Chapter 772 - Houqing

Chapter 772 – Houqing

Snow fell as Su Liu’er’s nine tails spread out, turning the sacred land of the foxes to a snowy world.

Bone-chilling winds and her cold words only caused people to tremble.

Su Liu’er.

Although the ley line has reappeared, she has not yet stepped into the realm of Immortal Kings.

Despite that, Ye Zichen still instinctively used spiritual energy around him to defend against the cold.

She’s so strong at a level class to an Immortal King. Just how strong would she be when she becomes one?

“I didn’t expect to see a descendant of the Heavenly Nine-Tail Fox here. Nine-tails and ice… This is a rare bloodline even in the primordial times,” Lady Providence smiled reminiscently as she watched Su Liu’er look down upon her enemies.

“During the Great War of Gods and Demons, only the Heavenly Nine-Tail Foxes and the Dragons stood by the God Realm without any reservations.”

“The Dragons used everything they had to craft Xuan-Yuan Sword, a divine artifact that has still not been surpassed. The progenitor of the Heavenly Nine-Tail Foxes stood alone and defeated over a hundred demon Diviners and even killed three Rulers. But the progenitor did fall in the war and the Heavenly Nine-Tail Fox clan was nearly wiped out. All that’s left of them in the God Realm is only their honor with no descendants to inherit it.”

“It really is an honor to see the glorious form of a descendant of the Heavenly Nine-Tail Fox.”

“It is Houqing’s honor to fight one of the foxes with nine-tails.” A boney man stood in front of Su Liu’er. He wore a heavy layer of armor which made it seem like he was a true general of war while he was still alive.

“Houqing…” Ye Zichen was stunned as a memory surfaced in his mind.

A group of warriors bathed in blood and dressed in beast pelts sat on the ground within a valley filled with shattered stones.

They lost.

During this battle between the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou, the undefeated Yellow Emperor had lost.

All of the warriors had expressions of regret. They were unwilling to accept this defeat.

“Your Majesty, I request to fight,” a muscular man armed from head to toe asked sincerely. He kneeled down on one knee and took off his helmet.


“Your Majesty! I do not accept this defeat. None of our warriors accept this defeat. Your Majesty, please allow me to lead our warriors and fight. Only then will we have no regret, even if we die!”

“Your Majesty!” All of the warriors in the valley stood up and shouted.

Feeling their determination, the Yellow Emperor’s expression gaze turned sharp. He clenched his teeth and stood up. “Houqing, hear my command!”

“No….” Ye Zichen murmured as he continued to watch the scenario unfold.

However, history continued to play out in front of his eyes. “I order you to lead three thousand warriors and fend off Chiyou!”

“Understood!” Houqing donned his helmet without any hesitation.

The warriors in the valley did not hesitate either…

They marched out of the valley resolutely.

“Don’t… Don’t go…” Ye Zichen shouted, but the Houqing in his memories could not hear his words and continued to march against their enemies with all he has.

Time seemed to fly by.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye. The Yellow Emperor was still waiting for the news of Houqing’s victory within the valley.

He never considered the fact that Houqing might fail. Houqing was a warrior proficient in the art of war, he was the Yellow Emperor’s greatest general.


“Your Majesty.”

The deathly scream shattered the Yellow Emperor’s dreams. A soldier on the brink of death fell on the ground with wounds so deep that his bones could be seen.

“Your Majesty, run!”

“Come, treat his injuries!” The Yellow Emperor called out.

Soon after, several elders hurried over with medical cases.

Yet, the soldier stopped them from treating him. “Your Majesty, leave me. Run! Chiyou will be here soon.”

“But… What about Houqing?’

“The general… died,” the soldier replied bleakly. “Chiyou somehow managed to found several dozen strongmen. General Houqing was unable to match them and died…”

“What!?” The Yellow Emperor’s legs weakened. The surrounding people rushed over to support him.

Meanwhile, the soldier shouted his last words. “Your Majesty, run!”

“Your Majesty, Chiyou’s men are coming,” a scout came over.

The Yellow Emperor turned around with bloodshot eyes, “We’ll fight them!”

“Your Majesty, fighting Chiyou right now is too irrational. Please reconsider.”

“Your Majesty, please reconsider!”

All of the officials called out.

The Yellow Emperor held back his tears and slapped himself.

“Houqing did everything he could and fought for me in his life, but I am unable to even retrieve his corpse after his death. Chiyou, I, Xuan-Yuan, shall never be done with you!” The Yellow Emperor took a deep breath and turned to the remaining soldiers. “Retreat.”

The memory ended.

Ye Zichen now had tears flowing down from his eyes.

Lady Providence merely watched him with a smile. When she noticed that he had come back to his senses, she smiled. “What did you recall?”

“Nothing,” Ye Zichen shook his head and wiped away his tears. “What’s it looking like down there?”

“Although she possesses a primordial divine beast bloodline and is able to display all nine of her tails, she is not truly like the Heavenly Nine-Tail Clan of the past. She does not know the secret arts of that clan. She has nothing except her frost powers that have been utilized to the extreme. Although she is using her powerful spiritual technique to subdue the man in front of her, she will eventually lose.”

At basically the same instant, Su Liu’er suddenly fell back and coughed up mouthfuls of blood. Then, she looked hatefully at the thin man in front of her.

“Heavenly Nine-Tail Fox… Even Nuwa could do nothing against me, so what can you do?” Houqing snorted, then slowly walked towards Su Liu’er with a playful smile. “Rumors said that the Heavenly Nine-Tail Foxes are all beyond beautiful, and I can see the truth in those words today. I shall give you one chance. Become my consort. I can promise you that the Heavenly Nine-Tail Foxes will survive and thrive for ten thousand years. How about that?”

“You?” Su Liu’er laughed coldly.

“So you are unwilling to accept. Since you don’t want to, then I won’t force you. Although I like your face, you must die.”

“Damnit!” Ye Zichen wanted to rush down without any hesitation, but Lady Providence grabbed his arm.

“If you get involved with this, then the karma of doing so will only make it more difficult for you to ascend. Consider it carefully… There are some incidents with karma one should not involve themselves with.”

“Thank you for your goodwill,” Ye Zichen yanked his arm free. “But there are some incidents with karma that one must get involved with. This is one of those!”

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