Chapter 773 - The Emperor and The Servant

Chapter 773 – The Emperor and the Servant

Glistening white snow covered the fox clan’s back mountain, donning the evergreen grass in a white cloak.

Su Liu’er kneeled on one knee with a weakened look. Her shockingly beautiful face was already covered in blood…

The blood did not belong to Houqing.

As a zombie, he did not possess blood of the living.

It was Su Liu’er’s blood that covered her face, which only made her situation seem all the more pitiful.



Houqing’s foot sank into the snow with every step he took, leaving bloodred footprints one after another in the snow.

He seemed to enjoy the slow walk because he understood that Su Liu’er no longer had any chance to turn the tables.

He could play with her as much as he wanted and give his disgusting heart the utmost satisfaction.

“Kill me. But don’t get too full of yourself. Even if the Heavenly Nine-Tail Fox Clan is wiped out, someone will definitely avenge us in the future,” Su Liu’er pushed against the ground with her palm. Her pale blue eyes were filled with grudges and disdain as she watched Houqing stride over to her.

She was a proud one.

She was proud to the point that she would become arrogant. She was no coward, even if she understood that the person in front of her would soon end her life.

But, she could not accept one thing.

That the end of the Heavenly Nine-Tail Fox Clan would be during her reign.

“Hah…” Houqing arrived in front of Su Liu’er. He pushed her chin up to make her face him. “I like your gaze a lot.”

For some reason, Houqing felt rather excited when he saw Su Liu’er’s unyielding look.

The excitement warmed his body up. It was fortunate that blood did not flow through his body, otherwise, his face would be a sickening red.

“Kill me,” Su Liu’er roared.

“Don’t worry, I always keep my words. Since you do not want to be my mistress, then I will not defile you. That shall be my respect towards you,” Houqing smiled. Then, he raised his eyebrows as if he thought of something else. “But killing you by myself is too boring. Let’s try something a bit more fun.”

He snapped his fingers.

Ten-odd yao foxes dressed in the fox clan’s guard uniform appeared alongside quite a few other spiritual beasts.


All of them were at the Human Immortal level or above. All of them were guarding their own clans during their lifetime, but they were now dead. Or more correctly, they were still lingering on in the world as a zombie.

“Kill the woman in front of you. Right, don’t allow her to die too easily. I want her to enjoy my final love for her,” Houqing smirked and slowly backed away.

The yaos all kneeled on one knee. “Understood.”

“You guys think that you can do it?” Su Liu’er laughed in disdain. She had no chance of victory against Houqing right now, but that didn’t mean that these Sky Immortal insects were enough to dictate her fact.

Her nine tails shook, then gusts of chilling wind blew.


In the blink of an eye, her attackers were turned into statues of ice.

“I naturally did not think that they would threaten you at all, but… Are you able to make a move against your former subordinates?” Houqing smiled mockingly.

As if on cue, Su Liu’er grunted. A deep saber wound had appeared on her arm.

“Damnit!” Su Liu’er clenched her teeth and endured the pain. Just like Houqing had said…

She could not make a move against her former subordinates.

These Sky Immortal guards were not of any threat to her and she can freeze the other yaos without any hesitation. But… when faced with those who have guarded the Nine-Tail Fox clan for thousands or even ten thousand years…

She couldn’t do it.

However, those affected fox yaos clearly did not share her feelings.

Another blow landed on Su Liu’er. She continued to grit her teeth without making a sound.

She felt like she would be acting according to Houqing’s wishes if she screamed.

So she continued to endure the tremendous pain.

“Grant me a swift death,” Su Liu’er’s said weakly with a stark white expression.

“A swift death?” Houqing walked over with a smile. He yanked up her by her hair. “Beg me.”

Su Liu’er could not kill her past subordinates, she just couldn’t make the move even if she understood very clearly that these people are no longer the fox yao guards.


“I… beg…”

“Beg your ass!” An angry shout roared out in the sky.

A figure crashed on the ground and sent snow flying back into the air.

“Ye Zichen!” Su Liu’er exclaimed.

Ye Zichen dragged Xuan-Yuan Sword across the ground and left a long mark on the ground.

The mindless fox yao zombies instinctively rushed towards the intruder.


Ye Zichen’s flicked his sword.

All of the zombies were sliced into pieces.

Su Liu’er shut her eyes.

She could not bear to watch it!

“You’ve got aid?” Houqing raised his eyebrows, then tossed Su Liu’er to the ground. “He’s coming in strong. Are you the Jade Emperor?”

Then, he answered his own question. “No, the Jade Emperor ascended to the God Realm a few months ago. Then, are you the hidden Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens? Or perhaps the Flame Emperor of the Immortal Region? Tell me about yourself.”

Ye Zichen’s heart clenched as he laid eyes upon the familiar face.

He has never met Houqing in this life, but after inheriting all of the memories of the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnations, Houqing became someone he could never forget.

In fact….

Houqing was the Yellow Emperor’s deepest and darkest memory in that life.

In that life, they were an emperor and his servant.

Because he had left Houqing’s corpse in the wild after their defeat, the Yellow Emperor had always tried to find a way to repay Houqing, but to no avail.

But destiny caused them to meet in this life.

The irony was that Houqing was now attacking someone truly important to Ye Zichen.

What a joke…

“Name yourself. I never kill nameless fellows,” Houqing shouted.

Ye Zechen lifted his blade, took a deep breath and looked at the general he was once most proud of.

“Houqing, I have come to take your life.”

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