Chapter 77 The Dragon Kings of the Four Seas enters the group

Chapter 77 – The Dragon Kings of the Four Seas enters the group

Ten-odd minutes later, Ye Zichen stood up from the floor of the room.

He looked at Fu Chengming, who was lying on the floor like a dead dog, and snorted with a cold smile, “If you want to do anything, then target me. If you dare to touch people around me, then I’ll take your shitty life.”

When he left the club, it was already nighttime. There were ten-odd missed calls shown on his phone, all of them were from Su Yiyun and his other roommates.

Ye Zichen had left too impulsively, they were all afraid of something happening to him.

After Zichen sent them a message telling them that he was done already, Ye Zichen sat down at a nearby restaurant.

“Hey, that guy doesn’t seem like a normal person. Could someone arrest you after you beat him up like that?”

Liu Qing revealed a worried expression as she floated in midair.

Ye Zichen smiled and twitched his mouth, “Arrest me? Your dad is going to bring people to arrest him later. Did you forget that your dad arrested all of those guys?”

“Oh, oh, that’s true,” Liu Qing nodded with a giggle. At the same time, Ye Zichen saw a white figure flash across his eyes.

“It really is you,” a slightly joyous voice sounded out.

Ye Zichen looked up and saw White Impermanence pop up from somewhere and had already sat down on the chair opposite him.

“What are you doing here?” Ye Zichen was shocked. Then, he looked beside her and said that she was holding a chain that was chaining a rather evil looking person.

 “I came out to work. I was thinking whether I could meet you when I was coming out. I didn’t think that I actually met you,” White Impermanence’s tone continued to sound slightly joyful.

Ye Zichen really couldn’t put up with this passion, especially since he thought of something Liu Qing had said a while ago…

This White Impermanence couldn’t have truly fallen for him, right!

Thinking that, Ye Zichen shuddered.

Was this supposed to be the plot of “Ghost”?

But then again, this White Impermanence was rather gentle.

Yet, very quickly, Ye Zichen saw a truly unforgettable scene.

The chained ghost seemed to want to run, and when White Impermanence, who was sitting on the chair, noticed it, she yanked with her right arm, then directly stepped on that ghost.

“You still want to run when it’s like this? Do you think I'm easy to mess with!?”

Ye Zichen looked at this scene in shock. White Impermanence acted like a female tyrannosaur and beat up that ghost.

White Impermanence only turned around once again after suppressing that evil spirit, and spoke with her gentle voice, “Oh yeah, what were we talking about?”

Ye Zichen chatted with White Impermanence for another half an hour before her phone rang.

“Ah, I’m going to be late. I have to go back.”

White Impermanence stood up and yanked the ghost in her hands.

Ye Zichen frowned, then thought of the mission Taibai Jinxing gave him…


“What is it?”

White Impermanence turned back and reacted with a hint of anticipation.

Ye Zichen licked his lips and made up his mind, “How do you guys in the Underworld contact each other? A WeChat group?”

“Yeah,” White Impermanence nodded. “What about it?”

Ye Zichen scratched his head, looked at White Impermanence and stopped himself from saying what he wanted to. After a long time, he still did not manage to speak out his desire to enter the group.

“No problem, hurry back. Didn’t the people from there call you?”

“Mhmm, we’ll WeChat each other when there’s time.”

White Impermanence yanked the chain, then disappeared from Ye Zichen’s sight alongside the dead-dog-like evil spirit.

“Wow, that White Impermanence is so ferocious.”

Liu Qing said on the side. When she thought about White Impermanence wanting to capture her, she couldn’t help but tremble.

“Indeed,” Ye Zichen shrugged without disagreeing. At the same time, he was rather regretful that he didn’t manage to say anything about entering the group.  

Then he thought about it, the two of them had just known each other for a very short time. Wanting to enter their group just like that would seem rather sudden.

It would be better if he just increased the intimacy level, and ask when their intimacy level was higher. That might be a better idea.

The next morning.

Ye Zichen, who was sleeping, felt his phone buzz. He opened his eyes and looked at his phone.

There were 99+ unread messages in the group chat, causing Ye Zichen to be stunned.

Red packets were sent?

Ye Zichen’s heart leaped, then clicked on the WeChat group and saw that a flame war was going on.

To his surprise, the main character actually wasn’t Erlang Shen. It was Nezha.

Ye Zichen scrolled up through the chat history, then finally understood.

Half an hour ago, Taibai Jinxing had invited the dragon kings of the four seas in, Nezha was coincidentally bragging about his dragon slaying achievements.

Since the dragon kings of the four seas saw this, and the fact that Nezha had a grudge with the dragon kings, they immediately started to argue.

Don’t just think that this little Nezha was moe, his words were definitely sharper than Erlang Shen’s by a hundred times.

He flamed the entire group of dragon kings…

And actually did not let his opponents get the upper hand.

It might have been because Nezha stressed the four dragon kings too much that the Dragon King of the East Sea directly went to Nezha’s father.

Dragon King of the East Sea: @Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li Jing, teach your son some manners.

Nezha: Old guy, I just showed you some colors. Do you think that I’ll be afraid of you because you called my dad?

Dragon King of the East Sea: Heh.

Then the flaming stopped.

Ye Zichen waited ten-odd minutes, but the Third Prince Nezha actually didn’t send any more messages.

Canopy Marshal: It seems like the third prince is most likely screwed.

God of Thunder: Dragon King of the East Sea, you are too petty. Our group has the rule that we never go to the parents when flaming happens. Look at Erlang Shen, when did we ever seek his parents out when he flamed?

Mother of Lightning: Yeah, yeah.

Immortality Peach Fairy: I’m not going to comment, but I don’t like going to parents.

All of a sudden, everyone in the group started to complain about the Dragon King of the East Sea. Not long later, Li Jing came out.

Pagoda-Bearing Li Jing: I already taught my disrespectful son a lesson, I hope the Dragon Kings of the Four Seas will not take offense, he is young and immature.

He really got beaten.

Ye Zichen clicked on Nezha’s moments and saw Nezha’s newest status was a text message.

“My dad beat me, I’m unhappy. I’m going dragon-slaying.”


This little moe deity seriously goes dragon-slaying whenever he’s angry.

Ye Zichen liked the message. Then not long later, Nezha actually added him as friend.


Nezha: Are you going dragon-slaying with me?

What’s this? Trying to get some comrades?

Ye Zichen: This little deity is in a secret location and cannot go with you.

Nezha: Then why did you like it? I thought you were going with me. <insert a row of unhappy emojis>.

Ye Zichen: 囧

Then, Nezha stopped replying. It seems like he really was going dragon slaying.

Ye Zichen opened the WeChat group and saw that the people in the group were still bandwagoning against the Dragon King of the East Sea.

What use was that?

Red packets are the true way!

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes speechlessly, then sent a message without thinking.

“New people entering the group needs to send red packets @Dragon King of the East Sea, @Dragon King of the North Sea, @Dragon King of the West Sea, @Dragon King of the South Sea!”

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