Chapter 818 - The Su Sister's First Meeting

To the cultivators of the Three Realms, secluded cultivation could last for a few months, or even a few years, so three days was barely enough time for a cup of tea. 


But to Su Liu’er, the short time needed to drink a cup of tea felt agonizingly slow.


When she returned to the God Realm, Lady Providence said that Ye Zichen and Su Yan would definitely awaken within three days. 


Now, only six hours remained before the end of the third day.


"Come on guys, there’s no need to look so tense all the time.  Lady Providence said they’d wake up in three days, so they definitely will.”


Xia Keke was the calmest of the bunch. That isn’t to say she wasn't worried about Ye Zichen and Su Yan, that’s just how her personality was.


The others could only nod, but the anxiety written in their furrowed brows didn't diminish at all.


Suddenly, Yuan Hong appeared outside the hidden land and asked, "How's it going?" His entire body was wrapped in bandages, and she was accompanied by Su Zhu and Fatty Yin.    


Yuan Hong's body was covered in bandages as he appeared outside the hidden land, followed by Su Zhu and Fatty Yin.

Su Zhu was supporting Fatty Yin. Placing a Sixth-level Soul-locking Formation had completely exhausted his spiritual energy. Even if he took top-notch pills and medicines, the damage to his origin wasn't so easy to recover from.


After the Buddha took Gu Li away, the North Pole Emperor called Old Kord Taishang and had him heal the wounded.


Therefore, even though their injuries still looked extremely serious, they'd be peppier than anyone given just a few more days to recover.


"What're you guys doing here? Didn't I tell you to rest?" frowned Su Liu'er.


"Isn’t it obvious that we’re worried about Brother Ye?” said Yuan Hong, supporting himself with a cane and laughing helplessly. “My Big Bro's been sending me transmissions non-stop telling me to let him know the instant Brother Ye wakes up." 


"Are Brother Ye and Lil' Yan showing any signs of awakening?"


They shook their heads. 


The time allotted by Lady Providence grew shorter and shorter, and their hearts, in turn, grew heavier and heavier.


Su Liu'er still clenched the jade slip Lady Providence had given her. A few hours ago, she'd considered using it to contact Lady Providence. 


But when she considered how much Lady Providence had to take care of back in the God Realm, she managed to restrain herself. 




Suddenly, something fluctuated within the hidden land. Without any hesitation whatsoever, everyone rushed inside. 


This sort of secret location ought to inaccessible to outsiders, but at this point, Su Liu'er wasn’t in the mood to fuss about all that, so she let them all inside.




After entering the hidden land, everyone was struck dumb. 


Atop the jade bed, Su Yan was still nestled against Ye Zichen's chest. Her body emitted deep green light, and pure life force erupted from her body in a constant stream.


After absorbing the life energy, all the plants in the hidden region had grown crazily, unnaturally fast.


"Big sister," said Su Liu'er in complete awe.


By this point, it wasn't just her, even Su Zhu covered her mouth and said, "Big Sister..."


Everyone knew that Su Liu'er, the head of the Nine-tailed Fox clan, was supremely talented in Ice Arts, and was therefore called the Ice Empress. They also knew that her younger sister Su Zhu's skill in charms and illusions was at the peak of the Three Realms


Outsiders might've thought that they alone were responsible for the Nine-tailed Fox Clan's current prosperity, but members of the older generation all knew…..


Long ago, the former head of the Nine-tailed Fox Clan had healing powers so strong, they left the entire Six Realms in awe.


Her title was “The Empress of Life.” 


It was just that far too much time had passed since then, so the ordinary people only knew Su Liu'er and Su Zhu, but had slowly forgotten the once awe-inspiring healer empress. 


"Big Sister Liu'er, is she really our older sister?" Su Zhu’s cherry-like lips widened, and her gaze overflowed with nostalgia. Back when her sister had departed, she’d only been four years old. She only dimly remembered her early childhood, when she’d had a sister who loved to hug her and spoil her and pinch her cheeks.


She couldn’t say for sure that Su Yan was that sister, but…...


This energy was so warm and so familiar.


"Mmhm." Su Liu'er grit her teeth and nodded, eyes brimming with excitement, but also glistening with unshed tears.


"She really is our eldest sister!” exclaimed Su LIu’er, eyes widening as she recalled how Su Yan had first entered the Nine-tailed Fox Clan. 


It was around noon. The sun shone brightly, accompanied by a gentle breeze.  Then, an unexpected guest appeared before the mountain gate, wearing eye-catchingly unusual clothing.


She stood timidly before the gate, gaze frantic, as she watched Su Zhu approach.


"Big sister,” said Su Zhu, turning Su Liu’er. “Who’s she?" 


Su Liu'er didn't answer, only reached out and hugged Su Yan, then pointed to Su Zhu and said, "She's the second head of our Nine-tailed Fox Clan, Su Zhu. From now on, you can call her 'Second Sister.'"


"Second... Second Sister." 


Su Yan was still timid, but there was nothing to be done about it. This whole place felt totally foreign to her, especially since she'd been with Keke mere moments before.


There'd been so many dragons!


But before long, the big sister by her side showed up at Keke's house and tried to take her away. Keke had refused to let her go, but her clansmen had told her who she was....


The head of the Nine-tailed Fox Clan. They said being tied to her by fate was Su Yan’s good fortune. 


After hearing this, Keke didn't persist. Just like that, she’d followed her new big sister to this place. 


On the way, her new big sister had introduced herself as a fox yao. 


From a young age, she'd only interacted with humans. Suddenly, someone calling herself a fox yao appeared; of course this made her nervous.


And now this new big sister of hers wanted her to call this other woman her second sister. Didn't that mean….


She was a fox yao too?


"Little sister?" said Su Zhu, face blossoming into a smile. She walked over to Su Yan, then pulled out a handkerchief and carefully wiped the dirt from her face. "So, what should I call you?


"Su Yan."


Su Yan's reply was quiet, but by now she was nowhere near as nervous as before. 


"You're also surnamed Su? What a coincidence!" said Su Zhu with a warm smile. 


Then, she heard Su Liu’er say, "From now on, Su Yan is our youngest sister."




At the time, Su Zhu had simply thought it was nice to have a younger sister, but before long she realized…..

This little sister of theirs was also a member of the fox race.


More importantly, Su Liu'er spoiled Su Yan rotten; it was like nothing Su Zhu had ever seen.  Su Yan could freely use the clan’s secret lands. Furthermore, she was provided with a non-stop stream of spirit medicines and spirits fruits.    


Some of their clansmen had objected, but Su Liu'er had forcefully suppressed them. After that, she didn’t hold back at all. Instead, her doting actually grew even more intense.


Everyone in the clan, including Su Zhu, felt her treatment of Su Yan was somewhat over the top.


She hadn't understood, but now......


"Big Sister, you always knew, didn't you?" said Su Zhu despite herself.


Su Liu'er shook her head, then nodded,"In truth, I wasn’t especially certain.”


"You weren't certain either?"


"That's right," said Su Liu'er, looking anxiously down at Su Yan. "Actually, that day, I went to the lands of the Dragon Race to look for Su Yan because I received a transmission.”

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