Chapter 807 - Follow Me

Chapter 807 - Follow me

Xiao Ting had been just about to leave the lightning pool. With a baffled frown, he returned to his former spot.

“Lady Providence, do you still have something to say?”

“You said earlier that the true limit of heavenly lightning was ninety-nine bolts,” she said. “Is that true?” 

He knit his brows. 

Seeing her expression reflected in the lightning pool, he scanned her expression for clues. Why had she asked about that again? Had she discovered something? 

“It is.”

No matter her reasons, all he could do now was nod. Otherwise, she might latch onto the discrepancy between his words and actions and cause trouble.

“In that case, fine. You may leave now.”

“I hope that you won’t spread this information around.”

“I understand.”

With that, she no longer paid any attention to him. Xiao Ting watched the lightning pool a few breaths longer, then left. 

Outside the pool, Xiao Yan had been sweating nervously on his father’s behalf. That was Lady Providence! His father was arguing with Lady Providence herself!

He’d been truly afraid his father would misspeak, and she’d find something to use against them.....

Fortunately, that hadn’t happened. 

After leaving the lightning pool, Xiao Ting’s expression relaxed despite himself as he let out a deep breath.

Although he’d seemed relaxed during their discussion, he'd actually rehearsed each and every line countless times in his head to figure out which exact words he should use. 

When speaking with Lady Providence, he couldn’t afford even the slightest carelessness. 

If there were problems with anything he said, she’d notice, and then things would get really difficult. 

“Father,” greeted Xiao Yan.

“Since we've run into that blasted Lady Providence, we have to take certain precautions,” said Xiao Ting. “Go warn both the main and side branches of the family and make sure they behave themselves in the near future. We absolutely must not give that woman anything to latch onto.”

Xiao Yan’s expression shifted as he said, “Father, does that mean she’ll come here to make trouble for us soon?"

“Most likely,” said Xiao Ting, nodding noncommittally. “Judging from her actions, I would guess that she had a connection with one of those people. As for who specifically it was, I’m still uncertain. Regardless, we’ve already offended that woman. I’m not afraid of her, but it’s still best to be careful.”

“Then I’ll go tell the main and side branches their orders and make sure they stay alert.”

“Mm,” Xiao Ting nodded and said, “Also, in the near future, I won’t be within the family estate. You have to take care of everything for a while; make sure you behave appropriately. Remember, our Xiao Family is in charge of tribulation lightning. We have to appear strong. Don’t lose face for our family.”

“I’ll bear that in mind,” said Xiao Yan courteously. “Then, Father….”

“I have to visit the God Emperor. Just now, I mentioned that I’d report the Lady Providence to him. I said it, so I have to do it. If I don’t, it’ll be seen as evidence of a guilty conscience.”

“Father is truly wise.”

“Alright, I’m leaving now. I’ll leave the Xiao family to you.”



“That crafty old geezer.” 

Lady Providence cursed inwardly. That old man really didn’t let a single thing slip; she’d found nothing to attack him with. 

She served the Six Realms Inspection Bureau, an organization that surpassed the Six Realms. 

But that didn’t mean she had absolute authority. Even inspectors required evidence. 

Without proof of someone’s crimes, there was nothing they could do. Especially since that geezer was the God Realm’s Divine Lightning Emperor.

Those who could call themselves “emperors” were all existences that stood above countless others.

Even if the God Emperor himself wanted to deal with him, he’d need to present reasonable evidence. Furthermore, that old man’s family controlled tribulation lightning.

So it seemed like she’d need to consider the matter at length. 


Suddenly, Ye Zichen coughed violently, his complexion sickly.

She turned to look at him and sighed. “I almost forgot that I still have to worry about this little guy.”

With a wave, she re-collected Ye Zichen and Su Yan, then turned and glanced at the onlookers. Sensing her gaze, they couldn’t help but bow deeply. 

“Who’s in charge here?”

“Senior, this junior is the local clan head,” said one-armed Su Liu’er, walking up to her. 

“Then prepare a residence for me. I plan to stay and treat their injuries.”

“Of course. Senior, please follow me.” 

Hearing this, Su Liu’er’s face overflowed with undisguised joy. She rushed forward to lead the way. 

Watching Lady Providence gradually fade into the distance, Xia Keke couldn’t help but pout.

She’d come all the way here to look for Ye Zichen, but it seemed that she wouldn’t be able to see him for a while.

“Right, I almost forgot something.” Lady Providence came to a sudden stop and looked over the crowd. “Is there anything who’d like to come with me?”


Xia Keke was struck dumb for a moment.

“We can come with you?” she asked, eyebrows raised.

“Of course,” said Lady Providence with a noncommittal nod. 

“Big sister Yumei, we can go with them!” Xia Keke said joyfully, tugging on her arm and dashing ahead. The dragon race elder started to follow, but the Lady Providence frowned.

“Stop right there,” she chastised, and although that elder was a half-step immortal king, he was unable to take even a single step forward. 

He looked at her in complete shock, then returned to his spot without any further hesitation.

“Big sister, shouldn’t we hurry?” said Xia Keke as soon as she arrived.

“Hm?” Lady Providence looked inquisitively at her, eyes glinting with laughter. “Did you just call me ‘big sister?’”

“That’s right. Could you possibly be my little sister? No way!” said Xia Keke, her smile endearingly silly. “No matter how I look at it, you’ve got to be at least somewhat older than me. But in my family, I’m always the smallest, and I’m younger than Susu too. I’d be thrilled to have a little sister for once!”

Hearing this, the dragon race elder trembled in fear and sweat nervously, but Lady Providence only shook her head and smiled. 

“In that case, call me ‘big sister.’” 

“Alright, she mumbled to herself. “As expected, I’m still the smallest.” Lady Providence smiled despite herself. This girl was truly pure, just like a sheet of unmarked paper.

“Big sister, shouldn’t we leave?” Seeing that Lady Providence had yet to move, Xia Keke couldn’t help but add, “Aren’t Big Brother Zichen’s injuries serious? If we miss this chance, what will we do?”

This time, neither Xiao Yumei nor Su Liu’er thought she’d said too much. They were each worried about someone and longed desperately for this supreme figure to hurry up and heal them.

She only smiled calmly and tousled Xia Keke’s hair.

“Don’t be in such a hurry,” she said. “We’re still missing someone.” 

“Is there really no one else who wants to come with me?” she said with a hint of laughter. “In that case, we shall depart.”

With that, she turned to leave. 

Su Liu’er hurried to lead the way, but that very moment…

“Wait, I’d like to come too.”

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