Chapter 765 Let him go

Chapter 765 – Let him go

As Ye Zichen finished his sentence, Zuo Hongxin and his father fell limply onto the ground.


Are we going to die?

“Big Brother, I was acting foolishly. Please let me go this one time. We are brothers!” Zuo Hongxin instinctively crawled over and grabbed Zuo Hongde’s leg.

A man like him, who was well past his prime, now sobbed and prostrated as he begged for mercy.

Ye Zichen may have only been giving a suggestion and the one who could decide their fate was Zuo Hongde. However, in this sort of situation, Ye Zichen’s words basically determined their fate already.

“I know my wrongs, I really know my wrongs!”

Zuo Hongxin’s weeping tears only called the surrounding guests to shake their heads.

Xia Keke snorted, “You know your wrongs now? You were pretty cocky when you were in cohorts with that bad guy. Tsk, you even said something like Zuo Mo was working in cohorts with outsiders to take what belongs to the Zuo Clan!”

Xia Keke had always detested criminals. She was already angry as she watched on the sidelines earlier. She had even wanted to help several times when Zuo Mo was at her most vulnerable, but the only reason she didn’t was because Xiao Yumei stopped her.

What goes around comes around, but now Zuo Hongxin was asking for mercy.

Xia Keke snorted at Zuo Hongxin, then turned to Zuo Liang, “Look at him, he’s so much stronger than you. At least he’s not crying his heart out for mercy, so I guess he’s a man.”

It was rather funny for Xia Keke to say something like that.

Sy Tan and Xiao Yumei both giggled.

Zuo Hongde sighed, “Ahhh, just why did you have to make this choice.”

The soft sigh essentially made his decision clear.

Zuo Hongxin’s eyes bulged out. He opened his mouth, but could not find the right words to say.

“Brother, please let Qingcheng off. I-I didn’t do my duties of a father well, that’s why she went down this wrong path.”

Everyone turned to Zuo Qingcheng. Her beautiful face was filled with shock and confusion.

She was not screaming or crying, but her dazed look only revealed how terrified she was.

It was always easy for a beautiful woman to gain pity. Despite all that she has done, everyone in the surroundings couldn’t help but look at her with pitiful eyes.

“Sure, we will abide by your wish. The mistakes of the child are due to the poor teachings of their father. You will carry Qingcheng’s crimes as well. But now that this has happened, it’s impossible for her to remain in the Zuo Clan.”

“As long as you let her live…”

Even a tiger doesn’t eat its spawn.

Despite how vicious Zuo Hongxin was, the first person he wanted to protect in this situation was his daughter.

Zuo Hongde shook his head with a sigh after seeing his brother’s expression, “Then I’ll send Qingcheng to the countryside, away from all trouble. I promise you that she will live a live of splendor and riches.”

Several guest chamberlains and attendants walked over and led Zuo Qingcheng away.

A peaceful look surfaced in Zuo Hongxin’s eyes. Then, he kowtowed against the ground, over and over again, until his forehead started to bleed.

Then, his expression as replaced by one of determination.

He bit down and through his tongue, putting an end to his own life.

Zuo Hongde felt a pain in his heart as he looked at the blood flowing out of Zuo Hongxin’s lifeless corpse.

Do I hate him?

We weren’t always like this…

“Zuo Hongxin has committed suicide to pay for his crimes of overthrowing the clan head. Come, take his body away and give him a proper burial!”

A few more guest chamberlains came over and brought Zuo Hongxin’s corpse away.

The guest shook their heads.

Who knows how long it would take, or whether it was even possible, for the Zuo Clan to recovery from all this.

But, what they cared more about was how Zuo Liang was going to be dealt with. He was the mastermind of everything that has happened.

“Zuo Liang…” Zuo Hongde paused when he turned to Zuo Liang. “Do you know your wrongs.”

“What did I do wrong?”

Nobody expected Zuo Liang to continue to say such cocky words, especially with the hint of disdain in his eyes.

“Outrageous!” A guest chamberlain punched Zuo Liang’s stomach.

Zuo Liang barfed.

After regaining his composure, a look of mockery returned to his face. He furiously at everyone in front of him. “You just want to kill me. Bring it, I’m not afraid of you. Zuo Hongde, don’t you dare to kill me? Won’t you feel guilty if you kill me? You better kill me now, so that the secret of how the Zuo Clan became the top clan will always remain a secret. Come, bring it, kill me. If you can live peacefully with that for the rest of your life, then kill me!”

“And Ye Zichen, I hate people like you. You think that you can do anything just because you have the power to. You are nothing without those Immortal Region people and the name of the Yellow Emperor protecting you. That’s fine, I know you just want to ascend so you can go back to your shitty Modern Realm. Well, too bad, you’re never going to be able to return. Kill me. Even if I turned into a wraith, I will curse you so that your one wish will never be fulfilled!”

“You dare to curse him!?” Xia Keke swung her fist towards Zuo Liang before anybody could react.

However, Ye Zichen silently walked beside her and held her back.

Xia Keke continued to curse angrily, “Big Brother Zichen, he was cursing you! Let Keke kill him!”

“Never mind,” Ye Zichen nodded peacefully, then bowed towards Zuo Hongde. “Clan Head Zuo, I won’t be interfering with your family business any longer. I will be taking my leave now.”

“Take care, Emperor Ye.

With that, Ye Zichen left.

A large group of people also followed suit.

“Zichen,” Zuo Mo wanted to give chase, but she could only bite her lips and remain since this was an important moment for her family.

Zuo Hongde’s eyebrows continued to be locked tightly together as he looked at Zuo Liang, unsure of what to do with him.

“Let him go.” At that moment, a soft ancient voice sounded out amongst the guests. The remaining guests turned around and looked over.

An elder in plain clothes walked forward.

Who is that old man?

Plenty of guests thought to themselves. Who does he think he is? He actually dares to ask for Zuo Liang’s release?

The people at the center of attention looked towards the old man…


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