Chapter 78 Ideas for the Convenience Store

Chapter 78 – Ideas for the Convenience Store

If it was before, Ye Zichen definitely wouldn’t dare to speak up publicly in the group, but things were different now.

He already had a celestial title, celestial plate and even a manor, what was he afraid of?

Ye Zichen’s appearance instantly caused the group to explode. The name “Only Idealism” could be said to be a legend in the group.

Taibai Jinxing had @’d him personally, and Erlang Shen had a flame war with him.

Canopy Marshal: Great deity appeared.

Immortality Peach Fairy: Idol <insert a bunch of emojis with heart-shaped eyes>

God of Thunder: Doesn’t great deity like to lurk?

Mother of Lightning: Wow, what’s going on? Even great deity popped up.

Everyone in the group instantly turned their attention towards Ye Zichen. As Ye Zichen looked at the chat log that kept on scrolling down, he really felt a bit speechless.

Ye Zichen: Cough, cough, pay attention to the main point. This sovereign has come to ask for red packets.

God of Thunder: Yeah, dragon kings, send red packets.

Mother of Lightning: Send red packets, red packets.

Barefoot Immortal: I also want to get in on this.

Dragon King of the East Sea: This great deity is…

This was the first time the Dragon King of the East Sea had seen Ye Zichen after being in the Heavenly Court for so long.

No one in the group replied. To be honest, they didn’t know what Ye Zichen’s true identity was either.

Ye Zichen directly sent out his celestial title, celestial plate and residence without thinking.

The celestial title and plate didn’t really matter. What was important was the location of the residence.

137 Willow Stone Alley, Thirty-Seventh Heaven.


The group instantly exploded.

For them who lived in the Heavenly Court, most of them resided below the Eighteen Heaven. Anyone staying between the Eighteenth and Thirty-Sixth Heaven was already a great deity.

Thirty-Seventh Deity, that meant that he stayed on the same floor with Taibai Jinxing.

Immortality Peach Fairy: Greetings to the celestial sovereign.

God of Thunder: Greetings to the celestial sovereign.

Mother of Lightning: Greetings to the celestial sovereign.

The Dragon King of the Far East was shocked, he didn’t think that he had such much honor to be @’d by such a high-level deity.

He couldn’t help but secretly screenshot it. This was something he could definitely brag about to other back home.

Ye Zichen: Cough, cough, stop. This sovereign just came to ask for red packets.

Canopy Marshal: @Dragon King of the East Sea, @Dragon King of the West Sea, @Dragon King of the North Sea, @Dragon King of the South Sea, the great deity told you guys to send red packets.

Dragon King of the East Sea: Going to send it now.

Originally, he didn’t want to send it, but there was no helping it. A great deity had @ him, he couldn’t be petty.

He clenched his teeth and stomped.



Ye Zichen’s phone shook.


He was too slow, and the red packets had all been snatched.

F*ck, are these deities all animals.

Ye Zichen looked at the number of red packets sent. There were 50, and yet they were all gone in an instant.

Dragon King of the East Sea: I’ve sent it.

Dragon King of the West Sea: My turn.

The moment Ye Zichen saw the Dragon King of the West Sea’s message, he stared intently at the screen. He got distracted just now, he must get it this time.



You received the Dragon King of the West Sea’s red packet.

Fragment of Soul Pearl Yiyuan x1

Before most people were able to react, the Dragon King of the South Sea also sent a red packet.

Ye Zichen clicked down.

Double kill!

You received the Dragon King of the South Sea’s red packet.

Fragment of Soul Pearl Yiyuan x1


The Dragon King of the North Sea’s red packet also appeared.

Triple kill!

You received the Dragon King of the North Sea’s red packet.

Fragment of Soul Pearl Yiyuan x1

Ye Zichen was a bit shocked after snatching all the red packets.

All three packets were a Fragment of Soul Pearl Yiyuan.

What was the use of this Soul Pearl Yiyuan?

Canopy Marshal: Great deity is so lucky @Only Idealism.

