Chapter 803 - The Dominating Su Liu’er



Bewitching, dazzling red.


After succumbing to her inner demons, nothing remained in Su Liu’er’s heart but hatred and resentment. The scenes of Su Yan being engulfed by lightning, both now and back then, replayed over and over in her mind. 


Over and over again....


She hated her own weakness. She had long since decided, decided never to let anything like this happen ever again. However, when the moment actually came, she was once again unable to do anything at all. 


Once again, she could do nothing but watch helplessly as heavenly lightning engulfed her sister….


The Ice Empress?


The Head of the Nine-tailed Fox Clan? 


She was worshipped by countless beasts, respected throughout the Three Realms. 


But so what? Despite those things, all the current her could do was watch from afar and cry cowardly tears as the same scene played out again. 


“You… all of you deserve to die.”




A violent gust of wind exploded out of her body. Now even her spiritual energy had turned blood-red.


Lady Nuwa had been restraining her but was unable to react in time. The overpowering burst of spiritual energy knocked her back so hard that she coughed up blood. 


“Lady Nuwa.” 


Su Zhu called out, then ran over to help Nuwa up. Then, heart heavy with anxiety, she watched Su Liu’er and Su Yan. 




“What a moron. How could a mere sky immortal resist the might of heavenly lightning?”


Gu Li’s face brimmed with contempt as he watched electricity envelop Su Yan. In his eyes, she was doomed from the moment she decided to use her flesh and blood to resist the heavenly lightning. 


And that constantly arrogant Ye Zichen was about to die too.

The heavens wouldn’t accept him. 


All he could do was die. 


“Just now, were you the one who slandered my elder sister?”


Who knew when she'd gotten there, but a cold a ghastly voice emanated from behind him. 


He hurriedly turned his head, only to see nothing but terrifyingly enchanting red. 


“It’s you?”


The moment he saw her, he recognized her as Su Liu’er.


“Red? You seem to have succumbed to your inner demons? The Nine-tailed Fox clan really is tragic. One of you is off dying with her man, the other became demonic. I don’t know what the rest of you will… Hm, actually, this works out pretty well for me. Once I’ve dealt with you, I’ll turn all of the Nine-tailed Fox clan into blood zombies. That’ll boost my ranks quite a bit.”


Succumbing to inner demons. 


Gu Li had encountered this situation before, and his analysis was that afterward, your strength would increase many times over, but at the cost of your reason and ability to think. 


Put another way, in his eyes, the current Su Liu’er was nothing but a mindless killing machine.


Humans excelled at reason, not power. 


Intellect came before strength. 


Someone who had abandoned their reason to pursue power was no threat at all to Gu Li.


“Oh really?” But who would’ve guessed that red-eyed Su Liu’er would respond inquisitively? 


As soon as she said this, Gu Li felt as if something were amiss….




Her fists slammed into the pit of his stomach so powerfully it caved in on itself. 


“Insulting my elder sister is a crime worthy of death. So is threatening my clan. But, before you’ve made up for slandering my sister, I won’t let you die.”


She reached out and crushed Gu Li's arm, then raised her foot and stomped down hard on his legs. 




Gu Li let out a dull grunt, but the worst part was, since he’d fused with an abyssal, his injured tissues healed at a rapid pace.


“You’re healed? That’s wonderful!”


She crushed his arms and smashed his legs once more. 


They healed.


She broke them.

They healed. 


She broke them again. 


Thanks to his damned healing powers, Gu Li's heartrending agony went on and on without pause. 


The intense pain eroded Gu Li’s spirits, and even his desire to live. 


“I beg you, give me a quick death."


Now all he wanted was to die; he couldn't bear this inhuman torture any longer. He considered himself extremely shrewd and resilient. 


But under this kind of agony, he couldn’t hold out any longer. 


“You want a quick death?”


Su Liu’er stooped down flirtatiously, her long and slender fingers tracing Gu Li’s cheek. Suddenly, she slapped him hard, making his face swell up. His teeth clattered to the ground in a torrent of fresh blood.


“That’s impossible!”




“If I kill you, will my big sister come back to life? 




“If I kill you, can all of this be undone?




“If I kill you, how will you make up for slandering my sister and coveting my clan? How could I just kill you?”


“You she-devil!” Gu Li cried out in heartrending agony.


“You’re right," Su Liu'er only squinted and laughed in response to her new title. "I am indeed a demon. The moment you people let heavenly lightning kill my sister, I became a devil!" 




Her fist shattered Gu Li’s ribs. Then she turned her gaze to the Zombie Progenitors. 


“As for you guys….”


Bang bang bang. 


On the Nine-tailed fox clan back mountain, all you could see was flash after flash of red. Despite their former arrogance, wounds gradually accumulated on the Zombie Progenitors' bodies. 


“Accompany my big sister to the grave.”


Su Liu’er's angry roars reverberated through the back mountain. Constant fleeing had left the Zombie Progenitors exhausted, but before the new, demonic Su Liu'er, they.... 


Could do nothing at all. 


At that moment, no one stopped her, nor could they stop her. 


"Want to run?"


As Hanba fled, she sensed an illusory giant hand behind her back. In an instant, it had firmly grasped her neck. 


“We haven't settled the matter of my arm yet… this arm of mine, you’re the one who tore it off, no?




She forcefully tore Hanba's arm right off. Houqing and Yinggou frowned, grit their teeth, and charged at her.


“You’re seeking death.”


She leaped backward, deftly dodging Yinggou and Houqing's pincer attack. Then she turned and swung back at them. 




Both Yinggou and Houqing crashed into the walls of the mountain.


“As for you, do you think having a wing makes you special?"


After dealing with them, she leaped into the air and landed in front of Jiangchen. 


He beat his wing in an attempt to dodge, but how could his speed compare with Su Liu'er's?


"You're relying on this to fly away, huh?" she said, grabbing his wing. " I wonder, if I tear it off, will you still be able to fly?"




She pulled the several-meter-long wing out by the roots. Fresh blood splattered her face, making her look even more demonic




She flung Jiangchen hard into the dirt....




Up in the sky, a crack of lightning resounded out. 


Su Liu'er had been torturing the Zombie Progenitors, but she suddenly turned her head and looked. 


"Ultimately, it was you, the heavenly lightning, that killed my sister."




Her fist collided with the lightning, and in an instant red electricity poured into her body. She twitched for a few moments, then coughed up a mouthful of blood. 




She wiped the blood from the corners of her mouth, then gazed up into the sky. 


Underneath the heavenly lightning, she smiled. 


Before, who knew how many times she'd looked up and seen this kind of sky? 


Since she'd been a child....

Anywhere there was lightning, you could find Su Liu'er dispersing it.


For countless years..... 


Not a single bolt of lightning had fallen onto the Beast Region! 


Everything she'd done was to prepare for this day


And now, that day was finally here. 



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