Chapter 764 Grand Fortune

Chapter 764 – Grand Fortune

“Yes!” Zuo Liang clenched his fists in happiness as the light of hope re-ignited in his eyes after hearing the Wish God’s refusal.


Ye Zichen was completely shocked by the response.

Why is he refusing me?

I am several levels above Zuo Liang. I should be the one who will ascend first, especially when considering my relationship with the ley line.

“Sorry, I didn’t hear what you said just now. You said you refuse?” Ye Zichen replied his question in confusion.

“Yes,” the Wish God did not change his response. However, his tone did carry a hint of disappointment. “If your way of helping me return to the God Realm is to wait for you to ascend, then I’m sorry I can only refuse your good will. What’s more, according to my agreement with my host, Zuo Liang, he will be the only successor of the Zuo Clan’s clan head. Nobody will change that.”

The Wish God’s eyes turned colder.

A faint aura of a god was radiated from his body. All of the surrounding guests felt an irresistible urge to bow.

Even Ye Zichen, who was beyond close to the supreme level, felt the same.

It was something that he did not experience even when facing Qiu Hai…

“You are a true god!” Ye Zichen frowned. He learned a bit about the God Realm from the white-robed man.

Supremes are not gods.

Diviners are not true gods either.

These were merely titles that acknowledged their owners’ strengths, it did not mean that they are true gods!

A true god must pass the empyrean tribulation and be granted a title by the “high father”.

Some of these gods may not be as strong as Diviners or Rulers… But they were still given the greatest respect in the God Realm.

“My name is Wish, I underwent my empyrean tribulation three hundred thousand years ago and was granted my divinity of wishes and my godhood by the high father. I may not be as strong as the Diviners of the God Realm, but I am a true god.” The Wish God swept his gaze over Ye Zichen with an indifferent look. “You are amongst the strongest in this realm, but I must tell you that when comparing the time it would take for you and my host to ascend, you will ascend later than him.”

“What!?” Xiao Yumei and the girls were shocked. They turned their gazes towards Zuo Liang.

He will ascend faster than Ye Zichen!?

However, Ye Zichen understood. Or rather, it was something he noticed when he reached the Immortal King level.

It was going to be beyond difficult for him to ascend.

“You bear a fortune that equals the heavens, but your life is filled with setbacks. Your fortune is so great that it will be far more difficult for you to advance compared to anyone else. The reason you managed to break through to the Immortal King level is due to your nine past lives sharing your fortune equally.”

“Now that you have broken through, your fortune has returned to you. Those in the God Realm will not easily allow you to ascend when they sense your fortune.”

“In comparison, Zuo Liang has the life of an insect. It may be hard for him to ascend to the God Realm, but it will be a lot simpler with my aid.”

“What the heck, is it wrong to have good luck?” Xia Keke mumbled.

Su Yan gripped her hand and signaled her to not disturb Ye Zichen, while looking worriedly at the one she loves.

“Great god, then… what do I need to do to ascend?” After a while, to everybody’s surprise, Ye Zichen did not say any tough words, rather, he merely asked in a sincere manner.

The Wish God closed his eyes and made a few gestures with his fingers to divine the answer…

Suddenly, the Wish God spat out a mouthful of blood. He looked at Ye Zichen in shock and with a hint of fear.

The surrounding people were stunned. Meanwhile, Ye Zichen…

“Great god, did you not manage to divine the answer?”

“You…” The Wish God stared at Ye Zichen. He was at a lost for words. He could only shake his head and sigh. “Such great fortune. If you can ascend, then the situation of the God Realm will change. Perhaps, even the gods and liches will bow down to you. It really is a shame that I cannot divine the answer!”

“I see,” a hint of disappointment appeared in Ye Zichen’s eyes. He had nearly broken through to the supreme level when he was breaking through to the Immortal King level.

But he felt something forcefully suppress him.

Indeed, it suppressed him!

It didn’t just repulse him, it suppressed him!

He had found the situation rather strange and merely assumed that he just wasn’t at that strength level. Now that he heard what the Wish God said, it made sense to him. Someone must have been stopping his ascension in the God Realm.

“Wish God, why are you telling him so much? I am your host. Since he cannot help you ascend, then it’s time to help me!” Zuo Liang roared in anger.

Ye Zichen glanced at him, then shook his head. He was in no mood to mess with Zuo Liang anymore.

“Lin Ru,” Ye Zichen called out softly.

A girl in a sailor uniform appeared in amongst the crowd.

“She…” The Wish God was stunned as well. He was actually unable to discern the girl there!

“She is the Master of the Law of the Lower Three Realms. Wish God, I believe you know what that means. Awaken the Zuo Clan members, she’ll send you back after you do so,” Ye Zichen spoke calmly, which only revealed how depressed he was.

The Wish God’s eyes lit up. He stared at Lin Ru as if he wanted to devour her whole.

“What are you looking at? If you look at me any longer, then I’ll gouge your eyes out!” Lin Ru responded like how she usually would.

The Wish God instantly averted his gaze and said frantically, “Greetings, Your Highness.”

“You just called me Your Highness? I guess you really are a true god.”

“Yes, the high father granted me the name of Wish.”

“Alright, alright,” Lin Ru waved her hand uncaringly. “Just do as he just said. I’ll send you back to the God Realm afterwards.”

“Of course,” the Wish God snapped his fingers at the Zuo Clan elders and clan head without any hesitation. Zuo Liang could not even try and stop him.

The Zuo Clan’s elders and clan head stood up from their seats together.

Zuo Mo instantly leaped into her father’s arms.


“Lil’ Mo, what…” Zuo Hongde looked around him in shock. After a while, he turned back to Zuo Mo. “We were in the middle of the clan head handover just now?”

Zuo Mo was weeping, but she still told her father what just happened.

“How dare he!? Capture Zuo Hongxin and his cohorts!” Zuo Hongde roared.

Those who played a part in the ploy were instantly captured.

At the same time, Zuo Liang also lowered his head dejectedly…

“Emperor Ye, this was all thanks to you,” Zuo Hongde walked over with Zuo Mo.

Ye Zichen nodded in response.

Then, Zuo Hongde looked at the captured people with a frown, “Emperor Ye, what do you think should be done to these people?”

“You are the Zuo Clan’s clan head, it should be up to you to decide such matters. Asking me to make the decision is too much,” Ye Zichen shook his head indifferently as he turned to Zuo Liang and co. “But… I am willing to give you a suggestion.”


“Kill them all!”

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