God of Thunder: My god, great deity got three fragments.

Immortality Peach Fairy: Why did I get a Blood Coral. This isn’t fair!

From the looks of the group, this Fragment of Soul Pearl Yiyuan was something good.

Ye Zichen opened his WeChat Treasure Chest.

There were three fragments of Soul Pearl Yiyuan in the chest.

Fragment of Soul Pearl Yiyuan: A personal ancient magical item used by the Yellow Emperor during his battle with Chiyou. There are six fragments in total.

Current fragment number: 3.

Ancient magical item, but f*ck. Even if it was a fragment of an ancient magical item, it was completely useless for him.

At the same time, everyone in the group said Ye Zichen was lucky, and that it was as expected of a celestial sovereign, and that he had luck equaling the heavens.

However, the stingy God of Thunder suddenly sent a message.

God of Thunder: It seems like great deity Nameless didn’t send a red packet when he entered the group.

Mother of Lightning: That seems to be the case.

Canopy Marshal: @Only Idealism, great deity, you shouldn’t break the rules.

Seeing that, the Dragon Kings of the Four Seas immediately spoke up as well. They had just given so much up just now, they needed to get something back.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but become speechless as they looked at the scrolling chat log.

They were starting to screw with him.

All of a sudden, Ye Zichen’s eyes brightened.

This seemed to be a good thing for him.

He had wanted to advertise his convenience store in the Heavenly Court, isn’t this giving him a chance!

Ye Zichen: One moment.

Ye Zichen shouted towards Liu Jing after sending that.

“Liu Jing, go and steal a few boxes of soft drinks for me.”


“Ah what? Go and steal a few boxes, it’s not convenient for me to do so right now.”


Not long later, Liu Jing appeared in front of him carrying a bunch of drinks.






Rows of messages stating that someone receiving your red packet instantly appeared on Ye Zichen’s screen. The speed nearly caused his phone to freeze.

Canopy Marshal: Sprite, what’s this?

Immortality Peach Fairy: @Only Idealism, great deity what is Shuangwaiwai?

God of Thunder: What is Pepsi Coke?

Ye Zichen: These are items that this sovereign has found in this secret realm. They are treasures, enjoy them.

The moment he said that, Erlang Shen, the Monkey King, Yue Lao and Old Lord Taishang popped up.

Erlang Shen: @Only Idealism, bro, why didn’t you tell me that you’re sending red packets?

Monkey King: @Only Idealism, why didn’t you @ Old Sun?

Yue Lao: I seem to have missed it.

Old Lord Taishang: I came a step too late, it’s all gone.

When the people in the group saw that the four people who appeared actually all knew Ye Zichen, the group exploded once again. After all, these four people were great deities in the Heavenly Court.

All of a sudden, Ye Zichen’s position in their hearts increased once again.



Ye Zichen’s WeChat rang a few times. Ye Zichen took a look and saw Taibai Jinxing had sent him messages.

Taibai Jinxing: Who allowed you to send these trash into the group?

Taibai Jinxing: Who gave you the right to do so. I saw that Yue Lao and Old Lord Taishang got cigarettes a while ago, you sent it, right?

Oh wow.

This geezer Taibai actually knew these stuffs.

When Ye Zichen thought more into it, he realized that it really wasn’t anything since Taibai Jinxing already knew his identity.

Ye Zichen didn’t care. He directly replied without retorting.

Ye Zichen: Ah!

Taibai Jinxing: You’re ah’ing with me? Did you know…


Before Taibai Jinxing finished, Ye Zichen directly sent a red packet over.

Ye Zichen: Don’t say this kid is immature, this is soft packaging Zhonghua, it costs 650 cultivation experience. I’ll just give it to you.

Ye Zichen ignored him after sending him that, there was no need to bullshit so much.

Right now, Taibai Jinxing was showing off his authority in front of Ye Zichen. Just give him (Ye Zichen) a bit of time.

It wasn’t certain who would be in charge of the Heavenly Court in the future!

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