Chapter 777 Moment of Emergency

Chapter 777 – Moment of Emergency

After Su Yan and Xia Keke found out about what happened in the Beast Region from Lu Lu, they immediately hurried back to their clans.

When Su Yan returned, she found everything to be just as Lu Lu said. The situation was dire and endless war cries resonate in her ears.

More importantly, the ones attacking were not some other clan.

It was those of their own.

Su Yan was not well-versed in combat. Even though she stayed in the Nine-Tail Fox Clan and always bathed in their sacred pool, she had no idea how to utilize her spiritual energy to fight.

She wanted to go back into the city to ask her elder sisters about everything, but now, she had to figure out how to get in.

“Third Young Lady,” at that moment, a white three-tailed fox in wooden armor hurried over. She carefully shielded himself in front of Su Yan. “What are you wandering around for? Don’t you know how dangerous it is?”

“Third Uncle,” Su Yan called out. “What’s going on. Why are we fighting amongst ourselves?”

“They’re not our kin anymore,” said the white three-tailed fox.


“It’ll take a while to explain. It’s too dangerous here, I won’t be able to take care of you. I’ll take you to where Second Young Lady is.”

“Okay… Third Uncle, behind you!”

As Su Yan nodded, she noticed a fanged fox yao leap towards the white fox.

The white three-tailed fox turned around but was still bitten on the arm.

“You bastard!” The white three-tailed fox glared at his attacker and slammed the fox yao on the ground before slicing down its head.

Blood flowed down his white fur, and only became ever so eye-catching amongst it all.

“Third Uncle, let me treat you to your wounds,” Su Yan ran over with a green glow in her hands.

The white three-tailed fox shook his head and picked up his saber. “I’m fine, we need to get you to where Second Young Lady is.”

With that, the fox called out towards their surroundings. “The third mistress of our clan is here. Cover me as I escort her to where the second mistress is.”

The fox yaos in the surrounding ran over and fought back the fox yao zombies as Su Yan and the white fox retreated.

At a pavilion inside the city of the fox yaos.

That was where the three Su sisters lived. The pavilion was heavily guarded by the elites amongst elites in the nine-tail fox yao clan.

Su Zhu, the strategist of the sisters, was sitting in the pavilion’s hall. Her eyebrows were locked tightly together. Everything had happened too suddenly, and she needed time to understand everything to think of a way to deal with it.

“Second Sis,” Su Yan ran towards her sister.

She was completely terrified along the way over. Although she is the third mistress of the fox yaos, she had only been alive for twenty-something years and twenty of those years were spent in the peaceful society of the Modern Realm.

After arriving at the Endless Beast Region, she had been treated like a little princess by Su Zhu and Su Liu’er. Even when the demons attacked, the fox yaos did not suffer much damage.

It was her first time witnessing such a gory scene.

Su Zhu looked up and frowned, “Lil’ sis, why are you back here? Shouldn’t you be in Maple City right now?”

“Lu Lu went to find Zichen at Maple City. Keke and I found out about what happened from her, so we hurried over.”

“You’re being ridiculous!” Su Zhu stood up and slammed the table. “Since you know what’s going on, why did you return? Wouldn’t it be better if you waited in Maple City for me and Big Sis? Why don’t I see Ye Zichen? Is he not worried about you getting in danger?”

Su Zhu looked around for Ye Zichen.

“Zichen went into closed cultivation two months ago, so he wasn’t at Maple City. Second Sis, don’t get mad, I’m just worried about you and Big Sis… Sorry…” Su Yan dipped her head timidly. She didn’t think it through back then, nor did she expect the situation over here to be so chaotic.

But then again, she would have come back even if she did know!

She could not allow herself to happily stay in Maple City under such circumstances.

“Never mind,” Su Zhu sighed and ruffled Su Yan’s hair. “So the Ice Empress went to find Ye Zichen? Is she unable to control the situation with the Deer Clan?”

“Lu Lu’s tribe was… completely wiped out,” Su Yan could still remember the hopeless look on Lu Lu’s face.

Su Zhu turned silent.

After a while, she sighed soften, “So they were wiped out…”

“Sis, what’s going on? I just saw our guards and kin fighting themselves. Also, why don’t I see Big Sis, where is she?” Su Yan asked.

“Do you know anything about the zombie progenitors?” Su Zhu responded with a question.

“Zombie progenitors?” Su Yan frowned, then thought of the information she read online when she saw some daoist movie. “Houqi, Hanba, Jiangchen, and Yinggou?”

“Mhmm,” Su Zhu nodded. “The attack on us is led by Houqi. Big Sister Liu’er already went to deal with him. As for our kin that’s fighting amongst ourselves, those should be the blood zombies. They spread extremely quickly and can affect someone just by biting them. When taking the leader of them into consideration. It isn’t looking good for us.”

So what was shown in movies was real!? Su Yan was stunned. Then, she remembered their Third Uncle who brought her over.

“Ol’ Three, what… Ahhh!”

The guards outside the pavilion suddenly called out. Soon after, the door to the pavilion was kicked open.

The white three-tailed fox who brought Su Yan over slowly walked towards Su Yan and Su Zhu with his mouth wide open and saliva dripping out.

“What…” Su Zhu was dumbfounded. “Third…”

“Third Uncle was bitten when bringing me back here.”

“What!?” Su Zhu was shocked. She had no time to think anymore, she could only grab Su Yan’s arm. “Run!”


The windows also shattered.

They had initially thought that the guards would protect them, but the guards outside had already been turned into blood zombies.

When they caught the scent of Su Yan and Su Zhu, they immediately burst through the windows.

“Damn it!” Su Zhu bit her lips. The blood zombies had blocked off all their paths. They had nowhere to go!

“It really is as Big Sis said, he’s always trying to get my attention normally, but is completely unreliable in emergency situations.”

The blood zombies slowly hobbled towards the sisters. Neither of them was well versed in combat…

“Who said I’m unreliable? I’m so sad that you said that!”

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