Chapter 759 Finally Here

Chapter 759 – Finally Here

Zuo Liang instantly stopped smiling.

Who is it?

He appeared behind me without me noticing and spoke to me with such a tone.

“People should always be grateful. The Zuo Clan has treated you well, why are you being so treacherous? Have you no conscience?”

The man behind Zuo Liang was dressed in a black robe with a large hood that covered his face. The surrounding guests tried to see who it was for themselves, but all they saw was a dark shadow under the hood.

Lil’ White frowned in annoyance. Are we going to end up taking the blame for what’s to come now?


He twitched his nose. He smells so familiar.

“Sir, who are you? We are at the Zuo Manor, I ask you to carefully consider what you are going to say next,” Zuo Liang threatened the person behind him without looking back. At the same time, he also gestured towards Zuo Hongxin.

“Are you threatening me?” The black-robed man chuckled.

Zuo Hongxin frowned, then called out to the other guest chamberlains, “This black-robed man must be one of Zuo Mo’s ally. He wishes ill upon our clan head. Guest chamberlains, rally to me and take him down!”

The free guest chamberlains quickly rushed towards the black-robed man.

The black-robed man merely lifted his hand.

The guest chamberlains levitated into the air and grabbed desperately at something invisible that seemed to be choking them.

“Scram!” The guest chamberlains of the Sky immortal level were all thrown aside.

Everyone was stunned. They are Sky Immortals!

We may be in the golden age and the ley line has helped us immensely, but a Sky Immortal was still at the top of the pyramid in the Three Realms.

This black-robed man easily flung all ten of them out. Is there anyone like that in the Immortal Region!?


There is someone like that…

“You’re finally here,” Xiao Yumei smiled. She already recognized that person the moment he arrived.

She knew him far too well.

“That’s definitely Big Brother Zichen,” Xia Keke exclaimed.

“Mhmm, he’s here,” Su Yan nodded.

All of them had some sort of innate sensor for Ye Zichen. Or rather, it was because they were extremely familiar with him.

“So it’s Boss!” Lil’ White nodded. No wonder he smells familiar.

“Did you think that they can stop me?” At the same time, the black-robed man behind Zuo Liang pulled back his hood and revealed a meaningful smile.

The various guests in the rooms all greeted him.

“Emperor Ye.”

“Ye Zichen.”

Zuo Mo’s eyes lit up with a heated gaze. She had a feeling that the black-robed man was Ye Zichen the moment he arrived, but he had not been in the Immortal Region recently, so she wasn’t certain.

Now that she saw that it was indeed him, she finally calmed down.

Nothing will go wrong with him here.

She wasn’t sure why she thought like that, but she had an unexplainable faith in him.

Ruan Qingtian, who had fallen to the floor, was also stunned when he saw Ye Zichen appear just like a savior would.

He instinctively took a peek at Zuo Mo. When he saw the bright smile on her face, he would only chuckle wryly.

It was very obvious.

Ye Zichen was the only one she held in her heart.

I really can’t match up to you…

Ye Zichen smiled towards those bowing and greeting him. Then, he walked in front of Zuo Liang with his hands in his pocket and leaned forward towards the frightened young man.

“You can’t do anything to me. I am the clan head of the Zuo Clan now. Even those from the sacred land comes, they still don’t have any right to execute me,” Zuo Liang hugged the stamp tightly and placed it between him and Ye Zichen like a warding totem.

Ye Zichen yanked the stamp over and pursed his lips, “The stamp’s with me now. Does that mean that I’m the Zuo Clan’s clan head now?”

With that, Ye Zichen tossed the stamp to Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo carefully caught it.

“Zuo Mo has the stamp now, so does that mean that she’s the clan head now? Seriously, the rules to become the clan head are seriously lax with the one holding the stamp as the clan head,” Ye Zichen’s words were filled with mockery. He got the approximate situation from Xue Qi and Stone while coming over.

He couldn’t believe that Zuo Liang was going to inherit the position of clan head.

He had always felt that Zuo Liang was like a cheerful little brother, nobody expected him to hide his ambitions so deeply.

It was only after Ye Zichen arrived and saw what Zuo Liang had done…

“If you apologize now…” Before Ye Zichen could finish, he suddenly noticed that Zuo Liang had calmed down.

Soon after, he smiled.

“Of course the status of the Zuo Clan’s clan head would not be so carelessly given. What a shame, the spot might not be mine if you were here five minutes earlier. But I’m sorry, I received the stamp from the old clan head, so I became the clan head of the Zuo Clan the true and proper way. This is something recognized by everyone.”

“Oh?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“It doesn’t matter who has it now. I am the Zuo Clan’s clan head now. With so many guests witnessing everything, so what if you are the Yellow Emperor? Do you think that you can decide who takes over as the Zuo Clan’s clan head!?”

Ye Zichen looked at Zuo Liang speechlessly. He could not comprehend where this brat gained his confidence.

All of a sudden, he couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

After a while, when he finally stopped laughing, he turned around, “Where did you gain your confidence?”

“It’s not confidence, I’m just stating facts,” Zuo Liang pursed his lips. “As the Yellow Emperor of the Immortal Region’s sacred land, you have no right to get involved with the business of clans in the outer regions of the Immortal Region. What’s more, are you not worried about tarnishing the Immortal Region’s reputation?”

Ye Zichen laughed out loud again. He looked at Zuo Liang as if he was looking at a mentally challenged patient. He was really starting to suspect that this brat was scared out of his mind.

Ahh, there’s no helping it. I’m going to have to teach him a lesson…

One about strength and status.

History is written by the winners. Everything is futile in face of absolute might!

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