Chapter 776 - Sky Repairing Stone

Chapter 776 – Sky Repairing Stone


Dear niece!?

Lady Nuwa was utterly speechless. He really is daring.

He called me niece!


With that, Ye Zichen dragged Su Liu’er and sprinted off. Truth be told, he had no idea why he said such a thing just now. Did I momentarily turn into a dumbass?

As Su Liu’er was dragged along, she couldn’t help but comment. “You are so daring. Were you not worried about Lady Nuwa punishing you?”

Ugh, I said it already. If I say that I am seriously worried, then it would be way too shameful.

Thus, Ye Zichen put on an uncaring look and shrugged. “What’s there to be worried about? If we go by the books, then she is of the same generation as my niece. What’s more, you saw it just now, she didn’t dare to retort when I called her that. Our world has over a hundred thousand years of history, but even if she is Lady Nuwa, she has to act courteously and respect her uncle.”

Su Liu’er shook her head and changed the topic when she saw Ye Zichen’s smug look. Otherwise, she really felt that he would continue bragging about it.

This is so strange. The Yellow Emperor was nothing like what he is now.

It really is like the white-robed sir said. I can’t treat him as the Yellow Emperor!

“Stop messing around here. Are you sure that Lady Nuwa will be able to match that zombie?”

The smile on Ye Zichen’s face disappeared. He thought about it for a moment, then answered, “We have no other choice. The fox yaos and other clans in the Beast Region are all under attack by zombies. You already tried to fight Houqing, do you really think that you’ll be of any help even if you stay behind?”

“I was just caught off-guard,” Su Liu’er argued.

Ye Zichen understood how head-strong Su Liu’er was. What’s more, as the empress of the fox yaos, she could not tolerate defeat.

Thus, he merely smiled with a nod instead of retorting. “You were caught off guard just now, but we are not of the same level as Lady Nuwa. Since she’s here, then we’ll leave it to her. It’ll be for the best if she wins, if she doesn’t, it’s not like we’ll be able to help her over there. We should try to help other places to deal with this situation first.”

Hearing that, Su Liu’er naturally understood it as a cue for them to stop thinking about it.

She could only nod in agreement, “You are right.”

“We can only pray that Lady Nuwa is able of dealing with the beast. Otherwise, not only the Beast Region, but the rest of the Three Realms will also be devastated.”

At the fox yaos’ back mountains.

Lady Nuwa looked away from where Ye Zichen left. If it wasn’t because of Houqing, she felt like she would have gone over to punch the Ye Zichen.


Is he sure he studied history properly? There’s more than a single generation between us!

But even so, the difference in our generation doesn’t matter when it comes to our age. Thinking about it, I am Fuxi’s wife, who is also one of the Three Sovereigns. Then doesn’t that make us equal?


All of a sudden, she remembered how she had called Shaohao her younger brother when they found out the truth behind their birth.

Does he really think that I’m his niece because I called Shaohao my younger brother?

No, don’t get mad.

Don’t get mad!

Lady Nuwa repeatedly muttered the phrase silently. The ways of addressing doesn’t matter so much at our level.

It doesn’t matter even if the Yellow Emperor took advantage of me verbally.

The most important thing right now is to deal with Denglong. Since she was formed from the same being as Denglong, she understood fully well just how powerful Denglong is.

Nuwa’s expression became stern as she frowned at Denglong.

“You brought disaster to the human realm in the past, that’s why elder brother and I split your soul into three parts. The only reason we did not disperse your soul is because we were formed from pieces of the high father. I had thought that you will know your realize your mistakes after so long. I cannot believe that you are so foolish!”

“What a joke!” Denglong sneered weakly. “Disaster? That was just randomly pushed onto me. I was journeying through this land back then, all I did was mess around when the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou fought. But even so, did I take a side?”

“But you still slaughtered countless innocent civilians.”

“So what? I am a divine beast that formed from the high father. Those insects were merely things that you molded from clay. So what if I snacked on a few? If it’s really so bad, then mold a few more! You were merely wary of how I inherited the high father’s divinity and scared of me doing you harm. That’s why you pushed those crimes onto me!”

The flames of rage burned brightly inside of him.

She’s the bitch who torn my soul into three pieces and separated them for eternity!

If she had not done so, he would have collected the fragments of his soul and went up into the heavens to slaughter them all for revenge.

Meanwhile, Nuwa sighed. It’s hopeless!

Fuxi and her could have worked together to kill Denglong before, but it was due to their origins that they merely separated its soul so that it would mellow down.

However, the beast’s personality did not mellow at all…

Instead, it only became more ferocious!

“Enough. Since you have no intention of righting your wrongs, then you leave me no choice but to disperse your soul.”

With that, a rainbow boulder appeared in the sky. The glow seemed to light up the Endless Beast Region and even the Three Realms.

“The Sky Repairing Stone!”

Denglong was shocked. This boulder could not only repair the sky, it was also the item that held Denglong’s soul after it was separated into three pieces.

The Sky Repairing Stone trembled, then slowly descended.

It glowed brighter.

The rainbow light seemed to gather around Denglong, causing him immense pain whenever it shone on him. He could only roll on the ground and shriek in pain as more black smoke rose from his body.

“Nuwa!” Denglong kneed on the ground with bloodshot eyes and glared at Nuwa. “Damn bitch, you’ll pay for this!”

“Denglong, do you know your wrongs.”

“Wrongs? Crimes? There is no such thing!” Although Denglong was in immense pain, he continued to stare at the woman in front of him. “You sure are smart as to pick on my weakest host. But let me tell you, it’ll be impossible for you to kill me!”

With that, his eyes glowed with crimson light as he let out an ear-shattering howl.

“Crap!” Nuwa instantly put more power into the Sky Repairing Stone, but that was not enough to defend against Denglong’s roar.

Denglong continued to roar for five minutes as if he was letting out all his pain and anger.

But only Nuwa understood that was not the case!

“Damn bitch, you’re trying to kill me? What a joke!”

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