Chapter 778 The Woman With the White Pendant

Chapter 778 – The Woman With the White Pendant

At the Water Curtain Cave on Mount Huaguo

Sun Wukong stood in front of the cave with his weapon in hand. He had a menacing look on his face as he observed the woman in a long robe and wearing a white pendant.

Around them, countless monkey underlings were fighting with another group of monkeys. All of those monkey underlings were created from the Great Sage’s fur.


The Victorious Fighting Buddha breathed heavily. Even when on his journey to the west alongside Xuanzang, he had always dealt with any yao easily. He was never once so tired.

He observed the woman in front of him vigilantly. He, who could tell how strong she was, did not dare to attack recklessly.

“Yang Jian the War God and the Victorious Fighting Buddha. I guess both of your capabilities are just exaggerations.” The lady under the robe sneered. She stretched calmly, then tapped forwards.

A small glow appeared at the end of her finger tip. The Great Sage could tell that she was going to unleash a powerful attack.

He quickly mustered the spiritual energy in their surroundings and used his Fiery Eyes to Truth to watch his foe. But at that very moment…

“Hmm?” The lady raised her eyebrows, then cursed at the sky. “Crap, there’s trouble.”

With that, she retracted her hand and snorted at the Great Sage. “I have no time to play with you anymore. Go and check up on your friend Yang Jian. If you go now, then you might be able to see him one last time.”

Then, her body seemed to blur with the space around her.

The Great Sage reacted quickly and slammed his Ruyi Jingu Bang forward. “Monster, take this! Don’t think that you can leave!”


The staff smashed onto a large boulder in front of the cave, shattering it into smithereens. But the woman was nowhere to be seen.

“She escaped…” The Great Sage’s eyes shone with a murderous light. Then, he thought of Yang Jian, who was injured not long ago.

Within the Water Curtain Cave, Yang Jian laid on top of a bed of pure ice. He sweated heavily with a painful expression.

The Third Princess was also taking care of him, while the God of Thunder paced around the cave.

“How is Yang Jian? Why aren’t Hua Tuo and the geezer here yet?” The Great Sage walked in.

“I guess his situation stabilized,” God of Thunder replied.

“Stabilized?” The Great Sage frowned.

“A hooded person just came into the cave and checked up on Yang Jian. Then, the person gave him a pill and left.”

“What!?” The Great Sage grabbed God of Thunder by his collar. “Do you even know who that person is? Did you not even attempt to stop that person feeding Yang Jian a pill? What if he wanted to do Yang Jian harm? Do you know the consequences!?”

“Great Sage, don’t get angry. The one who came earlier bore us no ill intent. After he fed Yang Jian the pill, Yang Jian’s situation did improve,” Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li stopped the two from arguing.



The Great Sage pushed God of Thunder to the ground, then ran nervously to Yang Jian’s side. As he watched Yang Jian continue to sweat…

I should be the one on the bed right now…

“Don’t you dare die. I, Old Sun, never owe anybody favors. You better survive so I can repay the favor!”

The Great Sage clenched his fists.

The surrounding people turned silent in the suppressing atmosphere.

“Great Sage,” At that moment, Pagoda-Bearing Heavily King Li called out softly.

The Great Sage turned around with a frown, “What is it?”

“The zombie…”

“She ran.”

“As expected of the Victorious Fighting Buddha.”

“Heh…” The Great Sage shook his head with a snort. “You’re overthinking. She didn’t run because she was scared of me. She mostly likely received a signal to retreat with their own unique ways. If we really fight, then I only have a small chance of victory.”

“Even the Great Sage…”

The warriors of Mount Huaguo and the Heavenly Court’s deities were all stunned.

Sun Wukong, the Great Sage, is already one of the strongest existences in the Heavenly Court. Just how strong was someone even he could not fight…

“Don’t worry, I couldn’t match her this time because I was caught off-guard. The next time I meet her, I’ll definitely teach her a lesson!”

“Big Bro, the Old Lord and Hua Tuo are here,” Yuan Hong hurried into the cave, with Old Lord Taishang and Hua Tuo behind him.

“Hurry up. Check up on Yang Jian,” the Great Sage quickly welcomed then.

Then, Yuan Hong whispered to Sun Wukong, “Big Bro, we’ve pretty much cleared away all the zombies on Mount Huaguo. I’m worried about Liu’er…”

“Go, go, go. Don’t spend on your time with your girl though. The safety of the Endless Beast Region is of utmost importance. If they’re in a decent situation, then go and help the other clans. Got it?”

“Yes. I’ll be off.”

With his big brother’s agreement, Yuan Hong shot off.

The Great Sage shook his head with a sigh, then walked over to Yang Jian’s side. “How is he?”

“He’s better off than we thought. Did someone treat him before us?” Hua Tuo caressed his beard after checking Yang Jian’s pulse. “The corpse poison in him is very powerful, but it did not spread. He’ll recover once he takes the Old Lord’s specially made pill.”

Only then did the Great Sage stop worrying. Meanwhile, the Third Princess also wiped away her tears in excitement.

She was truly worried that her husband would leave her like this.

Meanwhile, the Great Sage and the other deities walked out of the cave, and left Hua Tuo and Old Lord Taishang to treat Yang Jian.

Surprisingly, the Great Sage was looking into the distance while holding a cigarette he got from Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li in his mouth.

“There’s something I’m confused about,” said God of Thunder.

The rest of the deities looked at him.

“If they kept attacking, they should definitely be able to win. Am I right?”

All the deities, including the proud Great Sage, nodded.

“Then why did she turn tail midway? Did they do the same at the other spiritual beast clans?” God of Thunder frowned.

Unbeknownst to him, it really was as God of Thunder said.

The leaders of the forces attacking the White Tiger and Vermillion Bird clans all left at the peak of the moment. That’s why they were able to catch a breath and recuperate.

As the deities thought long and hard about everything. God of Thunder made an insane suggestion.

“Could she have retreated to focus on one clan? If that’s the case, then we can’t stay idle here!”

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