Chapter 794 - Divine Bestowal

Death and rebirth? 


Gu Li tightly knit his brows. To his surprise, he felt a hint of terror as he gazed into Ye Zichen's newly reopened eyes.


"Ridiculous," he roared angrily. Ye Zichen grasped his arms firmly in place, so all he could do was raise a leg and stomp downward. 


"You've already died, so don't scare people like this."




His right foot smashed into the earth, cracking open deep fissures. 




Ye Zichen, who'd been lying on the ground, had disappeared.


Gu Li dazedly looked around him, then saw Ye Zichen facing away from him, crouched before the broken pieces of the Xuan-Yuan Sword. 


"Sister Xiang, thanks for everything."


A glittering light appeared in his hands. He grasped one piece of the broken blade in each hand, then fused them back together.


"Rest for a while. Leave the situation here to me," he said.


Gu Li's eyes widened in shock as he watched Ye Zichen fix a broken divine weapon his bare hands. A sinister light flashed through his eyes. 


"Quit acting so mysterious and die."




He opened his mouth wide. Poisonous purple smog billowed outward, surrounding Ye Zichen in the blink of an eye. 


"Hmph, just die already." 


"Do you really think this little bit of poison is enough to deal with me?"


With that, the surrounding poison gas compressed inward with Ye Zichen at the center. Before long, Gu Li watched in shock as he swallowed the smog. 


He froze. 


Ye Zichen had actually consumed all of the demonic energy. 


"'Engulf the World' really is useful. I didn't learn it from that moron for nothing," Ye Zichen muttered to himself after swallowing the demonic energy. He almost seemed to be savoring its flavor. 


"You aren't Ye Zichen. Who the hell are you?"


Gu Li was no longer calm. In the entire Three Realms, there couldn't possibly be anyone capable of walking away unharmed after inhaling his poison gas, much less after swallowing all of it. 


His eyes darted frantically back and forth, betrayed his shock and fear. Ye Zichen's smiled thinly and reached his right hand backward. A wisp of golden light appeared in the palm of his hand. 


“Hanba.” One of the Zombie Progenitors sensed the golden light, and called out to her. 



In response to her companion's warning, Hanba moved to dodge, but the golden light had already locked onto her. 




It smashed into her body, carving a terrifying bloody gash into her chest. 


Immediately afterward, protective bubbles appeared and surrounded Su Liu'er and Lady Nuwa. 


"Leave everything to me."


Two seperate transmissions appeared in their respective consciousnesses. Su Yan immediately rushed to Su Liu'er's side to treat her severed arm, whereas lady Nuwa looked intently at Ye Zichen. 


Her eyes widened.


"This is.... He's on the verge of Divinity." 


"Hanba!" shouted Houqing. He and the other Zombie Progenitors had hurried to Hanba's side.  


"Brat," Jiangchen glowered at Ye Zichen, "Do you dare provoke this king?"


"Provoke? You?"


Ye Zichen simply turned around and glanced at him, but Jiangchen felt the energy in his body churn as he coughed up a mouthful of blood. 


"If you were still the ferocious beast you were before, I suppose I might be interested in playing with you. But the current you is just a body supported by a branch of the Divine Tree. Are you worthy of talking like that in front of me?


Are you worthy?


What kind of courage did it take to dare saying something like that to the primordial savage beast, Denglong? 


Jiangchen clenched his hands to his chest, eyes betraying his fear.


Ye Zichen's expression alone had been enough to damage his origin. What had happened?


"Gu Li, actually, I ought to thank you," Ye Zichen's lips curved upward. "If it weren't for your words, I might not have been able to take this step."


Gu Li looked him up and down cautiously, then raised his eyebrows in surprise and said, “You broke through.”


It shouldn't be that simple, though. Even if Ye Zichen had really broken through, he'd just be a supreme. After fusing with the abyssal, Gu Li's strength was no weaker than that. 


But he could sense that the difference in strength was like a vast chasm. 


What on earth had happened?


"Broke through? I suppose you could put it like that," Ye Zichen smiled indifferently. "But the difference is, I've become a god." 




A beam of rosy light descended onto the crown of Ye Zichen's head. His expression turned blissful as he felt the light entered his body.




Ding. Dong. Ding. 


The Heavenly Court, Underworld, and Immortal Region.


The melodious sound of a bell rang out, and the leaders of the Three Realms all stood in astonishment. 


They were all counting how many times the bell rang. 


Ding. Dong. Ding. Dong. Ding. Dong. Ding. Dong. Ding. 


Nine rings. 


As soon as the ringing stopped, a few delicate shadows swept past the Heavenly Court. 


"All-Seeing Eyes, go and see if that was the Three-legged Divine Bluebird.“


The North Pole Emperor, still standing, spoke. All-Seeing Eyes, who'd been keeping watch in the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches, took a few steps forward, then his eyes flashed....


"Reporting to the Emperor, it was indeed the Three-legged Divine Bluebird." 

Before All-Seeing Eyes could respond, the North Pole Emperor summoned a magic cloud and chased after the bluebird without another word. 


Seeing this, the other immortals in the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches couldn't help but ask, "What's going on with the emperor?"


"Nine rings of the Ancient Bell and joyful song of the Three-legged Divine Bluebird. It seems someone has received Divine Bestowal."


Similar scenes played out in the Underworld and Immortal Region. After the Ancient Bell came to a stop, they turned their gaze toward the location of the Heavenly Court. 


“The Three-legged Divine Bluebird, it’s truly….”


Swoosh. Swoosh. Swoosh. 


The entire Three Realms was in uproar. 


Immortals from all over the Three Realms hurried after the Three-legged Divine Bluebird purely for a chance to see who had become a god. 




The sound of the bell reverberated throughout the entire Three Realms, and even those in the Endless Beast Region could hear it.


“Divine Bestowal.”


From his perch above the clouds, the Great Strength Bodhisattva raised his eyebrows in surprise. Given his experience, there was no way he wouldn't recognize the signs of Divine Bestowal. 


It was just that since the birth of the Three Realms, no one had ever achieved divinity....


Even for him, this was his first time seeing it. 


He glanced inscrutably at Lady Providence. Had she predicted this would happen?


"Merciful Buddha! Lady Benefactor is truly capable," he said. "It is fortunate that you stopped this humble monk. Had I truly ruined this opportunity, even a hundred deaths would be insufficient as penance."


"It's fine as long as you understand."


Lady Providence smiled and nodded, but in truth, she'd been uncertain. 


Although she had foreseen that this was a lucky chance for Ye Zichen, he’d only had a fifty-fifty chance of success. Now that he'd truly reached Divine Bestowal, she felt an enormous sense of relief. 




Gu Li collapsed to the ground in fright and shook his head violently. His eyes were full of disbelief as he watched Ye Zichen's bathed in holy light.


"You couldn't possibly achieve Divine Bestowal. You have demonic blood in your veins, it isn't possible. This is fake, it's all fake. Do you really think you can trick me with these parlor tricks? Die!"


He leapt upward from the ground, stared intently at Ye Zichen's back, then violently lashed out at his head. 




Ye Zichen suddenly turned around and tightly grasped Gu Li's neck. 


Three pairs of white wings appeared on his back, bathed in holy light and glimmering radiantly. 


"Right now...It's a little late to talk about whether you believe me or not, don't you think?



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