Chapter 770 Yang Jian Gets Injured

Chapter 770 – Yang Jian Gets Injured


A slither of gold light shot out of Ye Zichen’s arm. Xuan-Yuan Xiang appeared beside him and observed his expression in detail.

“Hah…” Xuan-Yuan Xiang giggled, then pointed at the spiritual beast corpses outside the cave. “These spiritual beasts were definitely above the Sky Immortal level. It seems like the ley line did not only strengthen the people of the Three Realms, it also strengthened spiritual beasts.”

“Seriously!?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes. “Do you remember what I said to you before I went into deep cultivation?”

Lady Providence completely shocked him. Even if she did not show any hostility towards him, his shirt was already drenched in cold sweat.

Now that he thought back, the incident still scared him.

If Lady Providence had any ill intention towards him, then it would have been like she said. He would have been long dead and in the Underworld already.

If she was even more merciless, then she could have even dispersed his soul, meaning that he wouldn’t even be able to reincarnate…

Then he would definitely be completely gone!

Xuan-Yuan Xiang smiled apologetically, but she didn’t feel like there was a real need to defend herself.

“Whatever, it was fortune that Lady Providence didn’t bear any ill will towards me, so I’m safe. But that doesn’t mean I would get so lucky in the future, so stay alert from now on,” Ye Zichen didn’t want to scold her, so he would only push this incident aside and remind her not to make the same mistake in the future.

Xuan-Yuan Xiang nodded her head repeatedly.

“Actually, I wanted to go and help you take care of those black bears when they tried to break through the seals. But Lady Providence showed up and killed them all. I felt like she was much stronger than the people of the Three Realms, so I decided to observe her in secret instead. In the end, I chose not to do anything before I was sure that she wasn’t going to try and do you harm. Otherwise, even if she was from the God Realm, I would definitely fight for your safety,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang replied seriously.”

Seeing that, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but smile wryly.

“Hey, you have to believe me!” Xuan-Yuan Xiang responded to Ye Zichen’s look of disbelief. “Have I not done everything I could do protect you when you got into danger during your first life? Did you forget all the times we have spent together…”

The truth was that Xuan-Yuan Xiang did need to improve her acting skills. Her tone didn’t sound sad at all, nor were there any real sobbing.

However, she was well immersed in her acting as she sobbed like roaring thunder.

After a while, Ye Zichen chuckled and patted her shoulders. “Fine, I’ll believe you. No matter who I distrust, I have to trust you, don’t I?”

“That’s more like it,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang smiled.

“But seriously, what Lady Providence said is really bothering me,” Ye Zichen frowned and thought back to the advice Lady Providence gave him.

Go directly to the Endless Beast Region instead of returning to Maple City.

“Lady Providence did mention the Endless Beast Region,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang naturally heard what Lady Providence said earlier as well. “Someone who has Lady in her title is definitely an impressive existence in the Upper Three Realms. I was honestly rather surprised for her to be here. But since she bore no ill will towards you, she definitely has her reasons to advise you to go to the Endless Beast Region, then”

“That’s fine, but my time is limited,” Ye Zichen did not expect his cultivation to take two months. The Struggle for the Three Realms was near, he needed time to prepare.

What’s more, Lady Providence only mentioned the Endless Beast Region.

The Endless Beast Region was over ten times the size of the Immortal Region, he had no idea where exactly he was supposed to go.

“I’ll see if anybody tried calling me first. I might be able to get some ideas there.”

Ye Zichen took out his phone and turned it on.

His phone connected to the network.

In less than thirty seconds, Ye Zichen’s phone vibrated repeatedly like a buzzer.

Notifications popped up one after another alongside messages people directed at him…

“You sure are busy,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang retorted.

However, Ye Zichen frowned.

He seems to have caught a glimpse of messages asking for help.

He quickly opened the app and saw rows of messages from various deities.

There were truly too many messages, so Ye Zichen decided to tag everyone in Red Packet Server.

Only Idealism: @everyone.

Ye Zichen never expected that to cause the group to explode. The continuous reel of messages only made his heart sank even more.

Immortality Peach Fairy (Admin): Big Brother, where did you go? We’ve been looking for you for a long time, but you never popped up and said anything.

Yue Lao: Sky Sovereign, you’re finally here.

God of Fortune: Greetings to the Sky Sovereign. I won’t speak too much, but our cash flow has been changing rather drastically recently. I’ll go and prepare a report.

Old Lord Taishang: @Only Idealism, hurry up and teach me your art of soul guidance. I’m in need of high-quality pills right now. Hurry! You are the Chancellor of the Grand Secretariat in the Heavenly Court, so don’t hide anything. I need to go and refine more pills. Message me in private when you make up your mind.

God of Thunder: @Old Lord Taishang, old man, hurry up and send me ten thousand vials of pills to cure poison. Hurry up!

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li (Admin): @God of Fortune, why haven’t I received the funding I asked you for a few days ago?

God of Fortune: Calm down, you’re not the only one who needs more resources.

Arbiter of Fates: I must inform you all of some bad news, Yang Jian…

Suddenly, new messages stopped popping up. Soon after, God of Thunder, Third Prince Nezha and Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li started pinging Hua Tuo and Old Lord Taishang alongside all the other war gods of the Heavenly Court.

Third Prince Nezha: @Hua Tuo @Old Lord Taishang

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li (Admin): @Hua Tuo @Old Lord Taishang

God of Thunder: @Hua Tuo @Old Lord Taishang

It was very clear just how desperate they were.

Hua Tuo: ?

It was also obvious from Hua Tuo’s reply that he was in a hurry as well.

God of Thunder: @Hua Tuo, Yang Jian is heavily injured. We request immediate aid!

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