Chapter 812 - Recondensed Godhead

“How sparkly!”

Just as Su Liu’er predicted, after Lady Providence gave Xia Keke the opportunity to choose a treasure, she only had eyes for that mountain of precious stones. 

Her little hands grasped frantically within the mountain of treasure as she examined precious stone after precious stone.

Her heart was in turmoil. Which stone should she choose?

She really wanted each and every one of them.

“There’s truly no hope for her.”

Seeing that Xia Keke didn’t even glance at the treasures and instead focused wholeheartedly on the precious stones, Su Liu’er couldn’t help but facepalm

There were obviously many artifacts overflowing with spiritual energy tucked amongst the precious stones, but it was as if she couldn’t see them

But actually, what truly seemed strange was that Lady Providence. Where had she come from? Why had she decided to give Xia Keke a spiritual treasure out of nowhere? 

The whole thing felt off. 


Of course, Xia Keke’s silliness really was endearing, and Su Liu’er was happy to see that she’d won the affections of such a supreme figure.

But where had that affection come from? It was truly a mystery. 

From the start, they’d only spoken a few sentences to each other.


Something within the hidden land fluctuated. Everyone peered inside, then turned to look at Lady Providence

“I’ll go in and take a look,” she said, then transformed into a puff of blue smoke and disappeared

As for Xia Keke, she was, of course, still inextricably immersed in the sea of treasures 

Su Liu’er wanted to remind her to choose one of the spiritual treasures. Even if the dragon race’s treasure hoard was vast, she knew that it couldn’t possibly surpass Lady Providence’s. 

But just as she opened her mouth...

“You must not interfere with her decision,” Lady Providence transmitted directly into her consciousness. “Let her choose for herself.”


Su Liu’er shut her mouth, then watched Xia Keke, whose eyes sparkled amidst the pile of treasure. What was it about that girl that made such an esteemed figure care so much about her?

On and on.

The fluctuations from within the secret realm didn't stop. When Lady Providence reached the jade bed, she realized that they originated from Ye Zichen’s body.


Wave after wave of energy rippled off him in a constant stream.

She gently placed a finger between his eyes, but it was repelled by a sudden surge of energy.


Lady Providence frowned, then placed her entire hand on his forehead and pressed downward.

Waves of energy kept pushing her hand away, but after activating her divine energy they weren't enough to stop her.

A thread of her divine energy flowed into his forehead.  As she searched his sea of consciousness, she discovered a ball of light, seemingly on the verge of giving birth to something. 

Lady Providence smiled inexplicably, then removed her hand. 

“As expected.”

Gentle laughter escaped from her lips, and she nodded at Ye Zichen in satisfaction. 

The light was giving birth to a godhead. 

Xiao Ting’s tribulation had damaged Ye Zichen’s godhead so badly it shattered, which in turn injured his mind and sent him into a coma.    

But because of this, his godhead was reborn within his consciousness and was even more deeply connected to him. 

Then she looked beside him and examined Su Yan.

As Ye Zichen's godhead was reborn, it released waves of divine energy, which she benefited most from 


Since their lifelines were connected, her strength was rising at an astonishing pace. She was already a half-step immortal king, and before long, rosy light would enter her body as she stepped into the true immortal king realm.

It just seemed like she was missing a certain something more. 

Standing before them, Lady Providence frowned slightly and ruminated over whether or not she should help her out.

She performed a simple divination.....




Just as she was about to predict Su Yan's fate, she coughed up a mouthful of fresh blood.

She looked at Su Yan in astonishment and wiped traces of blood from her lips. Her eyes darted about frantically, but she didn’t try to recklessly foresee Su Yan's destiny again. 

"Shockingly, after her lifeline merged with his, not even I can foresee her fate!" she said with a gasp of astonishment, then shook her head despite herself.

Not even she could foresee what would happen with this chick flick and its two main characters. She had no idea what the future held for them. 

“You brat, your destiny is truly full of surprises."  She laughed gently, then left the hidden area. As Xiao Yumei and the others greeted her, she could tell what they wanted to ask from their expression.

“Their condition is stable.” 

“Then that wave….” Su Liu’er frowned. “I don’t know why, but as that wave of energy infiltrated my body it felt…. Weirdly comfortable?”

“As it should,” said Lady Providence with a radiant smile. “These ripple-like undulations are something that even gods might desire, yet fail to obtain.  If you earnestly cultivate here for a few days, you might break through your restraints.”

“Head of the Nine-tailed Fox Clan, you're a different story. Once you’ve prepared to leave your clan and settle your karmic ties, you will absolutely ascend to the God Realm. Once you’ve done so, come visit me at the Profound Palace and I’ll make personally arrangements for you."

With that, she turned to Xiao Yumei and Chang’e and said, "


“But what I wanted to say is... Ye Zichen is currently condensing his godhead, and he's releasing high-quality divine energy. If the two of you absorb it, you might even remember some of your past."

“What do you mean by that?” asked Chang’e in confusion

“Of course I had a deeper meaning, but I can’t let the cat out of the bag just yet. Instead, I’d like to ask you something. Your road of cultivation has been extremely smooth, with no setbacks from the spiritual body stage all the way through the sky immortal level, and you reached the Immortal King realm even without the leyline. Am I right?”

“Yes, that's right." 

“However, in just this past year, your cultivation has stagnated. No, it’s not only failed to improve, it’s actually regressed. Am I right?”

“It’s true!” said Chang’e in astonishment. “Do you know why? Lately, I’ve been cultivating even more seriously than usual, and now the Three Realms is supported by the Leyline, so everyone else's cultivation speed has increased, but mine has only regressed. At first, I thought there might be problems with the pills I got from the Queen Mother, so I went to ask her...

“But she said there was nothing wrong with them, right? Even if her pills were stronger, they couldn’t possibly produce an immortal king in mere decades, nor could they turn her back into a sky immortal after ten thousand years."



“So that's how it is," said Lady Province with a knowing smile.

 Then, she turned and looked at Xiao Yumei. “If I’m not mistaken, you’ve cultivated for less than a year, but you’re already an immortal king?”

“Yes,” said Xiao Yumei. The instant she spoke, she glanced subconsciously at Chang’e, only to see her staring right back. 

Lady Providence merely smiled but said no more to either of them. Instead, she turned to Xia Keke.

“Little girl, have you decided?” 

“I’ve made up my mind,” said Xia Keke. She looked back longingly at the pile of treasure within the rift before opening her hands to reveal a string of small silver bells. 

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