Chapter 757 Love

Chapter 757 – Love

A proud look surfaced on Zuo Liang’s face. She shrugged meaningfully at Zuo Mo, then walked towards Zuo Hongde in false humbleness.

Zuo Hongde opened a sandalwood box from his left hand side and took out a stamp.

That was the clan head stamp.

It represented the highest level of authority in the Zuo Clan. The owner of the stamp was also the rightful clan head of the Zuo Clan.

Zuo Liang’s breathing rate sped up as he looked at the stamp with a heated look.

That’s it.

All of my hard work over the years was for this tiny stamp.

“Father,” Zuo Mo looked at her father in shock as he handed Zuo Liang the stamp. Then, she noticed his blurred eyes. “Zuo Liang!”

With all the facts in front of her, it was blatantly obvious that Zuo Liang was responsible for everything.

Zuo Hongde was definitely affected by Zuo Liang somehow. Otherwise, he would not act like that.

She still did not want to believe that the little brother-like person who had stayed by her side for nearly twenty years was this sort of person.

“Hah,” Zuo Liang didn’t even look at Zuo Mo. He merely reached out with his hand and waited for the stamp to be placed within.

He had already done so much. There was no way he was going to turn back.

As long as he holds the stamp, then he will be the rightful clan head of the Zuo Clan.

The future of the Zuo Clan belongs to me!

“I can’t take this anymore!” Ruan Qingtian stood up from his seat with a roar. His various followers also shot up.

“Qingtian,” Zuo Mo was stunned.

Ruan Qingtian leaped beside Zuo Mo and gave her a comforting look before glaring at Zuo Liang angrily, “Zuo Liang, I treated you like a brother. Seriously, did something steal your conscience? I’m sure you know who you are supposed to be.”

“Pavilion Head Ruan, this is the Zuo Clan’s matters. An outsider like you should not be interfering,” Zuo Qingcheng giggled. She swung her hips and walked over with a sultry expression.

The guest chamberlains by her side also focused on Ruan Qingtian’s followers to prevent any surprise actions.

“Screw off, Ruan Qingtian replied with a cold shout. He glared at her. “Stop it with your flirting. I will tear your eyes out if you say even one more word.”

Ruan Qingtian’s murderous aura caused her to instinctively step back.

She wasn’t very strong and the only reason she was able to make connections with people of this level was the Zuo Clan backing her and her flirtatious actions.

It was not an exaggeration to say that if she was born in any other family, she would be the top lady in the red-light district.

“Big Brother Qingtian, your words are damaging your reputation,” Zuo Liang walked over and put his arm around Zuo Qingcheng’s waist.

Since she did not reject the act, it was clear that they had already teamed up in secret.

“The normally gentleman-like person actually spoke so rudely. This is truly shocking. But why are you acting like this, does Zuo Mo even feel that way about you?”

“Shut up!”

“You loved her in secret for a dozen years, but she did not even expression any feelings in return. There are so many guests here, but nobody is willing to get involved. You are the only one. Is it worth it?”

“I told you to shut up!”


Ruan Qingtian sent Zuo Liang flying back with a punch. Zuo Qingcheng hurried over to help him up.

However, he merely shook his head at Ruan Qingtian, “I just treat the last punch as me repaying for your kindness before. You should be thanking me. Otherwise, Zuo Mo would never know that she has such a dumb guardian beside her. I am going to be the clan head of the Zuo Clan for sure. If you want to stop me, then come.”


Zuo Mo really would not know all that if not for Zuo Liang. She looked at her friend for over a dozen years. All of a sudden, she was at a lost for words.

“The position of clan head will be yours,” Ruan Qingtian did not try to explain anything. He didn’t know what he should say.

Indeed, Zuo Liang was right.

It had been over a dozen years!

He silently loved Zuo Mo in secret from the very beginning till now.

However, she never seemed to return the feeling. When Ye Zichen arrived, he decided to bury the feeling deep within him.

He did not want to trouble Zuo Mo because of his selfishness.

He didn’t want to see Zuo Mo troubled.

He loves her.

So he’ll just watch over her silently.

Perhaps, the feeling would slowly fade away with time.

Yes, it has already been over a dozen years, he knew that he was just lying to himself, but he still wanted to believe that.

Ruan Qingtian let out a soft sigh, then disappeared from his position.

Zuo Hongde was definitely controlled by something. It was impossible to change his mind, so what Ruan Qingtian had to do was snatch the stamp.

“Zuo Mo is working with Ruan Qingtian to steal the Clan Head Stamp. Guest chamberlains, take him down!” Zuo Hongxin roared sullenly.

Many guest chamberlains appeared, but Ruan Qingtian’s followers and Zuo Mo’s guest chamberlains quickly went to stop them.

The rest of the guests were nervous. Many people were viewing the whole situation as a show.

Indeed, the Zuo Clan was the top merchant clan, but it had been decreasing the income of many other clans and families.

They naturally laughed at the disaster that was happening on this handover ceremony.

“Big Sister Xiao, should we go and help?” Su Yan asked. Even she wanted to help in such a situation.

Xia Keke also nodded in agreement. She wanted to help from the very beginning. She had broken through to the Sky Immortal level a few days ago due to the ley line, she can’t wait to get a feel for how great it felt to beat people up now.

But, they still wanted to listen to Xiao Yumei’s advice. No matter what…

Xiao Yumei was like the big sister amongst them.

“…” Xiao Yumei remained silent. She wasn’t certain of how things were going to go and whether they should get involved or not.

From her perspective, the best solution was to wait for Ye Zichne’s arrival.

Indeed, if they joined it, then they can most likely grab the clan head stamp.

That way, the stamp will be with Zuo Mo. However, it would not be right and she was sure that Zuo Mo would not want to receive the stamp like that.

“Let’s wait a bit more.”

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