Chapter 761 Who dares to object!?

Chapter 761 – Who dares to object!?

The slap sent Zuo Liang tumbling backwards.

It took him around thirty seconds for him to get a hold of himself. He covered his swollen cheek and looked at Ye Zichen with a terrified look.

“Impossible!” Zuo Liang shook his head as he retreated, only to trip over and fall down. “You can’t possibly have entered!”

“If this barrier thing is your trump card, then I can only feel sorry for you,” Ye Zichen smiled as he watched Zuo Liang scramble back. “I don’t care if you see this as impossible or not. I’m standing in front of you right now, what do you have to say for yourself?”

“Impossible!” Zuo Liang shrieked and trembled as if he had a seizure.

Ye Zichen merely walked over. Every step Ye Zichen took caused Zuo Liang to frantically scramble back until his hand touched a person’s foot.

It was Zuo Hongde’s.

Only then did he realized the spot he was in. All of a sudden, a crazy idea popped up in his mind.

He leaped up and wrapped both his hands around Zuo Hongde’s throat without any hesitation.

“Zuo Liang, stop!” Zuo Mo ran over nervously, but…


The barrier was still there, it was stopping everyone else from going over.

Zuo Liang frowned. Since the barrier’s still up, then how did Ye Zichen get in?

No, that doesn’t matter anymore!

“I’m warning you, don’t even take a single step forward. Otherwise, this old man’s going to die before me,” Zuo Liang laughed sinisterly and tightened his grip.

Zuo Mo hammered down on the barrier, “Lil’ Liang, calm down!”

“It has come to this already. I’ll admit that my plan wasn’t perfect enough, but I don’t want to die,” Zuo Liang licked his lips and stared at Ye Zichen with a snort. “Don’t think about catching me off guard. I’m telling you, if I die, then Zuo Hongde will die with me.”

Ye Zichen shrugged without saying anything.

Zuo Mo continued to slap the barrier, “Zichen, let him go. I don’t want anything to happen to my father, let it all end here.”

Then, she turned to Zuo Liang, “I can agree to any of your demands as long as you let my father go. Nobody will hurt you.”

“Are you for real?” Zuo Liang frowned.


“I don’t believe you,” Zuo Liang said sullenly, then pointed at Ye Zichen. “I want him and the rest of you to swear to never kill me.”

“T-That’s a bit too much…” Zuo Mo hesitated. She can swear that without any hesitation, but when it comes to Ye Zichen and the guests…

She did not that think was a realistic demand.

“I guess you want this old man dead then,” Zuo Liang put more force into his grip, causing Zuo Hongde to choke.


While Zuo Mo was unsure of what to do, Ye Zichen smiled.

He looked at Zuo Liang indifferently and shook his head, “Do you think that your hostage is really important, so you can threaten all of us here?”

“What do you want?” Zuo Liang was still terrified of Ye Zichen. He continued to sweat heavily and gulped. Finally, he wrapped his arm around Zuo Hongde’s neck instead. “Don’t try anything. If I use just a little bit more strength, then I can snack his neck. Zuo Mo will definitely hate you forever.”

“Give it a shot,” Ye Zichen didn’t care. He continued to step forward. Every step he took only put more pressure on Zuo Liang.

“Don’t come any closer.”

“Why?” Ye Zichen chuckled.

“You forced me to do this!” Zuo Liang could not endure it anymore. He put more force into his arm.

Zuo Liang screamed.

All the other guests shot up from their seats.


Zuo Liang did not move.

His eyes moved around and it was obvious just how terrified he was.

“Didn’t you know? You lost any chance of turning the tables when I arrived,” Ye Zichen yanked Zuo Liang’s arm away from Zuo Hongde’s neck.

He dragged Zuo Liang out of the barrier and tossed him on the ground. Several guest chamberlains instantly pounced on Zuo Liang.

As for those who sided with Zuo Liang earlier…

They were already thinking of how to switch sides the moment Ye Zichen arrived.

“Honestly, if you begged for mercy when I arrived and told me that you were just acting on an impulsive whim, then I might let you off. But you caused so much trouble! The sacred land of the Immortal Region can’t get involved with you guys? Did you ask the patrollers to judge me? Little brother, let me tell you, rules are only for the normal people. They mean nothing when faced with absolute power!” Ye Zichen smirked. He put his hands on his pocket and bent down towards Zuo Liang, who was being pressed down on the ground. “I’m going to say it right now, I will get involved with your clan business. I declare right now that Zuo Mo is the next clan head of the Zuo Clan. Who dares to object to this? Stand up and tell me!”

Everyone remained silent.

Those close to Ye Zichen naturally would not put him on the spot, while those who weren’t…

They did not dare to stand forth!

They were faced with the sacred land of the Immortal Region’s Yellow Emperor. The patrollers did not dare to interfere, so how would they dare.

Ye Zichen nodded in satisfaction, then squatted on the ground.

“You see that? There you have it! You didn’t actually lose when I arrived. You already lost when you started planning all this. Got it? Zuo Mo has me, so that means she was definitely going to be the clan head, even if she succeeds the position in an unorthodox manner, even if I robbed it from someone else… Young man, did you know? The victors are the ones who write history. The losers are the ones who become history!”

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