Chapter 79 The Talent Agency sought him out

Chapter 79 – The Talent Agency sought him out

Ye Zichen’s mood became extremely good after sending the wave of soft drinks.

If there were no surprises, then deities would definitely come to find him soon. When that happens, wouldn’t cultivation experience and treasures come rolling in?!

Ye Zichen washed up simply, then arrived in Kang Peng and Bai Yu’s ward.

When he walked into the room, he saw a bunch of people together discussing about something. Thus, he snuck over!

“What are you looking at…”


Everyone was freaked out by Ye Zichen. Then, Ye Zichen stuck his head over with a chuckle.

“Isn’t this Yang Yushi?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and smiled when he looked at the photo on the phone.

“Yang Yushi said she was coming back to Bingcheng. Someone said on Weibo said they saw her on Central Street. Sadly, my roommates are deeply hurt, so I must stay to watch over them, and am unable to go and see my goddess at a close distance,” Zhang Rui sighed with a sadness that he could not cover up in his eyes.

Su Yiyun smacked him on the head, “What are you saying, look at your shitty mouth, I really want to sew it up with needle and thread.”

“But it is quite a shame that we can’t go and see Yang Yushi since she came back to Bingcheng,” Kang Peng, who was lying on the bed, also nodded in agreement.

It could be said that Yang Yushi was the goddess of many indoorsman. She was also a currently trending star.

Gossip followed her wherever she went.

One example was the Weibo post. She got onto Weibo’s front page just by showing up on Central Street.

It could be seen how popular she was.

Everyone else in the ward all chatted intensely, but Ye Zichen smiled playfully.

“Zhang Rui, didn’t you say that Su Yan is your goddess, why is it her now?”

“Don’t mention Su Yan to me, I get pissed whenever she’s mentioned,” Zhang Rui suddenly threw his phone onto the bed and stood up from his chair. “You’re dating Su Yan, aren’t you?”


“Stop pretending with me, I can clearly see it.”


“You’re admitting it with your silence, right?”

Zhang Rui licked his lips and nodded towards Ye Zichen, then immediately exploded.

“Ol’ Five, Ol’ Five. Say, just how shameless are you? You silently got with the goddess without saying anything to us. But no worries, so what, this is just you having talent. However, don’t you have some sort of thing going on with the school beauty Xia Keke? Ol’ Five, a person can’t be so shameless, one goddess Su Yan is enough… You-You’re too greedy!”

The moment Zhang Rui finished, Kang Peng, who was on the bed, exclaimed, “Hey, that’s right. Speaking of it, the moment Ol’ Four mentioned it, I remembered. I felt like the way Xia Keke and Su Yan’s way of looking at you were weird. What’s more, when we talked about you and Su Yan, Xia Keke got angry. What’s going on with you and Xia Keke?”

“Ye-zi, is what they’re saying true?” Su Yiyun also spoke up.

All of a sudden, everyone in the room started to criticize Ye Zichen, especially Su Yiyun, who stared at him with his eyes, as if telling him that an explanation must be given.


Ye Zichen didn’t think that his comment would lead to so much chain reactions.

There was no helping it, he could only choose to be silent!

Ye Zichen didn’t utter a single word under the relentless questioning of his roommates.


At this moment, a knock on the door sounded out. Su Yiyun raised his eyebrows at Ye Zichen and snorted, “Ye-zi, you must give me an explanation.”

Then he walked to the entrance and opened the door to the ward.

“President Shi.”

The person who knocked was President Shi, who was standing beside a sunglasses-wearing man.

Everyone in the room were students from the Polytechnic University, so they all stood up from their chairs when they saw him.

Including Ye Zichen.

Yet, at that very moment, a girl also walked in.

“F*ck, Yang Yushi!” Zhang Rui exclaimed.

“Zhang Rui, pinch me. It really is Yang Yushi, right?” Zhu Yunbai also revealed a face of excitement.

Su Yiyun, Kang Peng and Bai Yu were also stunned.

Yang Yushi actually came.

“Hi,” Yang Yushi waved towards everyone in the ward, stopped her sight onto Ye Zichen for a moment, then walked beside that sunglasses wearing man.

“Damn, it really is Yang Yushi.”

“My god, why would she come here?”

Yang Yushi was clearly used to the sort of exclamations she heard in the ward, she merely stood silently beside the sunglasses-wearing man.

“You brats, did you forget about me, right school president when you saw the superstar?”

President Shi shook his head with a smile, causing everyone to reveal an awkward look.

Su Yiyun smiled and ran in front of President Shi, “President Shi, you didn’t come here to scold us, right?”

President Shi couldn’t help but laugh after seeing Su Yiyun. It seemed like the two knew each other, but considering Su Yiyun’s family background, it wasn’t any surprise for him to know President Shi.

“I came to look for Ye Zichen. More precisely this person, Director Hu, is looking for Ye Zichen!”

President Shi indicated towards the sunglasses wearing man beside him. The man took off his sunglasses and smiled lightly, “Hello, Ye Zichen, I am Hu Hong of Dream Lead Agency.”

“Dream Lead! Isn’t that the largest talent agency in the country?” Zhang Rui pushed his glasses up and exclaimed as he looked at Hu Hong. “Oh yeah, Yang Yushi signed with Dream Lead.”

Ye Zichen nodded towards Hu Hong. After a simple handshake, Hu Hong spoke, “The purpose I came for is very simple. I want to invite Ye Zichen to join our company.”

Everyone in the ward was stunned.

“Actually, I saw the performance Classmate Ye put on at the school anniversary gala the other day. Seriously, you are someone born to be a star. I sincerely invite you to join our company. I can promise to give you the best production and public relations team, and to pave the way for you… The only thing I need is your voice.”

The conditions that Hu Hong offered were very hard to refuse.

Ye Zichen was still a student in university, the promises he got from the talent agency’s director in person were insanely high.

“Ye-zi, you’re going to be a star.”

“Ye-zi, shouldn’t you give us bros an autograph?”

“Ye-zi, amazing.”

All his roommates in the ward started to congratulate him. At the same time, Hu Hong also looked at Ye Zichen with a smile.

Hu Hong felt like Ye Zichen was definitely a jade ore after hearing his songs.

That’s why he also made the determination to bring him into the company. He even came in person in order to ensure that no issues occurred.


“Sorry, I refuse,” Ye Zichen smiled, then pursed his lips, causing everyone in the ward to be stunned when they heard it.

Yang Yushi, who had been standing beside Hu Hong, also opened her eyes wide in shock. Hu Hong even said in confusion, “You said…”

Ye Zichen raised his head with a smile, then stared straight at Yang Yushi!

“I said, sorry, I refuse!”

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