Chapter 774 - Compensation

Chapter 774 – Compensation

No one other than those alive during the Yellow Emperor’s time could understand the heartbreak in Ye Zichen’s words.

Take his life…

The one standing in front of Ye Zichen was someone who went through hell for the Yellow Emperor. He had made a shocking difference for the Yellow Emperor during the war with Chiyou.

He is a hero, a martyr…

But Ye Zichen now had to oppose him and declare that his life shall be taken away…

Houqing laughed. The sudden arrival of this newcomer did put a bit of pressure on him, but he did not think that this new person could take his life.

After all, who is Houqing?

He is one of the four zombie progenitors, someone who lives on eternally. He just said that he will take my life?

Houqing shook his head, then looked at the corpses on the ground coldly. Their deaths didn’t matter in the slightest.

“You just said that you will take my life?”

Houqing’s expression fully displayed his disdain towards Ye Zichen.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen merely looked at his former subordinate calmly as memories begun to surface in his mind…

However, he quickly pushed those memories away. He was not in a situation that allowed him to reminiscent of the past.

Even if he is Houqing, even if he is my proudest warrior when I was the Yellow Emperor… I still have to walk over his dead body!

“Indeed,” Ye Zichen affirmed and flicked his sword as if to show his coldness and resolution.

Xuan-Yuan Sword’s blade seemed to shimmer with a chilling light as the Ye Zichen poured spiritual energy into it.

Houqing raised his eyebrows, then shrugged. “I nearly forgot about the most important question. How did you know me as Houqing? Nobody of this generation should know my name.”

Ye Zichen trembled.

His blade-wielding arm stopped momentarily. After a brief moment of hesitation…

“I am the Yellow Emperor!”

“Yellow Emperor?”

Ye Zichen thought that Houqing would react drastically when he declared his identity. However, Houqing merely raised his eyebrows as if the name didn’t mean anything to him before repeating the name over and over again.

After a while, a mocking look surfaced on Houqing’s face. He clapped his hand with a nod. “Oh, it’s you. I really have to thank you. If it wasn’t because of you leaving his body in the wilderness, I wouldn’t have been able to find such a good vessel to remain in this realm!”

“You are not Houqing,” Ye Zichen glared.

“Of course not. I am merely someone who took over the pitiful fellow you abandoned. But I am a reasonable person. I got his approval when taking over this body,” Houqing smiled. “Did you know? Actually, he begged me to take over his body and in exchange, he asked me to complete his one wish – to kill you.”

With that, Houqing’s body shook.

Soon after, Houqing spoke once more, “That little fellow is really worked up when he heard that you’ve arrived. Shall I allow the two of you to meet?”


A dim light flashed across Houqing’s face. A few seconds later, his closed eyes opened.

A pair of bloodshot and grudging eyes entered into Ye Zichen’s sight.

“Yellow Emperor.”

“It’s me. Long time no see.”

Ye Zichen could be certain from the grudging look that the real Houqing was controlling his body.

He also knew exactly what Houqing had a grudge about…

“Long time no see?” Houqing locked his eyebrows, then snorted. “Indeed, long time no see. You’ve lived well all these years. You have been worshipped by everyone and… Oh, you’ve broken through to the Immortal King realm as well. That’s nice. As a general of your past, I am very happy for you.”

“Houqing, there is no need for you to say that. Your existence made a huge impact in the war against Chiyou. I have remembered everything,” Ye Zichen sighed.

“Then, Your Majesty, should I thank you for remembering me after so long? Should I prostrate in front of you like your servant?” Houqing’s eyes glimmered before his gaze turned menacing. “Yellow Emperor, stop being so pretentious. I did everything for you, I’ve fought countless battles for you, but what did you do to me in the end? You didn’t even bother to retrieve my corpse! Ridiculous, you’re blabbering on about this and that right now, but… Does that change anything? All I know is that the wolves cleaned up my corpse!”

With that, Houqing ripped his robe open.

Ye Zichen’s pupils constricted when he saw what was within.

“You see that? You see that? The wolves bit my flesh away until there was nothing left but bones. You may say good things now, but is that any use?”

“It was my mistake to not have retrieved your corpse back then. I don’t want to talk about what happened then anymore. You would just take everything I say as an excuse,” Ye Zichen took a deep breath. He understood that it was futile no matter what he said to Houqing when the latter was in such a mood.

What’s more, it was indeed his mistake.

“I can compensate you.”

“Compensate?” Houqing laughed in disdain. He pointed at Ye Zichen with his boney finger. “Didn’t you just say that you’re going to take my life? Now you’re saying that you’re going to compensate me? I don’t need your compensation, I only want your life. My soul will disperse if you die. Then I suppose we’ll be each other’s companions on our way to the afterlife, Your Majesty!”

Houqing’s expression was filled with madness.

Ye Zichen could only sigh.

e owes the man way too much.

At that very moment, Houqing suddenly stopped. It was as if he was frozen on the spot.

Seeing that, Su Liu’er quickly called out, “Ye Zichen, kill him now!”

Su Liu’er, who just fought him earlier, knew that even though Ye Zichen was an Immortal King, he could not guarantee victory against Houqing.

But a victory could be grasped within moments during a fight between masters.

Everything would be over as long as Ye Zichen manages to kill Houqing in one hit.

But Ye Zichen shook his head. If he was going to fight Houqing, it would be head-on.

Meanwhile, Houqing’s body shuddered. Then, he slapped Su Liu’er in anger, “Damn bitch, you tried to hurt me!?”

“Houqing, stop!”

Houqing snorted in response to Ye Zichen, “Good, you didn’t attack me just now… My impression of you improved ever so slightly. Didn’t you say you are going to compensate me just now?”


“Very well. I thought of how you can compensate me.”

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