Chapter 780 - Strange Things

Chapter 780 – Strange Things

The only female amongst the zombie progenitors was the Yellow Emperor’s daughter – Hanba.

Legends say that Hanba was once a great goddess and when Chiyou attacked the Yellow Emperor, the Yellow Emperor ordered Yinglong to attack Jizhou.

Meanwhile, Chiyou brought over Count of the Wind and Lord of the Rain in response. Thus, Yellow Emperor ordered Hanba to help them. Hanba was successful in stopping the storm and helped Yellow Emperor win the war.

Yet, both Hanba and Yinglong lost their divinity due to this, so they were unable to return.

Yinglong remained in the south, filling it with rain and water, eventually leading to the birth of the dragons in the Endless Beast Realm.

Meanwhile, Hanba remained in the north. Due to that, drought became common in the north and no matter where she went, people would chase her away and call her the Ba of Droughts.

All in all, there were too many mysteries surrounding Hanba’s existence. It is recorded in the Record of the Grand Historian that some say Hanba was not the same person as the Yellow Emperor’s daughter, but all of that had happened too long ago that no one could find out the truth.

Even Ye Zichen, who was the Yellow Emperor’s existence, is unsure about it all.

Back then, he only knew about his daughter losing his divinity. He is not sure whether the Hanba of Droughts is the same person.

He could only remember that after he defeated Chiyou, he met Hanba and sealed her within a pendant in order to end the catastrophe in the human realm. After that, he handed the pendant over to one of his generals who was highly proficient in the art of seals.

“Don’t think too much into it,” Fatty Yin walked over. Truth be told, he doesn’t know Ye Zichen all that well.

They had met in the Modern Realm, where he had possessed a son from a rich family to meet this young man.

It could be said that their relationship was mostly planned.

However, he knows the white-robed man rather well.

Ye Zichen and the white-robed man may seem to be connected, but it was not necessarily so. They had completely different personalities.

The white-robed man was more of a calm and collected person, while Ye Zichen was a lot more rash.

Yet, the two of them had one undeniable point in common – they valued their relationships!

Fatty Yin could clearly see the hesitation in Ye Zichen’s eyes. In his opinion, even if it was kind of irresponsible, Ye Zichen is merely the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation, it had already been nine lives, it doesn’t matter even if Hanba was truly the Yellow Emperor’s daughter.

However, Ye Zichen could not ignore this.

“I’m someone who thinks too much?” Ye Zichen snorted and brushed Fatty Yin’s hand off his shoulder. “I’m just wondering why the zombie progenitors gathered together to attack the Endless Beast Region when they were originally wandering in different places.”

“It’s pretty clear that there is a mastermind behind all this,” Su Liu’er said darkly. “When I was fighting Houqing, I heard him mention about a boss and that the boss had promised him something.”

“Alright, now it’s getting interesting. The four zombie progenitors are formed from Denglong, a savage beast of the primordial times. Even the rulers of the God Realm at the time had offered them positions. However, the zombies refused all of them. Just who is able to make these savage creatures submit to them?” Fatty Yin commented.

“Fatty Yin, do you want to die?” Su Liu’er frowned. You’re asking me? I want to know as well!

How was she supposed to know who the mastermind was? But for the Fatty to ask her such a thing with that despicable look, Su Liu’er felt that Fatty Yin was just asking for a beating.

“Sis, he didn’t do it on purpose,” Su Zhu quickly got between them.

Fatty Yin shrugged bitterly.

When the three of them turned back to where Ye Zichen was, they saw that he focused on his phone again.

“Seriously, can you stop looking at your stupid crap at a time like this and help us think of a plan?” Su Liu’er was speechless.

“Shh,” Ye Zichen indicated for them to be quiet and continued to concentrate on the messages.

God of Thunder: How is the situation with everyone?

Mother of Lightning: I was just going to talk about it earlier. It’s seriously strange. The zombie progenitors leading the attack on the White Tiger clan could have quickly finished us off, but it just suddenly retreated.

Barefoot Immortal: Amitabha, it is the blessing of the Buddha!

Canopy Marshal: Nobody here is from the Buddhist Realm, so stop kissing the Buddha’s ass. Honestly, have you seen any buddhas coming to help?

Monkey King: Idiot, you actually dare to talk here? My Mount Huaguo got attacked, where the heck where you?

Canopy Marshal: Big Bro, it’s not my fault. The North Pole Emperor ordered me to help the Vermillion Bird clan. Oh, speaking of which, they really have tons of beauties.

Seriously, what’s with the North Pole Emperor? I really have to teach him a lesson. He sent Heavenly Soldiers to all the other spiritual beat clans related to the Heavenly Court, but where are the Heavenly Soldiers over here with the Nine-Tail Foxes?

Ye Zichen retorted silently.

Immortality Peach Fairy (Admin): Great Deities, welcome back. Since all of you have time to chat here, then has everything been settled? How is True Lord Erlang?

God of Thunder: Yang Jian was lucky. A master came to stabilize his condition. Then, Hua Tuo and the Old Lord gave him a pill to get rid of the poison. HE should be fine.

Barefoot Immortal: Bless the Buddha!

Monkey King: Admins, can you kicked this idiot out of the group? What does this even have to do with the Buddha? Hey, idiot, you said that you’re with the Vermillion Birds? How is the situation over here?

Canopy Marshal: It was relaly strange, the progenitor over here ran away as well. But he was lucky, otherwise, I’ll definitely claw his brains out.

Profound Lady of the Nine Heavens: I can’t hold it in anymore. I wonder who it was that was hiding behind me the entire time and urged me to summon the Queen Mother?

Mother of Lightning: Ahaha.

God of Thunder: Old Pig, damn!

Monkey King: I, Old Sun, doesn’t have a junior brother like you.

Canopy Marshal: …

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King: Guys, it’s not time for us to chitchat. Don’t you all wonder why the progenitors retreated at the same time?

God of Thunder: Old Li, you stole my line!

Mother of Lightning: Uhm…

The messages finally stopped popping up in the group. Ye Zichen also locked his eyebrows tightly together.

“What happened?”

“I was reading the Heavenly Court’s chat just now,” Ye Zichen frowned. “A zombie progenitor had appeared at Mount Huaguo, the White Tigers’ place and the Vermillion Birds’ place. But those progenitors had suddenly retreated together?”

“The others won?” Su Liu’er raised her eyebrows. “Why did they become so powerful?”

“No!” YE Zichen frowned. “That’s not it. Those progenitors all ran away at a crucial moment!”

“Speaking about that… I seem to recall that it was the same at Mount Huaguo,” Yuan Hong interrupted. “Big Bro was going to lose, but the progenitor retreated as if it got an order.”


At that very instant, a soft call sounded out in Ye Zichen’s mind, causing his expression to drastically darken.

“To the back mountain!”

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