Chapter 781 - Denglong's True Power


"It's strange, but I haven't seen any zombies on the way at all." 


On the way to the Heavenly Nine-tailed Fox Clan's back mountain, Fatty Yin gazed at his surroundings in astonishment. Nevertheless, the Nine-tailed Fox clansmen remained vigilant.


"You didn't take care of them on your way here?" asked Su Liu'er with pursed lips. 


In theory, the zombies created from members of the Nine-tailed Fox clan were extremely easy for Su Liu'er to deal with.


It was just that she couldn't bear to do it. On her way to rescue Su Zhu, it was Ye Zichen who took care of them on her behalf. 


For Fatty Yin, a supreme from the God Realm, dealing with those zombies ought to be as easy as pie, Who knows, maybe he just wanted to hear their exclamations of awe and was intentionally fishing for compliments.


"Actually, I wanted to, but I was so focused on saving my lil' Zhu that I didn't have time to think about anything else," explained Fatty Yin. 


"Hmph. So you want to see my Heavenly Nine-tailed Fox Clan wiped out? You didn't see any zombies? Does that mean you want all of my clansmen to become walking dead?"


This damn fatty had gone against her on multiple occasions and Su Liu'er had a terrible  impression of him. Thus, her words came out somewhat barbed.


That his future sister-in-law was being so hostile made Fatty Yin feel somewhat helpless. He turned to Su Zhu and shrugged. 


Then, without responding to Su Liu'er's insults, he faced Ye Zichen and asked, "Bro, why are you in such a hurry to get to the back mountain?"


"Didn't I just say that the Zombie Progenitors at the other clans retreated for no apparent reason?" frowned Ye Zichen.  As he rushed forward, he continued seriously, “Unless I'm mistaken, they should have all gone to the Heavenly Nine-tailed Fox clan's back mountain. Lady Nuwa's current situation is very dangerous--we have to hurry up and help her.”


"No way!" said Fatty Yin, eyes wide. He caught up to Ye Zichen in a flash, and said anxiously, "Bro, you can't joke about that sort of thing. If they really all went to the Heavenly Nine-tailed Fox Clan's back mountain, we shouldn't be going there to help, we should be running away as fast as we can!”


"Why run? Didn't you say that the complete Denglong had his soul split into three parts by Nuwa?  Even if all three parts reunited, they couldn't possibly be as strong as the former, complete Denglong. Lady Nuwa can still take care of things. We'll just be supporting her from the sidelines, right? asked Su Zhu in confusion. 




Who could've imagined that Fatty Yin's stress would make him explode like that? His face reddened as he said, “I’m afraid that before I might’ve been exaggerating Lady Nuwa’s prowess. Back then she dealt with Denglong, but that was because she and Fuxi worked together to ambush him. It was an ambush! Do you understand? Also, who said that the current Denglong wouldn't be as strong as he was before? Do you understand the history of the Zombie Progenitors or not?"


Everyone shook their heads. 


Perhaps a few of them actually knew a little bit, but no one was in the mood to explain that.     


"Denglong's soul was split into thirds, which then separately possessed Houqing, Hanba, and Yinggou. Why, then, are there four zombie progenitors? The fourth, Jiangchen, merged with a branch from the Divine Tree and occupied Denglong's physical body. Let me tell you, forget Nuwa, even if Fuxi showed up too, the two of them combined would struggle to take on the four of them.




Su Zhu and Su Yan covered their mouths and gasped, and even the Empress Su Liu'er's expression revealed her shock. 


But Fatty Yin didn't have time to worry about their facial expressions; all he wanted right now was to confirm if Ye Zichen was telling the truth or not. 


"Bro, you said all of them showed up. Are you sure?"


"Mm-hm," Ye Zichen replied calmly.


Just then, a sentence appeared in his mind. 


"The Four Great Zombie Progenitors have already assembled at the Heavenly Nine-tailed Fox Clan's back mountain. Nuwa is in trouble! Hurry up and help her!"


The one who sent the transmission, he was certain, was the Lady Providence. 


Lady Providence couldn't possibly joke about this sort of thing, so there was only one possibility: all four Zombie Progenitors had truly arrived at the Nine-tailed Fox Clan's back mountain. 



Suddenly Ye Xichen felt someone tugging at his arm. He turned and saw that Fatty Yin had firmly grasped his arm was staring at him wide-eyed.


"Since it's true, we really shouldn't go. Do you want to die? Hurry and run away! With just us, you really want to go fight that ferocious beast? Think it over, bro! Think it over!"


"Let go!" bellowed Ye Zichen.

"Let go? Why would I let you go if you're just going to run off and die?" Fatty Yin held fast. "Hurry, let's all run away. This is no time to play hero."


"I said, let go of me!"


His spiritual energy exploded outward, shaking off Fatty Yin's hand. At the same time, Ye Zichen frowned and said, "If you want to run, run by yourself. Lady Nuwa is fighting with the Zombie Progenitors as we speak. Am I supposed to just abandon her?"


"She's a deity! She has avatars.This could just be one of her many incarnations. If it dies, it dies!" Fatty Yin tried bitterly to convince him. "But you, you only have one life. Think about this carefully!


"No one can change my decision."


Having said this, Ye Zichen ignored Fatty Yin and dashed toward the mountain. 


Yin Fatty angrily grit his teeth and cast his gaze inquiringly toward the others. 


"Where Ye Zichen goes, I go," said Su Yan. 


"This is my territory. I can't possibly abandon my clansmen and flee by myself. Even if I die, I'll  at least do it on our sacred mountain. I, Su Liu'er, am not a coward who fears death!"


Her tone was forceful and her expression shone with fierce determination.


She fixed her gaze on the mountain range, the place she'd lived and grown for tens of thousands of years. 


To protect her clansman, she had ceaselessly worked to improve her strength, and had over and over again fought off those who'd threatened the Nine-tailed Fox clansmen.




This title was not given to her by others, but was rather something she'd earned for herself one punch and kick at a time. At the sound of Su Liu'er's name, the whole three realms trembled. 


No matter what, she had never retreated before. 


She hadn't retreated before, and wouldn't retreat now or in the future. 


Her clansmen depended on her, and she absolutely couldn't let them down. 


With her strength, fighting the four zombie progenitors was perhaps comparable to an egg flinging itself against a rock, but even if she died, she wouldn't regret it. 


She determinedly chased after Ye Zichen, and Yuan Hong followed hot on her heels. 


"Liu'er, wait for me!"


"Lil' Zhu, you...please believe me, it's not that I'm afraid to die, but you can't become a hero on a whim! We need to be rational. That Denglong's strength is no joke. Even if there were a hundred of your sister they couldn't beat him. Please, let's hurry and run away. Once we've found a safe place, I'll go and bring reinforcements from the God Realm," said Fatty Yin anxiously. 


"I...I know you mean well, and I know you're telling the truth, and I don't believe that you're afraid to die, bit....," Su Zhu's eyes carried a hint of apology, "but I can't just abandon my sister. How about this? You go off to the God Realm for reinforcements. If you make in time, that's great. If not, well.... Let's not talk about that depressing stuff. I'm going!" 


She waved Fatty Yin goodbye and raced to catch up with the others. 


"How could all of none of you have brains?" Fatty Yin watched them as they departed, and anxiously stamped his feet and shook his fists. 


"Dammit, then I'll give it my all as well. Lil' Zhu, wait for me!"

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