Chapter 792 - Fused with an Abyssal

As he finished the last hand seal, the flames on Ye Zichen's body dimmed. 


The azure dragon cried out mournfully, and so did the Xuan-Yuan Sword. 




Ye Zichen feebly reached forward and pointed. Xuan-Yuan Xiang looked at him intently. 


Then, despite her best efforts, a single tear fell to the ground. 


"I, Xuan-Yuan Xiang, shall scrupulously obey my lord's commands. I shall execute the sword art.... Xuan-Yuan Dragon Slaying Technique!"




The shrill, mournful lament of the sword boomed outward, and an illusory azure dragon appeared on its surface, roaring as it descended upon Gu Li. 


"You... Accompany him to the grave!"


The sword spirit Xuan-Yuan Xiang called out, tears flowing down her face, as the sword wailed.


Where it passed, it stirred up fierce winds.


A beam of golden light cut through the sky and slammed into the perfectly calm and collected Gu Li. 




As it swung, heaven-cleaving golden light burst forth from the sword, enveloping and obliterating everything within three hundred meters.


It was so dazzling that the onlookers all tightly shut their eyes. 


Only Gu Li looked directly at the oncoming golden light. His lips twitched upward.


"It's the same move as before, but this time the sword itself is filled with grief and indignation, multiplying the sword art's power many times over. Its momentum is impressive, and so is its power. It looks like you're hoping to settle things with this blow."




The sword light engulfed Gu Li. Not only that, the entirety of the Nine-tailed Fox Clan's back mountain was flattened by the force of the blow. 


The explosive spiritual power wreaked havoc. This time...


Even the Zombie Progenitors had to put up barriers for self-defence. This collision…. was so strong that even they had to tread carefully. 


"It's over," said Xuan-Yuan Xiang. 


"Yes, it's over now." Ye Zichen smiled gently and nodded. After the sword light engulfed Gu Li, there was no longer any trace of his aura. 


All of this had truly ended. 


"You...How much longer will you live?


"I'm not sure. I'll live as long as I live, I guess," laughed Ye Zichen without a care, "It all depends on when the heavens come and collect me."


Sensing his indifference, Xuan-Yuan Xiang couldn't help but shed more tears.


The explosion had dissipated Gu Li's demonic energy. Nuwa and the others dashed out of the barrier. 




"Don't talk, take some medicine."


Lady Nuwa took out a medicinal pill and shoved it into his mouth before he could protest. This pill was extremely previous; even she felt pained to use something so extravagant. 


But Ye Zichen had just burned his natal fire. She couldn't worry about something like that now. 


"Zichen," said Su Yan, the corners of her eyes leaking tears in a nonstop stream. Ye Zichen smiled at her, and wiped away her tears.


"Why are you crying? I'm still alive, right? And I finally killed that bastard Gu Li, which is a big load off my mind. You should be happy for me."


"Mmhm, I'm happy for you."


Su Yan sobbed and nodded, clenching Ye Zichen's hand tightly.


"So... If I come out now, will it ruin the atmosphere? 


Then, indolent laughter reverberated throughout everyone's ears


Ye Zichen's eyes twitched, and he turned to see someone not too far in the distance. 




"Sorry. Should I have just played dead and waited for you leave? That might've made you feel a little better," said Gu Li. "But I...I just love to see the faces of people I hate overcome with despair."


A pair of grey wings beat furiously on his back. He squinted and rubbed at his chest.


The Xuan-Yuan Dragon Slaying Technique had truly injured him, and the horrifying gash on his chest proved it.


But not even a single drop of blood flowed from the wound, and it was knitting back together at a pace visible to the naked eye. 


"You're not human," frowned Ye Zichen. 


"Hey, how come you’re still so rude?" asked Gu Li inquisitively.


"You're an abyssal," said Ye Zichen, right hand absorbing the Xuan-Yuan Sword as he pulled himself up from the ground. "You fused with an abyssal?"


"Bingo, you got it!” Gu Li’s eyes glinted with humor as he landed not far from them. “ Who'd've thought you were so smart, you could even see that?"


"This is the result of my six months of research. I transformed my physique into an abyssal's, and also strengthened my healing ability. What do you think? A work of genius, yeah?"


As Gu Li bragged,Ye Zichen sent Nuwa and the others a transmission.


“All of you, leave.”


"Do you think we're that afraid to die?" replied Su Liu'er with a frown. 


"The other side also has the four Zombie Progenitors,” added Lady Nuwa. “If we leave, you're absolutely doomed."


"Don't you think I'm already doomed?" replied Ye Zichen. "Gu Li, that pervert, fused an abyssal into his body. He's halfway to an immortal body. Damnit, if I'd known that earlier, I wouldn't have challenged him. But it’s too late to fix it now. This all started with me, so you should go. I'll bring up the rear."


“What nonsense,” shouted Su Liu’er.


“I told you….” just as he opened his mouth to start arguing with her, Gu Li cut him off.


“No need to act like characters in some tragedy," he said with a grin. "None of you can leave.”


With that, he snapped his fingers at the Zombie Progenitors.


“Didn’t you guys want to duke it out with Nuwa? Fine, go ahead and kill them all, then.” 


Hearing this, their faces twisted into creepy grins. 


Crisis was imminent. 


“Ye Zichen, Ye Zichen, there’s something wrong with your brain.”


Seeing this, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but be angry at his own stupidity. If only he’d just let Gu Li leave when he had the chance! Why’d he insist on single combat? He was going to lose everything.”


“Don’t get distracted; this is no time for daydreaming,” transmitted Nuwa directly into his consciousness. “Let us handle the Zombie Progenitors. As for Gu Li…. We’ll leave him to you. I sent a message to the Buddhist Domain earlier, so they should be arriving any moment now.” 


”The Buddhist domain? Tathagata?" Ye Zichen asked, eyebrows raised.  


"I don't know who they're sending, but in any event, we just need to hold on a little longer and everything will be completely fine. "


"Then you should've said that earlier."


Ye Zichen exclaimed, then forcefully clenched the Xuan-Yuan Sword. He fixed his gaze on Gu Li a few hundred meters away. 


"An abyssal's self healing power has to have limits,” snorted Ye Zichen. “Even if you strengthened it, that hasn’t changed, yeah? 


"Mmhm," nodded Gu Li. He grinned, but in his heart he felt something was amiss. 


How could Ye Zichen smile even now? 


Could it be that, knowing he had no hope whatsoever, his despair had driven him insane? 


Don’t be ridiculous, not even Gu Li himself would believe something like that. 


Then the only possible explanation was.....


Ye Zichen still had something up his sleeve. 


Right now, Gu Li's side had the absolute advantage. What could Ye Zichen possibly have left? 




It wasn't an exaggeration at all to say that in the entire three realms, no one was fit to be his and the Zombie Progenitors' opponent. 


No, wait....


There was still one place. 


The Buddhist Domain. 

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