Chapter 767 The heavens have not abandoned me

Chapter 767 – The heavens have not abandoned me

In the Demon Realm.

After Gu Li took over the demons’ base, the homeless demons had to squeeze themselves in the narrow space provided by Su Yiyun using a formation. Even the bedroom of Black Dragon, the Demon Realm’s master, was only around a hundred squared meters.

An intense smell of alcohol swirled around the room. The person entering the room smelled a nauseating stench.

“It’s been six months. How long do you want to spend letting yourself waste away?” An old man wearing a blue robe questioned with a hoarse voice.

Black Dragon looked up with a liquor bottle in his hand. The sharp look in his eyes was gone, all that remained were bloodshot eyes and a look of failure.

Black Dragon forced himself to move. Another wave of stench sped towards the old man.

The old man frowned and made a gesture with his hand.

He used a spiritual technique to clear away the stench.

“Master Su, you’re here. Please take a seat,” Black Dragon pursed his lips with a smile. When he looked around the room and saw the revolting state it was in, he smiled wryly with a hint of embarrassment. “Sorry, it seems like there is no place for Master Su to sit. Please wait a moment, I’ll clean up the room immediately.”

With that, Black Dragon stood up and dragged his body around the room.

“Enough!” Su Yiyun grabbed Black Dragon’s wrist. Only to notice pieces of flaky skin that stuck to his hand. Black Dragon was a Demon King level monster, but for him to have such flaky skin on his body…

“Did you not even do the basics of circulating spiritual energy around your body in the past days?”

“What’s the point,” Black Dragon sat dejectedly on the ground and poured more liquor into his mouth. Some of it flowed down the side of his mouth and to his chest, wetting his moist shirt even more. “I attacked the Three Realms ferociously, but that attempt was faced with defeat. Then, Gu Li took over the Demon Realm. I thought we would have a chance to turn the tables when the messenger arrives, but it’s been six months… Six months! There has been no news about the messenger. He must have gotten into danger as well. Hah, I never could have imagined there to be such powerful people in the Three Realms. It’s impossible for me to fulfill my life’s wish with that white-robed man there.

With that, he took another gulp of liquor.

He already lost his ambitions and turned into a pile of flesh with no purpose other than to slowly spend its immortal life.

“Put the liquor down, I have something to discuss with you,” Su Yiyun said coldly and looked at Black Dragon.

Black Dragon squinted his eyes and took another sip of liquor with a chuckle. “Master Su, what do you want to tell me? Did I disappoint Master Su way too much? It’s fine, if Master Su wants to leave, then I will not stop you. You have already done us a great favor by providing this place for us to live in.”

“The white-robed man is dead.”

“What does that have to do with… Wait, what? You said the white-robed man is dead?”


Black Dragon’s flagon dropped on the ground and was smashed into smithereens. Black Dragon opened his eyes wide open and stood up. He grabbed Su Yiyun’s shoulders tightly, “Master Su, did you just say that… the white-robed man in the Three Realms is dead?”

“Move your hand,” Su Yiyun frowned.

“Yes, yes,” Black Dragon withdrew his hand with a coy smile and took a few steps backwards. Then, he looked nervously at Su Yiyun. “Master Su, is that white-robed man truly dead?”

“According to our spy in the Immortal Region, the subdimension the white-robed man left behind shattered. Unless it’s because of something else, the white-robed man definitely died,” Su Yiyun replied.

Black Dragon fell down on the floor and laughed maniacally.

“The subdimension shattered, so he’s definitely dead. Ahahaha… The heavens have not abandoned me!”

Black Dragon’s dejectedness had not only affected him, but also his soldiers, who have completely abandoned regular training and drowned themselves in alcohol.

The only ones who remained sober were the patrol guards, but they had decreased from ten large teams into one small one.

It could be said that the demons were already on the brink of extinction.

Yet, for Black Dragon to let out such laughter… All of the demons who heard it looked in the direction of his room.

“What happened to boss?”

“I saw Master Su enter just now. Did Master Su say something to help boss regain his determination?”

The demons were extremely surprised at the thought of that.

They are born and raised demons. They did not want to see the demons continue to waste away, but they could do nothing when their leader drowned himself in alcohol.

Now that they heard the laughter…

“The heavens have not abandoned me. It has not abandoned me…”

Black Dragon continued to laugh in his room as tears flowed from his eyes.

Su Yiyun looked at him indifferently, “Enough! You are the leader of the demons, just what do you think you’re doing!?

“The heavens have not abandoned me. Master Su, the heavens have not abandoned me!” Black Dragon leaped up and grabbed Su Yiyun’s shoulder in excitement. “Master Su, since that is the case, let us fight our way back. This time, the demons will bathe the Three Realms in blood.”

“Ridiculous!” An angered look appeared on Su Yiyun’s wrinkled face. “Do you really want the demons to die out? Attack the Three Realms now? You must know that the Three Realms is far different from before with their ley line. What’s more, what do you think your chances of success are if you do that? What’s more, do you know what your troops have been like recently? Have you considered how long they have gone by without even holding a sword?”

Su Yiyun’s angry words made Black Dragon finally calm down.

After a while, he asked with a frown, “Master Su, then…”

“Zhao Zizhao’s marriage is in three months. A lot of the important people in the Immortal Region will go. At the same time, the Master of the Three Realms will be chosen, so all of the strongest people will go there. That will be when the Three Realms’ defenses are at their weakest. We can invade the Three Realms then and get rid of those from the Immortal Region all together and even have a chance in the Struggle for the Three Realms… Su Yiyun looked at Black Dragon with a solemn look. You better train your soldiers before then. I don’t want them to go on the battlefield without even being able to grip a weapon.”

“We’ll do just that!” Black Dragon gritted his teeth and started to walk out of the room.

Right before he left, Su Yiyun stopped him, “Oh yeah, I have to remind you about one more thing…”


“When we invade the Immortal Region in three months, the Three Realms will not be our only foes. I’m sure you understand what I mean by that?”

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