Chapter 76 Harming the bystanders

The abandoned factory in the city east was…

Worn down, wasted…

Filled with weeds!

After Ye Zichen got out of the taxi, he stood in front of the old factory and dialed that unknown number.

“I’m here, where are you guys?”

“I didn’t expect you to be so quick. Come straight in, you’ll see us then.”


Ye Zichen pushed open the old metallic door, causing a sharp sound to pass into his ears and nose-piercing wetness to rush towards his face.

The light passed through the entrance and shone inside…

A long-haired man, wearing rivet pants, with a row of earholes on his right ear sat right in front of the entrance. He was smoking with his legs crossed. When he saw Ye Zichen, he threw the cigarette onto the ground.

“You came?”

“Where are my roommates?”

Ye Zichen frowned. The man clapped his hands and saw two men bringing Bai Yu and Kang Peng out from a dark corner.

The two of them were covered in blood and barely alive as their heads drooped.


“F*ck you…”


The moment Ye Zichen raised his fist, dark barrels had already been pointed at him.

“Don’t be so impulsive. Otherwise, you’ll be in danger.”

The man waved his hands towards his subordinates, causing the people to instantly put away their guns.

“Let my friends go, the person you’re looking for is me.”

Ye Zichen remained silent as he stared at the man with his eyes. However, he had been silently communicating with Liu Qing.

Hearing that, the man raised his eyebrows. He lit a cigarette for himself with a smile and exhaled a bit of smoke towards him.

“I can release your friends, but I have to see you dead before then. I have a habit of letting the dead speak their last words, you won’t be an exception.”

“I want to know who hired you to kill me.”

Ye Zichen looked straight at the man, but still paid attention to Liu Qing’s situation.

“I’m very sorry about this, but we can’t say it,” the man chuckled.


Ye Zichen crossed his hands in front of him and dipped his head as if he was submitting to the situation.

The moment the man let down his guard, Ye Zichen raised his fist and punched him, “F*ck you.”

His fist of rage punched the man directly into the sky, before he hit the floor. Seeing that, all of the criminals in the surroundings raised their guns and pulled the trigger towards Ye Zichen.


There were no gunshots.

“Those are no good now, right?”

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and looked at the criminals, then kicked them.

“Liu Qing, good job.”

Ye Zichen gave a thumbs up to Liu Qing, who was in midair, then easily dispatched the rest of the criminals before walking in front of the first man.

“Did you know that you really pissed me off?”


Ye Zichen stepped onto the man’s arm that was reached for his gun, snatched the gun over and pointed it at the man’s temples.

“Say it, who told you to do this?”

Ye Zichen essentially roared this out. It was fine to deal with him, but Bai Yu and Kang Peng were innocent.

They were only his roommates, but they had to suffer this sort of catastrophe!

“Say it!”

Ye Zichen hit the man on his stomach, then pointed the gun right at the man’s temples.”

“I’ll shoot you if you don’t say it.”


The man, who was completely suppressed by Ye Zichen, suddenly laughed. Broken teeth flowed out along with blood from his mouth as he said, “Brat, I have principles. I can’t reveal my employer. Just shoot.”

“Do you believe that I’ll really kill you?”

“I believe you, shoot.”

The man slowly closed his eyes as if he truly did not care about living anymore.

The hand Ye Zichen was holding the gun with begun to tremble.

How would he dare to pull the trigger?

All of a sudden, Ye Zichen had an idea. He casually chucked the gun onto the floor. The man also opened his eyes at the same time and smiled playfully, “What, you don’t dare?”

“Hehe… Letting you die so easily is too good for you.”

Ye ZIchen used his right index finger to press onto a point on the man’s waist.

“Enjoy this, then decide whether to tell me or not.”

Ye Zichen threw the man aside and ran in front of Bai Yu and Kang Peng.

It was unknown what sort of torture the two of them had been subjected to before he arrived, their faces were completely bloodied.

“Bai Yu, Kang Peng!”

Ye Zichen shook their shoulders intensely. After a long while, they slowly opened their eyes, “Ye-zi…”

“Swallow it.”

Ye Zichen got a Great Recovery Pill from his WeChat, broke it in half and stuffed it into their mouths. The moment the pill entered their mouths, color gradually returned to their pale faces.

Meanwhile, the man that had kidnapped Bai Yu and Kang Peng did not take Ye Zichen seriously at all. Even when Ye Zichen had the absolute advantage, even if he was so near death, he was never afraid.

Until Ye Zichen pressed down on his waist.

He felt like his entire body was emptied. It was as if a knife cut into his stomach repeatedly, causing piercing pain.

Not long later, he felt as if he slowly lost the feeling of his lower body. When he looked down, what he saw was a pool of blood.

“What did you do to me…” The man yelled out in fright.

Ye Zichen walked towards him with a light smile, “Did you think it through? Tell me, who exactly told you to do this!”

“I can’t…”

“Sure, then enjoy!” Ye Zichen shrugged and stood up.

However, the man suddenly spoke, “I’ll say it… Young Master Fu told us to do it. He said that It’s only the beginning, he will screw over everyone around you.”


Ye Zichen kicked the man and opened his eyes wide.

“Fu Chengming…”

Ye Zichen called Commissioner Liu in order to ask him to take care of the location, then sent Bai Yu and Keng Peng to the hospital.

Ye Zichen, who sat in a chair in the corridor outside the ward with his eyes completely red with rage.

Regardless of what ploys Fu Chengming used against Ye Zichen before, he could accept it. But this time, he had really touched Ye Zichen’s bottom line.

Ye Zichen picked up his phone and said sullenly into it, “Tell me Fu Chengming’s location.”

Within a certain high class business club.

“F*ck, they couldn’t even do something that simple.”

The moment Fu Chengming hung up, his entire face turned gloomy.

“Young Master Fu…”

“F*ck off, f*ck off… All f*cking f*ck off,” Fu Chengming, who sat on the sofa, suddenly went mad, smashing all of the drinks on the tea table onto the floor.

All the escorts in the room were freaked out, causing them to run frantically away from the room.

“All f*cking trash.”

When the escorts left, Fu Chengming cursed sullenly within the room. Yet, at that moment, the door to the room was kicked open.

Ye Zichen stood alone in front of the room. He looked at Fu Chengming coldly and smiled, “Young Master Fu, it took me so long to find you.”

The dark voice sounded like a howl of a beast from hell. The hot temperature in the room also turned beyond cold.

Fu Chengming stood up in fright. He acted cocky, using the people and money he had.

When he was alone facing Ye Zichen’s cold gaze…

“What do you want?”

“Hehe,” Ye Zichen suddenly snickered and slammed the door shut.

“What do you think?”

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