Chapter 786 - Three Feet of Ice, an Instant Glacier

A sixth-level soul-locking formation. 


A type of spiritual formation that used the six directions of heaven and earth to shackle the soul. 


Placing this kind of spiritual formation required grandmaster-level accomplishments in formations as well as saint-level strength, and even then there was still a possibility of failure. 


Lady Nuwa had only asked him to place a fourth-level formation, but he was worried that it wouldn't be effective against Denglong. If that happened, they'd all die. 


For Ye Zichen and the others’ safety, and also for his own safety, he’d been willing to gamble.


Despite the blood leaking from his eyes and nose, for a moment he looked majestic. 


Even Su Liu'er, who'd been hassling him this whole time, was struck, and her former antipathy for him vanished instantly.


"Fatty, I was wrong to fault you before. You're very manly," said Su Liu'er


"You know Grandpa Fatty is a real man!




After finishing his sentence, he fell flat onto the ground. 


Everyone felt a surge of panic, but then Nuwa's sent out another transmission.


"You don't need to worry about him. Just now he placed a sixth-level soul-locking formation. Given his abilities, he shouldn't have been able to do it at all. He pushed himself to do it anyway, so he used up all of his spiritual energy and even injured his soul. Once we've dealt with the Zombie Progenitors, I'll take back to the God Realm and help him recover good as new. “


Saying this, in her heart Lady Nuwa couldn't help but nod in approval. 


In the current situation, they already held an absolute advantage.


    “Yin Shang.”


Su Zhu's eyes brimmed with tears as she embraced Fatty Yin and carefully wiped the blood from his nostrils and the corners of his eyes. At that moment, he'd already become a hero in her heart. 


"When it really comes down to it, that fatty's pretty dependable."


Su Liu'er smiled, then coldly fixed her gaze on Hanba. Now, if they could just take care of her, things would be settled


“It's really a sixth-level soul-locking formation," said Houqing. A wisp of soul floated above his physical body. Yingou, standing not far away, was the same way.


 Their souls had been locked down and rendered immoble. All Houqing could do was face Jiangchen and say


"Jiangchen, go help Hanba. If you can give me an hour, I'll definitely be able to escape from this formation.”


He silently nodded his head, but didn't make a move to help her. Instead, he directly went and faced Nuwa. 


"We meet again." Jiangchen's voice was raspy. He was well aware that even if he went to help Hanba in the end he'd be crossing blows with Nuwa.


Given that that was the case, it was better to take initiative and divide the battlefield. This way, Nuwa wouldn't have any opportunities to help Ye Zichen and the others. He also believed that there was no way Hanba would fall at their hands. 


A black sandstorm whirled around him, and wisp after wisp of corpse energy enveloped him and Nuwa. 


"Your body doesn't contain any of Denglong's soul," frowned Nuwa. 




With a dull laugh, he removed his hat.


    “Understand now”


"So that's how it was," Lady Nuwa's face froze, then she laughed in understanding. 


"Let's get started, then"




 "It would never have occurred to me that anyone here could place a sixth-level soul-locking formation," said Hanba.


Hanba's hideous face carried a dull smile as she scratched at her hair and squinted. 


"But you can't really think that you had a chance at victory with just this, right? With just you? Can your hand even grasp a sword anymore?”


 “Who knows?” Ye Zichen shrugged and laughed. Blood from his torn wounded hand flowed down the blade and dripped onto the earth. 


"Actually, I really quite admire you, it's just...the people behind you have to die. And those women too. They're so weak, but they have such pretty faces. It really makes people jealous!"

Her cold gaze scanned Su Yan and Su Zhu, then she raised her eyebrows.


"Why is one of the women missing?"


 “Are you looking for me?”


Su Liu'er, clad in a deep blue dress, snow-white tails radiating outward, flittled lightly through the sky. 


"So you were hiding in the sky! Tails...No wonder you're so beautiful, you're a fox-spirit," sneered Hanba. 


"You don't like other people calling you ugly. What a coincidence,” said Su Liu’er. “I don't like other people calling me a fox-spirit."


"Then why don't you hurry up and kill me?" laughed Hanba fearlessly.


"What're you in such a hurry for? I've got a whole feast waiting for you to eat,"


With that, the skyward Su Liu'er piously raised her hands into the sky.


"World of Ice and Snow!"


Snow, soft as goosefeathers, floated down from the heavens. In but a few breaths of time the entire Nine-tail Fox clan territory was draped in white.


"Wah, so is this your method for dealing with me?"


Hanba laughed mockingly. The snow's appearance had truly, starkly, and suddenly dropped the area's temperature. 


But for her, what did this kind of temperature count for?


"Why the rush? Have you looked at your feet yet?"


Su Liu'er squinted her eyes and laughed. Hanba glanced at her feet. 




When did this happen? Hanba subconsciously tried to pull her leg out......


"Isn't it a little late to start struggling?"


"Hmph, don't get complacent. Isn't this just a bit of ice? Watch as I break it right in front of you."


Hanba's right fist slammed into the ice forming on the ground. 




 It didn't break.


She punched again without any hesitation.


"In terms of accomplishments in the realm of ice, if I called myself second-best in the three realms, no one would dare call themselves first. You can't break the ice I made so easily," snorted Su Liu'er. 


"So conceited?Over just this?Even if you froze me, so what? Do you dare come down here and exchange blows? You don't!" said Hanba. 


"You're right. I really don't dare go down there and duke it out with you. Before I lost badly against you in close-combat...But Ye Zichen put it really well. I am, after all, a long-range magician. Why should I fight hand-to-hand with you short-range attackers?If you don't like it, then why don't you come up here and fight me?"


Su Liu'er shrugged and laughed softly, and from time to time grabbed one of her tails and coyly drew a finger along her cheek. To Hanba, this was completely and utterly hateful. 


"Hah....." said Hanba. "Let's just do nothing, then. After an hour, the other two parts of my soul will naturally break free from their bonds, and you'll all die as expected."


"Oh really?" shrugged Su Liu'er coolly. "But it seems as if you can't wait that long."




"Did you forget that there's another close-range fighter right in front of you?" said Su Liu'er, hugging her tails and smiling calmly. 


"Him?" Hanba pointed at Ye Zichen and laughed in contempt. "You couldn't possibly think he could handle me? Even if my legs are locked in place, how could the likes of him handle me?"


"Then what if I freeze your whole body?"




Hanba had just opened her mouth when she felt the ice below her feet start climbing up her body. After a few breaths of time her entire lower body was encased in ice.


Then, up in the sky, Su Liu'er began to speak. 


"Three feet of ice, an instant glacier!"






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