Chapter 804 - Amitabha

The immortals who’d been pacing back and forth outside the Beast Region rushed over just in time to witness Su Liu’er viciously overwhelming her opponents.


“This….. This is the Nine-tailed Empress.”


A local village god shivered and rubbed his eyes in disbelief. As a minor god of the Beast Region, he’d met the empress more than once before.


His impression of her was that, although her strength shook the Three Realms, she was nowhere near as cold as rumors suggested. On the contrary, she was far warmer than ordinary people. 


But the current situation was hard for him to believe. Was this really the empress he’d once known so well?


“Demonification,” frowned the knowledgeable and experienced North Pole Emperor. The red energy emanating from Su Liu’er’s body was a clear sign of demonification. 


“The empress’s will is like iron; outside events shouldn’t be able to influence her mental state.”

“The past,” said Ksitigarbha, watching the maddened Su Liu’er intently. “I can see parts of her past in her eyes. That’s what made her lose her mind. How pitiful, may the Buddha have mercy. Seeing this sad scene truly fills this humble monk with sorrow.“


“Bodhisattva, what did you see?” asked the North Pole Emperor.


“I can’t say, I can’t say.”


Ksitigarbha let out a long sigh and shook his head. Hearing this, the North Pole Emperor and the others could only grumble and give up on asking any further questions. 


These baldies from the Buddhist Domain were incredibly stubborn. If they didn’t want to say something, they wouldn’t say it even if you killed them. 


“Big brother Zichen.”




It was then that two beautiful figures appeared outside the mountain gate; Xia Keke and Xiao Yumei had arrived.


The two of them had met in the Beast Region before. Now, the moment their eyes met, they immediately understood why the other had come. 




The immortals all greeted Xia Keke politely. She was the only daughter of the current clan chief of the dragon race. Furthermore, she herself was a golden dragon, so calling her "princess" was only to be expected. 


“At ease.”


She waved at them, then dashed past the gate and onto the mountain.


“You mustn’t.” The North Pole Emperor reached out and stopped her. 


She frowned back at him.


“Why are you stopping me?” she said, then looked at Fuxi. “And you…. Aren’t you from the Immortal Region?”


“I am.”


Despite Xia Keke’s look of contempt, Fuxi simply smiled calmly in response.


“Then why are you just standing there? Don’t you know that Big brother Zichen is in there? Don’t you know that he’s in danger? He’s your Immortal Region’s Yellow Emperor. As his subordinates, aren’t you people concerned about him?”


“Is everything Your Highness said true?” frowned Fuxi. 


“Take a look at the woman next to me, Xiao Yumei. She’s the woman closest to Big Brother Zichen’s heart. If I had to rank us, I’d be a concubine at most, while she’d be the empress. Just now, we both sensed that Big Brother Zichen was in danger. Could both of us possibly be wrong?"


Xia Keke tugged at Xiao Yumei’s arm. When Fuxi saw her, his eyebrows shot up in surprise. 


Back then, he’d gone to the modern realm to find the one capable of blocking the Yellow Emperor's tribulation. 


From the very start, that person was deeply connected to the Yellow Emperor. The little princess before him was even the reincarnation of Xia Liuli, someone who’d followed the Yellow Emperor across multiple lifetimes.


Given that that was the case, there shouldn’t be any mistake. 


“Get a grip! All you people know how to do is stand around looking shocked. Big Brother Zichen is in trouble. Get in there and help him right now! If you don’t want to go, then at least don’t stop me from doing it.”


“Your Highness," sighed Fuxi. it isn’t that we don’t want to go in, but rather that we can’t."


“What do you mean you can’t go in? You might be afraid to die, but I’m not. I’m going!’ yelled Xia Keke, but the North Pole Emperor stopped her.


“Look,” sighed Fuxi. He pointed at the rampaging, maddened Su Liu’er. “The Empress has succumbed to her inner demons. If we go in now, we’ll just become the targets of her fury. Do you really want us to have to fight her?


“That’s… Big Sister Liu’er.”


Xia Keke was dumbfounded.


“What happened to her? How did she become like this?”


“She has succumbed to her inner demons,” said the elder of the Dragon Race. He’d followed Xia Keke here. 


“Young miss, she’s lost her mind. We should listen to Emperor Fuxi’s advice and wait here. If we go in recklessly, we’ll only get hurt without accomplishing anything.”


“Then Big Brother Zichen…..”


“The Yellow Emperor is blessed with great fortune. He won’t fall in a place like this. He's in no real danger," said the elder, suppressing his conscience. His mission was to protect the young mistress's safety. As for the Yellow Emperor…. That had nothing to do with him.


“You can’t go in either.” Seeing that Xia Keke was under control, Fuxi smiled calmly and grabbed Xiao Yumei, preventing her from sneaking onto the mountain. 


“The Yellow Emperor and I were once very close friends. He’s in trouble now; I can’t let his wife endanger herself too.”


Then, he seemed to notice something.


“That’s….”  Fuxi's sharp eyes focused in on the Zombie Progenitor. He knit his brows. “Denglong.”


“Brother Fuxi, what did you say?”


“The primordial savage beast Denglong. Nuwa and I once worked together to…..” 


Before he finished his sentence, two figures flew over. 


“Elder brother." Nuwa appeared, dragging Su Zhu along with her.


“Lady Nuwa….,” the gathered immortals bowed deeply to her. 


“Nuwa, what are you doing here? Aren't those zombies Denglong?,” Fuxi called out in astonishment. Nuwa looked back at the Zombie Progenitors with a frown.


“Indeed they are,” she nodded.


“So it’s true. Then I suppose what happened here in the Beast Region was all their doing.”


“Yes and no,” she nodded, then shook her head. “But this isn’t the time to discuss all that, rather…”


“Is Brother Yellow Emperor still in there?” said Fuxi, interrupting her.


“That’s exactly what I was about to bring up. He reached Divine Bestowal, provoking an eighty-one bolt lightning tribulation. He’d already overcome it, but then….”


She told them everything that had happened in detail. Fu Xi and the others listened in utter astonishment. 


He’d overcome eighty-one bolts of heavenly lightning. 


But even so, the heavens rejected him and sent yet another bolt.


His lover had endured the lightning on his behalf!


The empress had succumbed to her inner demons!


If this were written into history books, it would absolutely be remembered as a major incident. 


“Look…. Now the empress is facing the thunderclouds.”


One of the especially sharp-sighted immortals called out suddenly, and the others all turned to look.




Blood streaming from the corners of her mouth, eyes bright red, Su Liu'er forcefully swung her fists into the clouds. 


She punched a hole straight through them. 


But they didn’t disperse.


“Father, should we keep sending lightning? This already defies the will of the heavens," said Xiao Yan hesitantly. He'd been standing by the lightning pool, watching the situation play out. 


Xiao Ting only snorted in response. “Don’t you see that someone is provoking the God Realm? She wants to forcefully disperse our thunderclouds…. Send another bolt. Let her know the consequences of defying our Xiao Family.”


“But…. Understood!”


Xiao Yan still had some reservations, but seeing his father’s glare, he didn’t dare disobey. He steeled himself and sent another bolt. 




The thunderclouds hadn’t dispersed, and soon another bolt came crashing down.

Seeing his, Su Liu'er no longer resisted, and instead calmly looked down at the spot where the heavenly lightning had slammed into Su Yan.    


“Big Sister, I’ll follow you soon”




But just as the lightning was about to strike, dazzling golden light emanated from the western skies. 



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