Chapter 81 Hao Wen’s Threat

Chapter 81 – Hao Wen’s Threat

“Ye Zichen, what you said to Bai Dahai just now wasn’t actually serious, right?”

Xiao Yumei looked at the front passenger seat while she drove. Ye Zichen slightly raised the corner of his mouth, rolled down the window of the car and lit a cigarette for himself.

“You don’t think this fatty came to ask for mercy, right?”

“Did he not?” Xiao Yumei was shocked for a moment, she felt like everything the fatty said made sense.

Since they took all of the jade-giving ores in the ore circle, her jewelry chain could develop very quickly.

Oppositely, those who were once competitors would fall into a trough.

As a leader in the industry, it is very normal for Fatty Bai to ask for ores when he couldn’t endure the pressure from the terrible business.

“This fatty, ha, he’s not as simple as you think,” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and smiled as he threw the cigarette butt outside the window.

Meanwhile, outside Xiao Yumei’s jewelry store.

Fatty Bai sat in the car, but did not start it. Instead, he dialed a number.

“Hao-ge, Ye Zichen told me to give him fifty-one percent of the jewelry shop’s shares, do I agree?”

“Fifty-one percent?” the person on the other side of the call blanked out for a moment, then laughed coldly. “Give it to him.”

“But…” Fatty Bai was a bit reluctant. This was a business that he used time and effort to build up, giving it so easily to others…

“No but’s, would Young Master Di treat you badly? Think about your daughter!”

The dark words on the other side of the call caused Fatty Bai to open his eyes wide, then finally submitted reluctantly, “I understand.”

Tiantian was dressed like a little princess and ran around the room like a joyous deer.

Ye Zichen sat on the living room sofa and reached out towards Tiantian. Seeing that, she immediately leapt into his gaze, “Daddy, why didn’t you bring Tiantian a present?”

Ye Zichen was speechless, only then did he remember that the Barbie he bought for Tiantian was still at home.

“Tiantian, how about daddy making it up to you next time?”

“Okay. I want a huge Transformer,” Tiantian nodded with a smile, while  Ye Zichen raised his eyebrow and smiled.

He didn’t think that Tiantian would actually like the stuff that boys like.

“Zichen, Tiantian, come and eat.”

They held Tiantian’s birthday at home, and since there weren’t many people at home, when the three of them sat together at the table, a sort of warmth had begun to spread out.

Tiantian sat closely beside Ye Zichen. Xiao Yumei could tell that she really liked this daddy.

Tiantian then started to run around the room once again after eating her birthday cake.

Ye Zichen and Xiao Yumei sat on the living room sofa. As Xiao Yumei looked at Tiantian’s lively look, a smile couldn’t help but surface on her face, “Tiantian is much better than before, previously, she would never be so crazy.”

“I will see Tiantian more in the future,” Ye Zichen raised his hand and caressed Xiao Yumei’s hair, before wrapping his arm around her waist.

Xiao Yumei leaned her head lightly against Ye Zichen’s shoulders and closed her eyes in order to enjoy the feelings of safety her man brought her.


The doorbell of the mansion rang, causing Xiao Yumei to raise her eyebrows in confusion.

She didn’t have any friends around her. Logically speaking, no one would press their doorbell at this moment.

She stood up from the sofa in confusion. When Xiao Yumei returned back into the mansion, a square box was in her hands.

“What is this?” Ye Zichen asked.

Xiao Yumei shook her head, “I don’t know, it was left in at the mansion entrance.”

Ye Zichen took the box over. It was extremely light, and he couldn’t hear any sounds even when he shook it.

Ye Zichen untied the ribbon on the box with a frown and opened it.

A birthday card fell out from within.

Happy birthday, Tiantian.

Signed: Hao Wen.

Those were simple celebratory words, but what worried people was the image of a blood-dripping dagger behind the card.

“Hao Wen,” Xiao Yumei’s face turned stark white. Ye Zichen also looked at the card in his hand with a frown, and did not say anything.

“Zichen, what did Hao Wen want to do by sending the card here? What does that dagger mean? Does he want to do something to Tiantian?” Xiao Yumei’s tone was full of nervousness. Although Tiantian was adopted, she had been beside her for so long, she couldn’t afford to see anything happen to Tiantian.

“Don’t worry, perhaps he just wanted to wish Tiantian happy birthday,” Ye Zichen reached out his hand to caress Xiao Yumei’s hair and comforted her softly.


“How about this, let Tiantian stay at my place. My place is definitely safe. No matter how capable Hao Wen is, he won’t be able to touch even a hair on Tiantian.”

“Zichen, I…”

“I understand,” Ye Zichen reached out his hand to pull Xiao Yumei into his arms, then patted her shoulders, while his eyes gradually emitted a cold light.

If Hao Wen was smart, then he better not have any bad thoughts.

Otherwise, Ye Zichen would screw up even the people behind him.

When night arrived, Tiantian, who had messed around for the entire day, returned to sleep in her room.

Ye Zichen stood up from the sofa with a smile and stretched, “Yumei, I’ll be going.”

“Don’t go.”

Xiao Yumei suddenly wrapped her arms him from behind.

The feeling that he suddenly felt behind from caused Ye Zichen to boil. He wrapped his arms behind her slender waist and kissed back…


“Zichen, go to my room.”


Ye Zichen placed Xiao Yumei onto the bed, then essentially ripped off both of their clothes like a savage beast.

They soon became naked.

Xiao Yumei’s blush reached her neck as she looked at Ye Zichen, who was panting above her, with watery eyes.


After the soft call, she wrapped her arms around Ye Zichen’s neck and kissed him.

In that instant, an explosion was triggered.

When Ye Zichen woke up the next morning, Xiao Yumei was no longer beside him. He couldn’t help but lick his lips when he thought back to the craziness the previous night…

She was truly a naturally sexy woman.

“Damn pervert… Damn pervert!”

Liu Qing’s scream suddenly sounded out above Ye Zichen. He looked up and saw her glaring at him.

Ye Zichen smiled wryly when he suddenly realized what happened.

He was too concentrated on rolling in the bedsheets with Xiao Yumei that he forgot that there was a virgin ghost girl, Lil’ Liu Qing, around him.

From the looks of her, she seemed to have watched the battle the entire night?

That was definitely a devastation to her sight and mind.

“Hehe, sorry. But this isn’t completely my fault, when the feelings arise… What’s more, you could have stayed in the Dragon Eye, I didn’t force you to watch.”

Ye Zichen said shamelessly. Hearing that, Liu Qing waved her fists and pounded him.

Ye Zichen allowed her raindrop-like punches to hit his chest. However, his phone rang at that moment.

Ye Zichen placed the phone beside his ear and heard a deep voice sound out.

“Ye Zichen, let’s meet.”

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