Chapter 783 - The Loli-voiced Girl



Despite being hidden amongst the clouds, the waves of heat blasting their faces made Ye Zichen and company gasp in shock.


'Well I'll be, that there flame qilin is frickin' amazing!" 


Yuan Hong was so startled that he slipped into an accent. He stared wide-eyed as the zombie horde below turned into ashes. 


“That burst of fire just now killed at least a few thousand of them. It's way more amazing than even my big bro's True Samadhi Fire."


"True Samadhi Fire?"


A choked noise from behind made everyone turn around only to see Fatty Yin's eyes brimming with contempt.


"True Samadhi Fire is something only immortals like you guys use,” he said, taking the opportunity to show off. “A Flame Qilin is a primordial divine beast! Could mere immortals possibly compare with it?"


"Let me tell you, that flame qilin down below is still young. An adult flame qilin can breathe Five-layered Red-Lotus Flames. Now those can truly destroy both heaven and earth! That flame just now was purplish-red, only four layers. But True Samadhi Fire only has two layers! It's simply incomparable to a flame qilin's fire. That said, ordinary juvenile flame qilin do in fact use True Samadhi Flames. This one can use the four-layered flames of the demon realm, so it must be a shocking genius.


As he said all this, Fatty Yin's eyebrows curved upward and his hands were behind his back. His expression was so self-satisfied, it almost seemed as if he were the one capable of using four-layered flame. 


"Zhu'er, how could you fall for this Fatty?" asked Su Liu'er, dumbfounded. 


Su Zhu was also covering her face in her hands. Fatty Yin's personality was really pretty good, it was just that sometimes he loved to show off and even she couldn't stop him. 


“Can this flame qilin blast those zombie progenitors to death?" Ye Zichen chose this particular moment to ask a question. 


They were a distant ten-thousand meters from the battlefield below, but the encircling flames were still intense enough that they had to use their spiritual energy to endure them. 


If the flame qilin used its flames directly on the progenitors' bodies, who knew what the result would be? 


“'s really hard to say for sure, but flame qilins’ flames are capable of burning anything. Even if the zombie progenitors’ abilities are extraordinary they should still be forced to dodge it.”


Fatty Yin's words obviously had no real foundation. Yes, flame qilin's fire was truly an existence capable of incinerating anything and everything. 


If you were talking about an adult flame qilin, then he would’ve just said yes without thinking. But this flame qilin was just a juvenile. Even if it used four-layered flame, that was still nowhere near the level of five-layered lames. 


In his heart he hoped those zombie progenitors would fear the flames, and then...


But it was too childish to think that they could defeat Denglong with just hotbloodedness and conviction. 




Purple flames shot unceasingly from the flame qilin's jaws. None of the zombies could block the flames for even a second. 


Before long, it seemed as if the qilin was playing happily. 


As it gamboled about, shooting flames in circles, the moisture in the air began to evaporate and smoke filled the air.


"This flame qilin is a problem," said Jiangchen, speaking for the first time. Even if the surroundings were full of smoke, at this level it didn't affect their eyesight at all. 


"How about I go slaughter it? Three breaths of time would be enough to take out a juvenile flame qilin," said the ferocious Yinggou.


"No need. Even if it's a baby flame qilin, it's still using four-layered flame. That’s enough to threaten us,” replied Houqing. 


“Then should we just let it keep going on insolently like this? We really don't have that many spawn--our boss set a limit on their numbers.”


“What are you worried about? She hasn't even arrived yet!”




'Wah, what a cute baby qilin!"


A loli-like voice emerged through the smoke, and a pair of uncovered legs were vaguely discernible through the smoke. She walked unhurriedly through the flames as if taking a leisurely stroll through a peaceful courtyard. 


The startled flame qilin focused in on her, turned its head and without a moment’s hesitation




A ball of purplish-red flame shot toward the new arrival, but as they collided they left nothing but sparks. 


"Baby qilin, let big sister pet you, okay?"


Suddenly, the loli-voiced girl appeared right in front of the flame qilin's face and reached out to pet its head with pale and slender arms. 


"She’s really looking to die. Even if it's just a young qilin, the flames on its body are untouchable, especially the ones on its head. Touching a qilin's head without first being acknowledged as its master...she must not want that hand anymore.”


 Fatty Yin sneered, seemingly expecting the flame qilin's fire to burn her hand to cinders, but....


The woman's hand was perfectly fine despite having been placed right on the qilin's head. 


"How is this possible?!" shouted Fatty Yin in shock.


"Qilin baby, you haven't grown up yet, right? I especially love qilin. Don't be Nuwa's mount anymore, okay? How about you be my mount instead? I can give you lots of yummy things to eat. How about it?"


The girl rubbed the qilin's head as if it were a pet dog. Her voice was pleasant to the ears. 




The flames on the qilin's body expanded a few centimeters and the surrounding temperature became more and more intense. 


"Woman, remove your hand." The flame qilin's red pupils gazed at the woman in front of him as it spoke unrestrainedly.


"Wow, you can talk!" exclaimed the girl, eyebrows raised. "Then answer the question I just asked. How about being my mount?"


Under the woman's expectant gaze, the qilin blew two lines of hot air from its nostrils. 


At the same time, it turned its head away, obviously holding her suggestion in utter contempt. 


"You really rejected me? How sad.” She took a step back with a pained expression and a coquettish pout, then suddenly….




She shockingly threw the flame qilin, a divine beast, onto the ground, and her cutesy voice grew incomparably cold and sinister. 


"You're so picky about your owner even though you're just a beast. Now I'll show you...."




Flames burst from the downed qilin’s jaws. The woman wore a stunned expression as she was completely enveloped in fire. 


“How dare you pet my head? Only the Lady can do that. Are you worthy?”


The flame qilin contemptuously turned away from her, but...


    “Tee hee……”


Hearing the woman’s dark laughter through the flames, the qilin abruptly came to a stop. 


Just now it had used its life's true flame. Even if it was still young, the flames had practically reached the five-layered level, but this woman...


"You really are a disobedient baby qilin. Little baby, you maybe don't know, but big sister has a bad habit: I destroy what I can't obtain. 




The woman pushed her fingers into the crown of the qilin's head, piercing directly into its skull. 


Fresh blood soaked the ground, dying it deep red. The flame qilin's scarlet pupils gradually dulled and it sunk to its knees, its life force spent. 


The woman reached her bloody fingers deep into her mouth and sucked on them, savoring the taste. Then she rose and looked into the distant skies. 


"How long do you plan on hiding up there? If you've seen enough, get down here! Your Lady Nuwa is really lonely right now and needs you guys to accompany her to the grave."

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