Chapter 801 - Back Then (3)

He faced hundreds of millions of savage beats by himself yet stood his ground. This heroism alone was something others couldn't possibly match.


The Yellow Emperor held a silver longsword, and his sleeves flapped about despite the abcense of wind. Streams of spiritual energy circled his body, 




Behind him, the Divine Emissary frowned, then bellowed in fury. "Yellow Emperor, are you really trying to resist?"


"Heh, I have received the mandate of heaven. You want me to cast aside my armor and accept death, but I can't do it,” he said, then looked out over the horde. “The Nine Li? The Divine Emissary really knows how to pick people."




A ray of dazzling light blasted through the air. In an instant, countless swords pierced into the army of beasts. 




Agonized howls resounded outward and fresh red blood soaked the earth, but this only stimulated the innately bloodthirsty beasts' true natures.




The beastmen roared and charged forward despite the sword art having just killed tens of thousands of them. 


Before a wave of beasts like this, one person alone was obviously not enough.


"Lord, I've come to assist you."




As the Yellow Emperor’s bloody battle raged on, a man clad in golden armor suddenly appeared by his side. 


"Changxian, didn't I tell you to stay back?"




Changxian forcefully pierced a beastman's chest with his halbred, then swung it in a wide arc, crushing all of the surrounding beastmens' throats. 


"I've followed you for this long, but have you ever seen me cast you aside?"


Then, a dark shadow lunged at the Yellow Emperor from behind. 


"My lord, be careful."


"Thorn of Frigid Ice!"




A spike of ice erupted from the ground, piercing the appraoching beastman’s chest. 


"Lil' Yan, you too...."


In the sky.


Nine-snow white tails waved behind red-robed woman. As the Yellow Emperor saw her, she smiled back at him radiantly. 


Their eyes met. 


There was no need for more words; from her eyes he could read everything she wanted to say. 


"My life," he said, "was not lived in vain."


"Woman of the Nine-tailed Fox Clan, do you truly dare to intervene? Aren't you afraid of bringing doom upon your clan?" roared the Divine Emissary.


"Divine Emissary, you can't be serious,” she replied.  “The moment I stepped out of those gates, I gave up my title as leader of the Nine-Tailed foxes. The clan head's seal has been passed down to my younger sister. This empress is now all alone in the world, not affiliated with any clan, so why even mention ‘bringing doom upon the nine-tailed foxes?’"


The red-robed woman smiled gently, then gazed at the Yellow Emperor lovingly. "I've decided to marry him, so I am his. If he lives, I live. If he dies.... I die!"


"You’ve got a clever tongue. Fine, then I'd like to see how long your futile struggles will last.”




"I have to go help my sister."


The young woman standing by the gates shouted and rushed forward, but the servant by her side held her firmly in place.


"The mistress said that no one of the Nine-tailed fox clan is permitted to intervene," she said, shaking her head. 


"But isn't Big Sister also a Nine-Tailed fox? She's still our clan head!"


"No, she isn't" said the servant solemnly, "She said it herself. The moment she left our mountain, she ceased to be a member of our clan. You are our clan head now, miss." 


“That's absurd!” The young woman kept struggling to break free, but the servant held her fast. 


"Miss, listen to the mistress just this once. If you go out too, then our Nine-Tailed Fox Clan is truly finished. If you go help her, that means our entire clan stands opposed to the Divine Emissary. Do you really want to see our clan perish? Miss, you aren't just the young miss anymore, you're the head of our clad. Your every word and deed determines our future, so please be a little more mature. Think carefully!"




Although the beast soldiers numbered in the hundred millions, they could do nothing against the three of them. 


Day turned into night.


The bloodbath went on for a full day. Even though the three of them were all exceptionally powerful, facing against an endless swarm of beast, they too grew exhausted. Gradually,  wounds left behind by the beast soldiers appeared on their bodies. . 


But each and every scratch cost  tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of beasts’ lives.


They fought on a mountain of corpses.


A hundred meters away, the smell of blood assailed the nostrils of those standing by the gate of the Nine-Tailed Fox clan. 


As time passed, the Divine Emissary was no longer cool and collected. Even though the beasts had done some damage to the three of them, their numbers had decreased sharply. 


As for those minor injuries.....


It was widely known that the Empress of the Nine-Tailed Foxes was better at healing than fighting. If they had even just moments to catch their breath, their wounds would be healed in the blink of an eye. 


"It can't go on like this. 


He frowned, and started building up energy within his body.....




Just as he was about to make his move, a barefoot loli appeared in the sky.


"Who dares use the spiritual power of a supreme here?" 


She looked like a little girl, but had the voice of a mature woman. As the Divine Emissary saw her, he frantically knelt against the ground. 


“Master of the Law." 


"Are you the one trying to defy my laws?" she asked coolly. The Divine Emissary hurriedly shook his head.


"I had no intention of provoking you. It's just that this world's Yellow Emperor challenged the authority of the upper realms. I've been ordered to come here and take care of the situation, but I didn't know that this villain's power was so exceptional. I fear my methods aren't enough to punish him. I was just a little muddled, and thought I'd take care of him myself." 


“Your conflict is none of my concern," she replied, expression grave. "When someone dares use power exceeding the level of an immortal king before me, I kill them without exception."


Sensing her cold gaze, the Divine Emissary trembled in heart, then hurriedly kowtowed. 


"I wouldn't dare."


"This time, I'll let you off with a warning. But if there's a next time, hmph....," she said, then vanished from the skies. 


"I wouldn't dare, I wouldn't dare, I wouldn't dare."


The emissary knelt on the ground for a whole hour. The onlookers watched in a daze. Who was that girl to terrify the Divine Emissary to this extent? 


The Divine Emissary paid the crowd no heed. He simply watched the ongoing battle and grit his teeth.


The number of beastmen was dwindling rapidly, and the Yellow Emperor and his companions were only getting faster and faster at killing them. If things went on with this, he wouldn’t be able to execute them even if he used up every single one of the savage beasts. 


He had to think of something. 


Suddenly, his eyes brightened. He took out an ancient coin, placed it on his palm, and muttered an incantation. 


The coin emitted intense light, and as it did so, a deep voice appeared in his sea of consciousness. 


"What is it?"


The emissary's face lit up as he replied, "


"Monarch, I've encountered a problem during my mission in the lower realms." With that, he went on and explained the current situation.


"That Yellow Emperor seems like a formidable character, but the authority of the God Realm cannot be defied, especially not by someone like him. Speak. What did you contact me for?"


"This Junior would like to humbly request that you send tribulation lightning to smite him!"

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