Chapter 785 - Sixth-level Soul-locking Formation

“Lady Nuwa, are you sure my modest attainments in spirit formations will be effective against Denglong?"


After hearing Lady Nuwa's proposed method in the transmitted group chat, Fatty Yin couldn't help but want to give up. 


The idea that a spirit formation he set could entrap the Zombie progenitors was absolutely the biggest joke he'd heard all year. 


"Can't you toughen up a bit? Why are you always so panicky? All I'm asking is for you to place a spirit formation. We're the ones who are actually fighting. All you have to do is guarantee Lil' Zhu and Lil' Yan’s safety. Can't you even manage that?"


Su Liu'er couldn't help but frown as she transmitted, "We've already come this far, but this Fatty is still afraid of every little thing."


"Big Sister, didn't you see how that flame qilin died?" Fatty Yin's transmitted anxiously. "I'm not panicky, I just am truly afraid my spiritual formations won't be effective against them. In that case, wouldn't I just be putting you all at an even greater risk? 


"This is the only method we have now," transmitted Lady Nuwa. She couldn't help but sigh inwardly. Fatty's worries we not unfounded, but given their current situation they couldn't do anything but hope, hope that his spiritual formations would have at least some effect against the Zombie Progenitors.    


“The Eight Formation Origin Chart is in your hands. Even if you don’t have confidence in your spiritual formation abilities, you ought to have confidence in your divine artifact. That’s a divine artifact that even the God Realm’s formation masters yearn for even in their dreams; its true powers absolutely exceeds your imagination. Fourth-level, even if you can only place a fourth-level soul-locking formation, then we might at least have a chance. 


As Lady Nuwa and the others communicated, the loli-voiced girl walked towards the other Progenitors. 


Meanwhile, Yinggou looked at the girl and gulped, while the taciturn Jiangchen raised his eyebrows. 


As this played out before the loli-voiced girl’s eyes...


    “Tee hee……”


She laughed coldly, and Yinggou and Jianghen nodded at her somewhat unnaturally. 


Houqing walked towards them and said with a smile,  “You came?”


“If I hadn’t come, were you prepared to let the flame qilin incinerate all of our spawn?”


Her expression was somewhat unhappy. Houqing lightly pursed his lips. 


“But in the end you still came right? And even killed that beast. You’re the only one among us who isn’t afraid of its flames; we really had no other choice.”


 “Hmph.” With a dull grunt, she no longer paid Houqing any heed and instead turned her attention to Ye Zichen and the others. 


“Has everyone finished chatting yet?” she asked with a grin. 


“What are you in such a hurry….wah, a ghost!”


The already nervous Fatty Yin, upon hearing the loli-voiced girl’s urgings, couldn’t help but turn and face her. When he saw her face, though, he jumped backwards in extreme fright. 


As the others heard his startled shouts, they turned to look as well, and when they saw that face of hers….


When they’d only seen her from behind, they might’ve described her as “devastatingly beautiful,” or even “the kind of beauty that people start wars over,” but from the front she was utterly terrifying. 


To say that her appearance was average would’ve been the highest praise imaginable. Her face...could only be described as incomparably hideous. 


No matter who they were, anyone would gasp in shock after seeing her face. It seemed as if when Lady Nuwa had sculpted her features, she’d used her feet rather than her hands!*


“She looks truly alarming,” gasped Yuan Hong. 


“Bro, that’s truly a creative way of putting it. ‘Alarming,’ that’s really a perfect fit,” said Fatty Yin snidely. 


“It’s just okay. People ought to be creative, right?”


As the two bros started chatting, the loli-voiced girl’s face became darker and darker.


The three Zombie Progenitors behind her also became increasingly tense.


This woman hated nothing more than others talking about her appearance.


She had tried countless times to use spiritual energy to change her looks, but since she was already dead and only lingered on as a zombie, there was no longer any way of changing her appearance. 


Since then, whenever someone talked about her looks, or even just revealed a shocked expression….


Everyone who did so died. 


“Hey...that’s quite modest of you.”


The two of them seemed to be enjoying their two-man comedy act when the loli-voiced girl lightly rubbed the jade pendant hanging over her purple shirt and muttered darkly,  “said enough?”


“Pardon me, pardon me,” said Fatty Yin, apologizing hurriedly. “We didn’t consider your feelings, but to tell the truth, your face really is quite alarming. You must’ve committed many sins in your past life, ha ha ha ha….”


Yuan Hong laughed uproariously with him. Hearing their unbridled laughter, the loli-voiced girl could no longer restrain herself. 


 “You’re seeking death.”




She compressed explosive spiritual energy within her right leg and pushed down hard, transforming into a beam of light as she shot forward. 


“Everyone remembers what we’ve just discussed, right? Act according to plan,” transmitted Lady Nuwa simultaneously.


She flung the seven-colored Sky Repairing Stone into the air, and eye-searing seven-colored light stopped the rampaging girl in her tracks.




But that only lasted a moment before she disregarded the seven-colored stone in the air completely. She was completely focused on Fatty Yin and Yuan Hong, the ones who’d shockingly dared to mock her appearance. 


They had to die.




She raised her right fist and smashed it against Fatty’s head without an ounce of mercy. She’d already locked-on to him, and was completely confident her fist would hit its target. 


Since heads are the most vulnerable part of the human body, this blow would doubtlessly kill him. 




It was then that a sword glistening with cold light appeared and blocked her fists.


The instant her fist collided with the sword, a fierce wind started blowing. 




The sand and stone picked up by the raging winds prevented Su Zhu and Su Yan from opening their eyes. Nuwa hurriedly placed a barrier in front of them, making them somewhat more comfortable. 


“Those two are what’s making me most nervous,” the Lady couldn’t help but sigh in her heart. 


Neither Su Yan nor Su Zhu were skilled at combat. In this sort of battle amongst peak experts, their existence could only be a burden.


 “Wah, we’re saved.”


Fatty Yin let out a deep breath. Just then, he’d truly felt as if the god of death were mere inches away from him. 


  “It’s you!”


The Loli-voiced girl leapt back, and laughed contemptuously at the Xuan-Yuan sword-bearing Ye Zichen.


“Mmhm.” Ye Zichen dully acknowledged her, and withdrew the Xuan-yuan sword.


“At this point what do you even have to hide? Do you really think I wouldn’t discover you?”


Although he’d blocked that blow just now, the force of the blow had traveled through the sword and torn the webbing between his thumb and index finger. 


The hand holding his sword had started lightly trembling...


This woman was really troublesome. 


“But being able to take one of my blows is already worth being proud of,” laughed the girl. 


“We can’t let Hanba take on the whole group by herself. Let’s go, we ought to go help.”


Houqing squinted his eyes and laughed. Yinggou and Jiangchen nodded, but before they’d gone more than a few steps….




Their bodies fell uncontrollably backwards. But it wasn’t just Houqing, Yinggou did the same. 


 “What’s going on?”


Jiangchen looked at the two who’d fallen and frowned. His turned his head toward where Fatty Yin was standing upright, eyes and nose leaking fresh blood, with a copy of the Eight Formation Origin Chart hanging from his forehead….


 “Sixth-level soul-locking formation, activate!”

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Kneecapybara's Thoughts

*If you aren't familiar with Chinese Mythology, Nuwa is supposed to have sculpted humanity from yellow clay.