Chapter 763 I refuse

Chapter 763 – I refuse

Zuo Liang’s expression drastically changed.

The guest chamberlain holding his arm could feel his body tremble.

The other guests looked around. Wish God? Are we going to meet a…


They were all very knowledgeable and were some of the more powerful people in the Immortal Region.

However, they have never seen a god.

Yet… Five minutes passed by. The guests did not see the Wish God Ye Zichen mentioned appear.

“Man, you really aren’t giving me any face,” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth.

He stretched lazily, then raised his eyebrows at Zuo Liang, “I guess you two made some sort of deal? Alright, stop telling him to hide. Just tell him to show himself. It’s a good chance for everyone to see just what exactly a god looks like.”

“I don’t understand what you are saying,” Zuo Liang mumbled. He didn’t do it on purpose, Xia Keke’s kick had hurt him so much that he still couldn’t utter anything clearly.

“Stop pretending,” Ye Zichen twitched, then called out towards the sky. “Show yourself! If you still want to return to the God Realm!”

“Are you speaking the truth?” An anxious reply sounded out from nowhere.

The surrounding guests were stunned, then, they carefully observed their surroundings.

Is there a god here?

The guests were not the only ones stunned. The moment the reply sounded out, Zuo Liang also trembled intensely.

“Didn’t I say that you can’t show yourself without my agreement?”

Zuo Liang’s words only confirmed Ye Zichen’s claim of there being a god present.

Meanwhile, Zuo Mo frowned. She seemed to recall hearing the name of “Wish God” before.

Then, her eyes lit up. “Is it that Wish God?”

“Mhmm,” Ye Zichen nodded.

“Don’t you have those stones with you?” asked Zuo Mo.

“You need to ask your amazing little brother,” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth meaningfully. “I did leave those divine stones at the Zuo manor for a while. Ahh, it really is my fault as well, I never bothered using them, so I didn’t notice they were secretly switched with fake ones.”

As Zuo Mo and Ye Zichen started to chitchat, the Wish God was about to go crazy.

“Hey, weren’t you talking about my needs earlier? You said that you can help me return to the God Realm. Are you telling the truth?”

Ye Zichen smirked when he heard the anxious question. “It doesn’t matter whether I’m telling the truth or not. Shouldn’t you take this opportunity? If you still want to return, then show yourself. We’ll have a nice chat.”

“Alright,” the Wish God agreed without any hesitation.

Meanwhile, Zuo Liang struggled furiously, only to get punched by the guest chamberlain holding him. “Stay still!”

The punch caused Zuo Liang to fall on one knee and puke on the ground.

Even so, he pushed himself up with his hands and looked towards the sky, “You can’t come out. We have a deal!”

“Then I’ll have to go back on it. Sorry,” the Wish God replied apologetically. Not long later, a man who dressed similarly to the djinn from Aladdin appeared and sat cross-legged in the sky.

“You finally came out,” Ye Zichen smiled.

The surrounding guests all looked at the man in shock.

Xia Keke couldn’t help but retort, “Isn’t he an Uyhurts?”

The Wish God nearly fell down from the sky.

Ye Zichen laughed, “Hey, he does look like one.”

“Haha, told you,” Xia Keke stuck out her tongue.

“Can we not talk about that? You just said that you can help me return to the God Realm, are you telling the truth?” The look of plea in his eyes made it clear that the Wish God was desperate to return.

He has been trapped in the Immortal Region for far too long. Returning to the God Realm was his greatest wish.

“Of course,” Ye Zichen smiled.

“He’s lying!” Zuo Liang yelled. “He just wanted to trick you out here and get you to wake the elders and clan head up. He’s just using you. He has no way of helping you return to the God Realm?”

“Hmm?” The Wish God frowned.

“Don’t forget about our deal. You help me gain everything belonging to the Zuo Clan and I will help you return to the God Realm. Our deal is still in effect if you refuse Ye Zichen. Otherwise, you broke your end of the deal, the karma will affect your future.”

“Is what he said true?” The Wish God asked.

Ye Zichen rubbed his chin and twitched his mouth. “I do want you to help wake up the Zuo Clan’s elders and clan head, but I do have a way for you to return to the God Realm. Let’s put that aside for now, tell me about your deal, how is he going to help you return?”

“He said he’ll bring me with him when he ascends.”

“That’s it?” Ye Zichen thought that there was be some elaborate plan to it, but the answer he got was beyond plain.

Bring him along when he ascends?

I guess that does work.


“Since that’s the case, then you don’t have to wait for Zuo Liang. Wake the elders and clan head up.”


“Are you dumb?” Ye Zichen really wanted to slap the Wish God when he saw the latter’s questioning look. “Didn’t he promise to bring you to the God Realm when he ascends?”


“Then that’s it. He’s just of the Human Immortal level. Have you considered how long it would take for him to ascend?”


“Then just break the deal.”

“Why?” The Wish God looked at Ye Zichen speechlessly.

Seeing that foolish expression…

“I am of the Immortal King level already, I’m only a step away from ascending. If somebody can bring you along when they ascend, then wouldn’t you return to the God Realm quicker if you choose to work with me?”


“Then what are you waiting for?”

“But I refuse!”

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