Chapter 775 - Nuwa Descends

Chapter 775 – Nuwa Descends

“I’m sure you can’t forget all the achievements I have done in your name?” Houqing raised his eyebrows, then licked his lips. “I’m not happy with my body right now. What’s more, I’m sharing this body with someone else. How about… you give me your body?”

“My body?” Ye Zichen remained calm.

“Yes, yours,” Houqing laughed in affirmation. “I did a lot for you to live till now. Since you want to compensate me, then give me that body, so I can continue living while being worshipped by all. How about that?”

Previously, Houqing only had one thing in mind for Ye Zichen.


He gave everything for that man, but that man left his body scattered in the wilds. He could not accept that.

His soul had wandered around meaninglessly near his corpse, and when he saw the wolves devour the last of his flesh, his grudge also reached his peak.

It was then that the last sliver of his soul met the one in control of his body now.


Denglong was passing by at the time. Although it was only a third of its soul, it was still extremely powerful as one of the four primordial deities equal to Nuwa.

Denglong had a grudge against Nuwa just like how Houqing had one against the Yellow Emperor.

Houqing chose to give up his entire soul to Denglong for revenge. At the same time, Denglong revived itself using the remnants of Houqing’s scattered corpse and became Houqing, one of the four zombie progenitors.

Their goal was to take revenge on two people.

The Yellow Emperor and Nuwa.

That was Houqing’s goal five minutes ago as well. It was only after communicating with Denglong that he changed his mind.

“Is this your idea or that beast’s?” Ye Zichen asked.

“That’s none of your business, just tell me whether you’re going to give it to me or not,” With that, Houqing’s tone changed. “Zeze, are you going to refuse? Houqing died for you back then. You really are way too cold-blooded if you refuse.”

“It really is you.”

Ye Zichen immediately identified the one speaking as the beast that has taken over Houqing’s body.

“That kid is blinded by hate and just wants you dead. That is way too foolish. I had no other choice but to suppress him,” Houqing laughed, revealing his pale white teeth. “I still remember how that bitch Nuwa treated me. But she is a goddess above the nine heavens right now, and I can’t reach her. But you are different. If I can use your body, then not only will I have taken revenge for Houqing, I may be able to exact my revenge as well. That would be spectacular!”

“Nice idea.”

“Of course,” Houqing smiled. “So? How about giving yourself over to me. After I devour your soul and take over your body, I will ensure that your name becomes known throughout the six realms.”


As Ye Zichen laughed coldly, blinding rainbow light illuminated the skies.

A divine beast of good fortune appeared in the clouds.

A dragon’s head, a deer’s antler’s, a lion’s eyes, a tiger’s back, a bear’s waist, a snake’s scale, a horse’s hooves, and an ox’s tail…

It was a qilin.

The divine beast of good fortune.


At the same time, a menacing look surfaced on Houqing’s face. He completely ignored Ye Zichen and leaped into the sky towards the Qilin.

“Ten thousand years… I have waited for you for over ten thousand years!”

Houqing roared with bloodshot eyes. However, a ray of rainbow light shot him down.

It was as if the light was his natural enemy, causing smoke to rise from his wound as he fell down from the sky.

“Denglong, it’s been so long. Do you still not know your wrongs?”

A soft voice called out. Soon after, the Qilin landed on the ground. Only then did Ye Zichen notice a veiled lady on its back.

The lady was dressed in a plain dress surrounded by a mesmerizing aura.

Nuwa got off the Qilin and patted its head. The Qilin nuzzled her hand lovingly, then laid down on the ground.

“Damn bitch, it’s been a long time. You seem to have gotten stronger,” Houqing covered his wound in agonizing pain.

Nuwa looked at him coldly, then reached her hand out towards Su Liu’er.

A ray of rainbow light landed on her, causing Su Liu’er’s deep wounds to quickly recover.

Within a few seconds, Su Liu’er had completely recovered.

“Big Sister Liu’er,” Ye Zichen ran to her side and helped her up.

“Who is she?” Su Liu’er asked quietly. She was amongst the strongest in the three wounds, but this new woman was able to heal her wounds with a wave of her hand. It was all beyond her understanding.


“Lady Nuwa?” Su Liu’er was shocked. “The same Lady Nuwa who existed when the earth and sky split?”

“That’s her.”

“I can’t believe that I’m meeting Lady Nuwa!” The shock did not disappear from Su Liu’er’s eyes. “Rumors said that Lady Nuwa was formed from the great god Pangu’s left brain. Someone of her existence…”

Su Liu’er was utterly speechless. She was indeed one of the strongest beings in the Three Realms.

But she still instinctively exclaimed when she saw Nuwa.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen twitched his mouth uncaringly. “It’s just Nuwa, nothing special. If we talk about status, then she has to call me uncle!”


“Big Sister Liu’er, did you forget who I am? I am the Yellow Emperor, Shaohao’s would be the same generation as my kid and Nuwa’s of the same generation, so wouldn’t she have to call me uncle?”

Su Liu’er turned and looked at Ye Zichen in surprise.

Oh yeah!

He is the Yellow Emperor.

Back then, big sis…

“Big Sister Liu’er, what happened? Please don’t tell me that my identity is so amazing that it made you speechless!” Ye Zichen teased.

Su Liu’er rolled her eyes.

“Whatever. Since Lady Nuwa is here, then us staying behind will only become burdens for her. The other places of my clan is still under attack, let’s hurry over.”

“No problem!”

At the same time, Lady Nuwa turned to them, “I don’t need you here. Go somewhere else!”

She had thought that Ye Zichen and Su Liu’er would just leave, but…

“Aight, then I’ll leave it to you, my dear niece!”

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