual awareness and transmitted back, ”Who? 


“There’s no need for you to concern yourself with my identity. I simply wanted to ask: would you like to see your big sister again?”


“Ludicrous, everyone knows that I’m the empress of the Nine-Tailed Foxes,” said Su Liu’er, refusing to give even an inch. “What’s all this nonsense about a ‘big sister?’”


“Oh really? And here I’d thought that back when you were still a child, you once had an elder sister. I am not your enemy; there’s no need to be so guarded. I simply wanted to ask if you wanted to see your sister or not. If you do, then I can give you some guidance.”

“Who exactly are you?”


“Do you want to see her? Or not?”


Su Liu’er was silent. One after another, fragments of memories flashed through her muddled consciousness. 


Slowly, she clenched her fists, and transmitted back, “I want to see her.”


“Then depart immediately for the lands of the Dragon Race and search for a girl named Su Yan.”


After this final transmission, no matter how many times Su Liu’er tried to ask more questions, she got no response at all. 




“At the time, that senior had me go visit the Dragon Race and look for a girl called Su Yan. Once I’d found her, I took her back with me. From the start, I only have believed her. I never would’ve guessed…. She really is big sister.”


Su Liu’er was normally imposing, but now her transmission sounded almost like a whimper. Others might not understand, but Su Zhu had been there when they’d lost Su Yan, and understood how important their sister’s return was to Su Liu’er. 


Visions of heavenly lightning swallowing up Su Yan had tortured her for a hundred years….


A hundred years!


The whole time, she’d loathed her former weakness. If she’d been this strong back then, perhaps her elder sister wouldn’t have died?


She’d agonized over this for so long. 


You could say her hard exterior was merely a front, a way of disguising her inner fragility. She wanted to make her clansmen forget everything that happened that day through her own strength. 


That way, perhaps it might be easier for her to bear.


Su Zhu frowned ponderously, and  after a while, transmitted, “Did that expert leave you their name?”


“They didn’t,” replied Su Liu’er. 


“Then, do you know if they were a man or a woman…..”


“If I remember correctly, it was a female voice.”


“Then we can try the process of elimination. Anyone who knows of our elder sister’s existence ought to be a ten-thousand-year-old monster at the very least. Looking at the current Three Realms, who do you think it could be?”


“Many powerful figures of that era still survive, but they have long since grown disconnected from the world. Our Nine-tailed Fox Clan shares lineage with spiritual beasts, so they don’t pay us any heed. Furthermore, they shouldn’t have the talent needed to divine something like this. There probably isn’t anyone who could do it!”


“No, there’s one person,” said Su Zu certainly. Su Zhu said decisively, and Su Liu’er stopped and mulled it over for a while. 


Suddenly, her eyes widened as she looked at Su Zhu and said, “Could it be…. Lady Providence?”


Within the Profound Pavillion.


“Who just called my name?”


 At the Lady Providence’s current level, she was extremely sensitive to things like that

When you reached Lady Providence’s level, you could sense, albeit only slightly, when someone called your name.


But given her current mood, she had no desire to look into the matter any further. She lazily stretched and skimmed some documents, then looked at the woman and said, “It’s about time for your son to wake up. It will cause quite a stir, so as his mom, you ought to cause a bit of a commotion yourself and help hide his secrets!”


“There’s no need for you to say anymore,” said the woman coldly.


“If you’re going to treat me like this, then we can’t be sisters any longer,” said Lady Providence, pursing her lips. The woman didn’t respond, but her body began to glow. 


In an instant, her clothes transformed into deep blue Daoist robes, her back adorned by seven stars.


“Tch, looks like you’ve long since prepared for this,” said Lady Providence with an inquisitive grin. “But that’s only right, no matter what you say, he’s still your own flesh and blood. As his mother, you might talk like you don’t care, but in your heart, you’re definitely overcome with worry.”


The woman gave her a look. “Stop talking nonsense and help me.”


“Okay, okay, okay!”


With that, her lazy demeanor vanished, and her gaze grew serious. She formed a hand-seal, and Heaven and Earth shifted. 




The daylight suddenly twisted into night skies, and the people of the God Realm panicked as the seven stars of the Big Dipper emanated intense, dazzling light. 


“How unfortunate. It seems in the future, I’ll be living a lonely, solitary life here in the Profound Pavillion”


Lady Providence sat in the courtyard, legs crossed. Gazing up into the Seven Stars illuminating the night skies, she sighed despite herself.     


In the center of the courtyard, those same seven stars manifested on the blue-robed woman’s forehead, resonating with the Big Dipper in the sky. 


“Seven stars, illuminate the world.”


As she said this, the light of the Big Dipper grew even more dazzling, to the point that the rest of the night sky’s vast sea of stars was no longer visible. 


Immediately after, the seven beams of starlight shot out of the Big Dipper and connected with the seven stars on the woman’s forehead.


The power of starlight flooded into them, and they grew more and more lustrous. 


“The Lord of Seven Stars has descended.” 


On all nine continents above the Three Realms, everyone from hidden experts to mighty warlords simultaneously gazed up at the seven stars of the Big Dipper in awe.


Then they all started frantically trying to locate their source….


The Lord of Seven Stars had to have saint-level innate talents. 


No matter which family recruited this sort of talent, it would inevitably change their fortunes at a fundamental level. 


A Saint. 


This sort of ‘saint” had nothing to do with the ‘diviner’ cultivation level or anything like that; rather, it referred to someone’s level of innate talent.


Saints didn’t just have astonishing comprehension and cultivation speed; their existence could improve the aptitude of those around them. Spending a long period of time by their side could even help you break through long-standing cultivation barriers. 


But a star-bearer’s position was even higher than a saint’s.


And the master of a primary star had an even higher position than that. 


The woman was master of the Seven Stars of the Big Dipper, a figure even Emperor Clans longed to befriend.


Six hours passed. 


The woman in the courtyard absorbed every last bit of starlight. Looking at her now, she seemed free and graceful, yet as faint and distant as the starry sky. 

and looking at her now you could sense that her body


Since she’d absorbed the power of starlight, her strength had reached the half-step ruler level, but she nevertheless remained aloof; she seemed to have no expressions whatsoever. 


“A half-step ruler, not bad at all.”


To the side, Lady Providence clicked her tongue in astonishment, but the woman only nodded coolly and said nothing.


Seeing her act like this, Lady Providence couldn’t help but worry, but when she considered that her friend had always been like that, she decided to let it go.


“Really… Nevermind, I have no energy to deal with this. It’s been long enough that soon people will come here looking for you. I’ll be curious to see who exactly shows up”


With that, Lady Providence took a deep breath, then called out, “Come in, everyone!”

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