Chapter 795 - Heavenly Tribulation Lightning







The inhabitants of the God Realm had been going about business as usual, but they immediately stopped upon hearing the distant sound of the bell. 


Then, they all gazed intently at the same location. 


Within a certain luxurious mansion, two men, one clad in purple robes, the other in blue, were engaged in conversation. 


“The sound of the bell is coming from the Myriad Divinities Mountain. Someone has received Divine Bestowal.” 


“Understood,” said the elderly man in purple robes. He nodded slightly, and a sharp glint flashed through his turbid eyes. “But do you know where the one who achieved Divine Bestowal is from?”


"It isn't someone of the God Realm, but rather someone from the lower realms," said the blue-robed middle-aged man.


"The lower realms? Let me take a look."


Saying this, he waved his hand above a stone tabletop. 


The smooth and bright stone tabletop suddenly transformed into a mirror reflecting the situation in the Nine-tailed fox clan. 


Suddenly, dazzling purple light flooded out of the mirror. 


After a long pause, the elder collected his thoughts and frowned. “The God Realm can not accept someone with such great fortune."


"Father, should we.....," the middle-aged man started to speak, but hesitated. 

The older man hesitated for a while, then spoke. "We can't do too much about a Divine Bestowal. However, our Xiao family is, after all, descended from the Lightning Emperor. We control tribulation lightning throughout the Six Realms. Divine Bestowal.... it always comes with a heavenly thunder tribulation, but the number of lightning bolts....


"Your son understands."


"We have to shatter his godhead."


"Understood." With that, the middle-aged man left the courtyard. 


The elder sighed gently, and said  “Your luck is your greatest blessing, but ascending at this time is your misfortunate. Child, don’t blame this old man.”






Gu Li’s neck was held fast by Ye Zichen, so he could only manage this single world. 


He clawed at Ye Zichen’s hands, but they were like iron pincers. They held him fast and made it difficult to even breathe.


“Eradicating demons and other filth is my duty as a god, however…..”




The sky had suddenly filled with dense thunderclouds. Ye Zichen looked at them calmly, then flung Gu Li onto the ground hard. 


“Wait until I’ve overcome my tribulation. Then I’ll come back and take your dog life.” 


As he said this, it seemed that he realized something, and spoke again. 


“Don’t even think about running away….. That goes for you zombies too. Even if I’m undergoing tribulation, crushing you would be no harder than killing an ant."


Holy and pure white wings flapped as he rose into the air. As his godhead entered Ye Zichen’s consciousness, he understood that he'd need to undergo tribulation before becoming truly divine. 


The Divine Tribulation’s existence was mostly to cleanse the godhead. Pure divine power, to a person who’d achieved Divine Bestowal, was no threat at all.


Since he understood this, Ye Zichen had no sense of alarm whatsoever as he gazed at the terrifying mass of thunderclouds in the sky, 




His godhead left his body.


A pale silver sword, about the size of a hidden dagger, floated  above his head. 


“He achieved divinity through the sword?"


Lady Providence smiled contentedly and nodded. In the God Realm, Sword divinities were extremely rare. 


Amongst divinities, Sword Divinities could be said to have the strongest offense. It was just, in comparison to those truly extraordinary godheads, there was still a gap in overall abilities. 


But it was already pretty good that Ye Zichen achieved DIvinity through the sword.


It was just, those thunderclouds...


Even if it was the current Sword Emperor of the God Realm, there hadn't been so many when he’d achieved divinity.


”Lady, what is Ye Zichen doing?” asked Su Yan. 


“He’s accepting Lighting Tribulation. After becoming a god, there will inevitably be a lightning tribulation, but you don’t need to worry. The nine bolts of heavenly lightning are really just intended to refine his godhead. They won’t hurt him at all,” replied Lady Nuwa


“Oh, okay.” Despite Nuwa’s words, Su Yan couldn’t help but worry. 


Even just looking at those thunderclouds was terrifying. 




Meanwhile, as Lady Providence frowned at the amassed thunderclouds, the first bolt of lightning fell.


With a terrifying and sudden clap of thunder, the first bolt of lightning landed on Ye Zichen’s godhead, and its dull colors grew a little brighter


It just as he’d thought, the tribulation wasn’t a threat at all, but rather pure divine energy.


There were to be nine bolts of divine lightning in total.


If they were all like this, he wouldn’t even need to make an effort to block them.




Another bolt fell without so much as scratching Ye Zichen. 








Bolt after bolt of heavenly lightning cut through the sky and crashed into the small sword hovering above his head. It became more and more dazzling with each strike, and its blade grew wider and wider. 


Before their very eyes, it reached almost the size of the Xuan-Yuan Sword. 


“It seems that this heavenly lightning is bringing me nothing but benefits! I've already endured eight bolts, so there’s only the last one left.”


He raised his head to look at the mass of thunderclouds. White light flashed through them; it appeared they were preparing the final bolt of lightning. 






This time, Ye Zichen flew up to meet the lightning head on. The golden sword directly pierced into the heavenly lightning without any difficulties. 




The divine lightning was sliced in half. 


“It’s finally over. I endured nine bolts of heavenly lightning, so now I can be considered a true divinity. I achieved godhood through the sword, so what kind of title suits me?”


Smiling lightly, he was about to reabsorb his godhead when suddenly he discovered…..


The thunderclouds hadn’t dissipated. 


The clouds hanging in the air not only didn’t dissipate after the ninth bolt of lighting, they’d actually become even denser. 

The clouds were thick as undiluted ink, and flashed with silver light.


“No wonder.”


Lady Providence couldn’t help but mutter to herself. She had wondered why such dark clouds would appear for just nine bolts of lightning.


So Ye Zichen’s lightning tribulation wouldn’t stop at just nine bolts….


Nine bolts was actually only for ordinary divinities. There were some who endured eighteen, twenty-seven, or thirty-six... all the way up to eighty-one.


To date, only Bi’an, the strongest in all of the God Realm, had undergone an eighty-one bolt “lightning consumes the heart” trial. 


But she didn’t know, that kid Ye Zichen’s tribulation….


Lightning fell from the sky


Eighteen bolts.


Twenty-seven bolts. 


Thirty-six bolts. 




Heavenly lightning crashed unceasingly onto Ye Zichen’s godhead. Before long, he’d already endured seventy-two bolts. 


Standing up in the sky undergoing tribulation, Ye Zichen was no longer as calm as before. 


His formerly radiant gold godhead had grown extremely dull, and he himself was covered in blood. His white feathers fell in unending streams to the ground.




The seventy-third bolt. 


This bolt of lightning directly pierced his godhead and entered his body. 


He coughed up a mouthful of golden blood


He was already exhausted. Logically speaking, every bolt after the 54th should have given him time to catch his breath.


But his lightning tribulation gave him no recovery time whatsoever, just bolt after bolt…..


This heavenly lightning really didn’t seem like it was just refining his divine power. It wanted him dead. 


“You want to play? Fine, I’ll play with you. Heavenly lightning has at most eighty-one bolts and I’ve endured seventy-three. Just a few left, come and get me…..”








Heavenly lightning enveloped his body. 


Ye Zichen’s eyes reddened. He grit his teeth and blocked it….


Suddenly, the lightning stopped. 


Only the last bolt remained. 


Ye Zichen took advantage of the opportunity and hurriedly took out some medicinal pills. He crammed them into his mouth regardless of their intended effects.


He rapidly got his breathing back under control and restored some of his spiritual power, then looked up into the sky.


“Come and get me!”




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