Chapter 771 Nine-Tails

Chapter 771 – Nine-Tails

Nervousness swarmed the chat group as Hua Tuo immediately responded after getting notified of Yang Jian’s injuries.

Hua Tuo: I’ll immediately get over there after handling things at hand here.

God of Thunder: He has no time to waste.

Hua Tuo: God of Thunder, Great Deity Yang Jian may require healing, but the normal soldiers do too. As a doctor, I treat everybody equally.

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li (Admin): Hua Tuo, please don’t get angry, that wasn’t what God of Thunder meant.

Hua Tuo: Since Great Deity Yang Jian was severely injured, it must be due to strong corpse poison. It would be rather difficult for me to deal with it alone. @Old Lord Taishang, I would like to request you to come with me.

Old Lord Taishang: No problem, I’ll descend right now.

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes as he skimmed over the rolling messages.

At the start, he thought that something happened in the Heavenly Court, but now, it looks like they seemed to be battling somewhere else.

More importantly… They mentioned corpse poison…

Only Idealism: What are you guys talking about, can someone explain the situation to me?

However, the message got no replies. It was the exact opposite of how Ye Zichen’s messages would get millions of replies. There was no doubt about it that the Heavenly Court was now in a very stressful situation.

Even more so than during the demon invasion.


Ye Zichen’s phone rang. He quit the chat and saw that the North Pole Emperor sent him a message.

“Emperor Ye.”

“North Pole Emperor. I could tell from the chat that the Heavenly Court is in some trouble?” Ye Zichen replied.

“It isn’t the Heavenly Court that’s in trouble.”


“It’s the Endless beast Region. Around half a month ago, the spiritual beasts in the Endless Beast Region were assaulted seemingly by the jiangshi progenitor. I wanted to discuss about this with you, but I got no replies.”

“I have been in closed cultivation the past two months, but you just said… jiangshi progenitor?”


The North Pole Emperor had a troublesome look on his face as he sat within the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches. It hadn’t been long since he inherited the position from the Jade Emperor and he was already stressing out over this situation. He had gotten no rest the past two weeks and have been dealing with all the news from the frontline.

“The progenitor’s ability to turn others into one of them is too powerful. The Endless Beast Region has already suffered various unsalvageable damages. That’s why I had to send out the Heavenly Court’s army, but… it hadn’t been of much help. Many of our soldiers have been infected by corpse poison and some of them have even turned into the progenitor’s spawns.”

Ye Zichen’s heart clenched.

“How has the Four Sacred Beast Clans and Heavenly Nine-Tail Fox Clan been?”

Most of the people Ye Zichen knew well were from the Endless beast Region. He desperately wanted to know how their clan has been.

“It’s bad. The Deer Clan was wiped out and the Ice Empress has been heavily injured.”

Ye Zichen was completely shocked. He didn’t even notice his phone falling to the ground.

Lu Lu is heavily injured.

The Deer Clan has been wiped out…

He could still remember how Lu Lu appeared like a descending goddess in the Modern Realm and squash the half beastmen, which he was helpless again, dead.

After coming to the Immortal Region, he also understood just how fearsome the Ice Empress title was in the Three Realms.


“Is this yours?” Lady Providence suddenly appeared beside Ye Zichen with his phone in her hands. “Is this a transmitter you people use in the Lower Realms? I felt an invisible net that seemed to cover the Three Realms here. Your method of communication is truly spectacular.”

“Lady Providence,” Ye Zichen quickly bowed. “Are you going on a journey again?”

“When people reach my position, we tend to see through everything. Power and money are things that can be put aside. They don’t even compare to the enjoyment of going around to look at the scenery all around,” Lady Providence smiled gently, then returned Ye Zichen’s phone to him. “But I came out this time for you.”

“I wonder what about me made it worth your grace coming out to see me again?” Ye Zichen replied with a smile.

“I asked you two questions earlier, but you only asked me one. Owing things to other people is the one thing I detest, so I took the divined a little for you,” Lady Providence replied.

Normally speaking, Ye Zichen might patiently ask her what she found out.

But the Beast Region was now under assault, his friends and girlfriends were in grave danger.

Right now, he desperately wanted to get to the frontlines. Even if he could only offer very little, he wanted to face everything with them.

Although Ye Zichen hid that thought very well, Lady Providence could still see his anxiousness.

“I can tell that you’re anxious. Since I have nothing to do right now, I might as well go and take a look with you. What do you think about that?”

“Being able to accompany you if my honor.”

“Then let’s go.”

Lady Providence flicked her finger upwards. Ye Zichen felt the place around him change. In the blink of an eye, they were already in the air above the Endless Beast Region.

Such abilities…

Ye Zichen knew very clearly that it would take several hours for him to get to the Endless Beast Region at full speed.

However, Lady Providence merely needed to transport them here with a wave of her hands.

Just how adept is she at using space warping powers?

Although Ye Zichen was surprised, he was more concerned with the situation of the beast region.

He looked around and settled his gaze onto a towering tree.


This is where the Nine-Tail Fox clan is!

“You may have all forgotten, but I protect the Nine-Tail Fox Clan!”

A burst of prideful laughter sounded out.

Ye Zichen instantly identified the speaker as Su Liu’er, the clan head of the Nine-Tail Fox Clan, from her tone.

The air in the surrounding seemed to freeze and chilling winds slashed against people’s faces.

Su Liu’er wiped away the blood from her mouth with her finger. A silvery mark on her forehead shimmered and nine tails waded in the wind behind her.


She was showing all nine tails.

Her pale blue eyes glistened, then she stretched out her nine snow white tails like a peacock spreading its tails…

“You deserve death for attacking the Heavenly Nine-Tail Fox Clan!”

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