Chapter 758 - Handover

Chapter 758 - Handover

A fight broke out while Xiao Yumei and the girls discussed whether they should help or not.

Zuo Mo stood at the very center of the room in uncertainty. She truly didn’t want all of this to happen.

“All of you, stop fighting!”

However, her words made no difference.

The two fights fought for their masters and rained marvelous spiritual techniques upon their enemies.

“Qingtian, tell your people to stop!” Since the other people did not listen to her, she could only hope that Ruan Qingtian will.

Yet, Ruan Qingtian merely smiled at her. He didn’t tell his followers to stop and instead charged forward with a hand incantation.

“The clan head position is not for you!” Ruan Qingtian shouted sullenly.

But to his surprise, Zuo Liang didn’t even so as much as look at him, it was as if he didn’t care at all.

Does he have some backup plan?

Ruan Qingtian did not lose his sense of reasoning. He looked around vigilantly in search of something that could threaten him.

For some reason, nobody came to stop him as he walked over to Zuo Liang’s back.

Suddenly, something exploded. A trail of blood trickled down his head as he fell backwards.

There’s a spiritual formation master here.

Ruan Qingtian thought to himself.

He was just about to reach where Zuo Hongde was, but then his body hit an invisible wall around half a meter in front of his target.

“Qingtian!” Zuo Mo exclaimed and ran over. When she saw the blood on his forehead, she took out a handkerchief and wiped him clean with a worrisome look on her face. “You’re injured.”

Ruan Qingtian felt his heart skip a beat as Zuo Mo carefully wiped the blood away. But moments later, he moved Zuo Mo’s hand away and looked away, before forcing himself to stand back up.

“No need to mind me. You will definitely be the clan head,” he deliberately replied with a cold tone, while Zuo Mo’s actions replayed in his mind.

He warned himself to not think about it and tried to focus himself on breaking the formation.

Most spiritual formations had edges and a center. He will be able to destroy the formation as long as he finds those.

He spread out his spiritual consciousness and carefully examined the surroundings, but…


He couldn’t find anything, not even the edges of the formation.

Meanwhile, Zuo Liang acted as if he predicted what was going to happen.

He merely shrugged at Ruan Qingtian with a mocking smile.


Ruan Qingtian swung his fist against the invisible barrier around, creating a huge sound that shocked all the guests.

There’s a spiritual formation there!

“Do we have a spiritual master amongst us?” Xiao Yumei suddenly asked.

“Me,” said Zhuge Kongming. He came with Lil’ White to find Ye Zichen, but Ye Zichen wasn’t in Maple City at the time, so they decided to watch the Zuo Clan’s ceremony with the girls.

“Can you destroy the spiritual formation?”

“I’m not sure, I need time to observe it,” with that, Zhuge Kongming closed his eyes.

Lil’ White chuckled, “Lil’ Ming is pretty good in the arts of spiritual formation. What’s more, the Zhuge Clan specializes in mystic arts. It’ll be a piece of cake for him.”

“No,” Zhuge Kongmind shook his head. “The spiritual formation is really strange. I already noticed it earlier and I’ve been trying to find a way to destroy it, but I’ve still got no clear.”

“You’re kidding. Even you can’t do anything about it?” Lil’ White was shocked.

Zhuge Kongmind merely closed his eyes again silently.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to anyone else, Tiantian, who was sucking on a lollipop on Xiao Yumei’s shoulders, raised her eyebrows.

“Shatter!” Ruan Qingtiian repeatedly swung his fist against the barrier, causing endless commotions and his hand to be covered in blood.

His earlier fury caused him to start being depleted of spiritual energy, but he still drew more from his body in an attempt to destroy the formation.

He didn’t care.

He doesn’t ever want to see Zuo Mo’s helpless look even if he will end up as a useless person.

He was definitely going to help her regain the position of clan head.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

As Ruan Qingtian furiously attacked the barrier, the handover ceremony within the barrier continued.

Everybody could tell that Zuo Liang was taking charge of everything.

But he was now kneeling on one knee as a person should during any other ceremony. He held his hands up high and waited for the stamp to be handed for him.

Yet, he was starting to feel anxious. It has been five minutes already, but Zuo Hongde was still unwilling to let go of the stamp.

There was a clear sign of hesitation when he was looking at Zuo Liang.

“Father, since you chose me as the clan head, hand the stamp over to me,” Zuo Liang couldn’t help but utter.

His words seemed to hold endless power, which forced Zuo Hongde’s hand.

Zuo Hongde slowly reached the stamp over.

Zuo Liang’s eyes lit up as the stamp neared him.

Then, he held the stamp in his hands…


He wanted to hold the stamp, then stand up, only to feel a force opposing him.

He looked up. Zuo Hongde was still holding the top of the stamp and unwilling to let go.

“Give me the stamp,” Zuo Liang tried to pull the stamp over with a smile, but Zuo Hongde continued to hold on tightly.

Zuo Liang’s expression turned sullen. He yanked from the bottom of the stamp, “Since you let me be clan head, stop holding the stamp.”

The stamp left Zuo Hongde’s hand.

Zuo Liang was truly holding the stamp now.

He smirked darkly, then raised the stamp high above his head, “From this moment onwards, I am the new clan head of the Zuo Clan!”

Maniacal laughter sounded out from his mouth.

Ruan Qingtian stopped briefly to see what happened, then attacked the barrier with even more ferocity.

Zuo Mo looked at the stamp in shock, then shook her head at Zuo Liang, “Lil’ Liang.”

“Big Sister Zuo Mo, you have no right to call me now. You have to call me Clan Head now,” Zuo Liang’s whispered mockingly into Zuo Mo’s ear.

Zuo Mo bit her lips and clenched her fists.

Ruan Qingtian swung his fist over without any hesitation when he saw Zuo Liang stuck his head over the barrier.

However, Zuo Liang leaned back behind the barrier again and snorted coldly, “Zuo Mo worked in cohorts with outsiders in an attempt to undermine the clan head. I decree that Zuo Mo shall be exiled from the Zuo Clan and stripped of her surname. Anybody who dares to…”

As Zuo Liang gave his first orders with a dark expression on his face, a pair of hands appeared on his shoulders.

Then, somebody whispered softly in a mocking tone, “Little brat, you’ve done real good here.”

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