Chapter 766 Three Things

Chapter 766 – Three Things

Night had fallen.

After returning from the Zuo Clan, Ye Zichen locked himself in his room for several hours.

He never once ate, never once drank.

A solemn atmosphere seemed to surround the door. The girls around him were worried sick, but none of them went to disturb him.

“Big Sister Yumei, is Big Brother Zichen going to be alright?” Xia Keke looked worriedly towards Ye Zichen’s room in a pavilion nearby.

Su Yan was also unsure of what to do as she stared at the door.

“He’ll be fine. Honestly, you two have spent a longer time with him than me. You should know what sort of person he is better than I do,” Xiao Yumei shook her head. “He is the master of the Immortal Region now and holds equally high positions in the other two realms. After experiencing so much, he shouldn’t be fretting over some small issues.”

“Those aren’t small issues. Ascending to the God Realm is of utmost importance.”

“I believe him,” Su Yan smiled. “Perhaps that god’s words were right, and it does seem that way from Zichen’s expression, but I don’t feel like he’s such a weak person.”

“Then why isn’t he coming out?” Xia Keke pouted.

“Maybe he’s just dealing with his emotions in the room,” Su Yan smiled, then turned to Xiao Yumei. “Big Sister Yumei, why don’t you go in the room and check up on him. Isn’t there something you have to tell Zichen about? Why not use this chance to see how he is? If he really is too depressed, then Big Sister Yumei can also help him with that.”

“Isn’t it better if you go?” Xiao Yumei teased.

Su Yan blushed, “I…”

“Have you two not done anything yet?”

“I’m a Heavenly Nine-Tail Fox, my elder sister told me that I can’t lose my chastity before ascending to the God Realm, or else it will make it difficult for me to ascend. It is guaranteed that he will ascend, in order to spend eternity with him there, I feel like it’s better for me to listen to my elder sister,” Su Yan replied softly with a blush. Then, she looked back at Xiao Yumei. “You are different. Out of us, only you and him…”

“Why don’t I go in?” Xia Keke stood up with a giggle. Then, she immediately sat down again after feeling the two strange gazes directed at her. “I’m just saying… I’ll go in and comfort him. Mm… Fine, Big Sister Yumei, you go.”

When she noticed the two gazes did not leave, Xia Keke clapped her hands, “I’m soo hungry! Is there anything to eat in the kitchen? I’ll go there now. Uhm… You two, take your time chatting. Yes, take your time…”

After she left, Su Yan continued to look in the direction where Xia Keke went in for a long time. Then, she turned back to Xiao Yumei, “Big Sister Yumei, I’ll be counting on you.”

“Mm,” Xiao Yumei watched Su Yan leave, then stood up from the stool with a giggle.

Then, she walked over to Ye Zichen’s room and knocked softly on his door.

Soon after, Ye Zichen’s reply sounded out from within, “Who is it?”

“It’s me,” Xiao Yumei said gently. When she got no response, she asked once more. “Can I come in?”

“Come on in.”


The door opened. No lamp was lit in the room, causing it to be just as dark as the outside.

The only light source was a faint orange light in the corner of the room where smoke rose from.

Xiao Yumei walked silently behind Ye Zichen. She looked at the cigarette bud on the ground, then sat down in front of him. “Troubled?”

“There’s nothing to be troubled about,” Ye Zichen stamped out the cigarette in his hand, then used his spiritual energy to disperse the smoke in the room. “I already noticed when I break through to the Immortal King level. I’m not that troubled now that I’ve confirmed what happened. Why did you come over? You’re worried?”

“Of course not,” Xiao Yumei smirked. “I’ve always believed that you will now be down because of this. So why would I worry?”


“After we returned from the Zuo Clan, an elder walked out. He is the old clan head of the Zuo Clan,” said Xiao Yumei.

“Mhmm, I know,” Ye Zichen nodded without any surprise.

“I noticed him when I went over. I’ve met this old clan head when I went to the Demon Realm. So he showed himself after we left. What happened to the Zuo Clan?”

“Zuo Mo inherited the clan head stamp, but Zuo Liang was set free.”

“Oh?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“I heard that Zuo Liang’s actual identity is the eldest son from the main branch of a merchant clan that was in competition with the Treasure Tower. A hundred years ago, something happened to that clan. Old Man Zuo handed got Zuo Hongde, who already had a daughter, to raise Zuo Liang. Now that Zuo Liang was released, rumors are running around saying that the Zuo Clan caused what happened in the past and Old Man Zuo let Zuo Liang go because of guilt.”

“The upper class is sure messed up,” Ye Zichen twitched chuckled. He wasn’t in too much of a mood for gossip.

He had only been in the Immortal Region for a short while. He had not experienced the glory of that merchant family.

He only knows that Zuo Clan and Zuo Mo. What’s more, winners takes all…

“The old man is too soft. Zuo Liang will definitely be trouble in the future.”

“Having mercy now may pay off in the future,” Xiao Yumei smiled. “Lin Ru already sent that god back to the God Realm. He left a message telling you to go over to the Sea of Innocence to see him when you get to the God Realm.”

“Alright,”Ye Zichen nodded. He didn’t pay much mind to that.

He still had no idea how long it would take for him to ascend. What’s more, due to Liu Qing, the first place he would go when he gets to the God Realm would be the Four Directional Palace.”

As for the Sea of Innocence…

That can wait till when he’s free.

“I owe Lin Ru another favor for sending the Wish God back.”

“Lin Ru also asked you to call for her less in the future. She is the Master of the Law in the Three Realms right now, not your lackey. It’s not good for you to call her over all the time… She is an important person now,” Xiao Yumei giggled.

Ye Zichen laughed, “Haha, then I’ll call her less. Anything else?”

“one more thing,” Xiao Yumei paused. “City Lord Lin Xihe of the Hundred Flowers City is getting married to General Zhao Zizhao. The wedding will be in three months, but… That’s the time where the Three Realms Conference will be…”

“Marriage?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. “For him to pick that time period. I guess he really can’t wait any longer.”

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