Chapter 756 The Clan Head

Chapter 756 – The Clan Head

The clan head election.

The ceremony that should have been held when the demons invaded was finally ongoing.

The Zuo Clan was definitely the top clan in the outer regions of the Immortal Region, so the ceremony was naturally very grand.

The people who were close to the Treasure Tower or just reputed in the Immortal Region were all there to witness the crowning of the future master of the Treasure Tower.

At the same time, most of them were already certain of who it was going to be.

The Zuo Clan did have many branches, but only those from the main branch could become the Clan Head. Out of them, Zuo Mo was the sole child of the current clan head and was very close with Ye Zichen.

They all knew that Zuo Mo was definitely going to be the future master of the Treasure Tower if everything goes right.

Many of the people actually went in order to present their gifts to Zuo Mo after she becomes the clan head due to Ye Zichen.

It was basically certain and Zuo Mo thought so as well.


“Elders, please explain all of this to me,” Zuo Mo frowned and glared at the elders who sat within the conference room.

Just now, when the elders voted for the clan head, the winner was not Zuo Mo, nor was it even Zuo Qingcheng!

It was Zuo Liang!

Zuo Mo glared angrily at the clan elders, then turned to Zuo Liang.

Zuo Liang was wearing a grand black robe of silk. It was something he never dared to dress in before.

Everything made it seem like he dressed himself up for that day.

And with all that, he seemed extremely handsome.

“Big Sister Zuo Mo, they announced the results again, why are you trying to make things difficult for our elders,” Zuo Liang smirked. It was clear that he was very proud and was unable to hide his excitement.

He looked at Zuo Mo with a smug look.


The day is finally here.

“We are brother and sister. Even when I inherit the position of the clan head, you have no need to worry, I will let you live a life of splendor and riches.”

“Zuo Liang!” Zuo Mo stared at the person of her in confusion. She could not believe that Zuo Liang would actually step forth and say those words with that look in his eyes.

“Sis, I’ve had enough,” Zuo Liang stepped forward, then shook his head with a snort. “Seriously, I've had enough.”

His expression turned sullen. He stared at Zuo Mo’s stark white face coldly and sneered, “Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this day? Zuo Mo, you are not even close to being as talented as me in business. Did you know that you were merely a crying baby girl when I made my first major business deal.

I really am thankful for the Zuo Clan. You brought me here and changed my life greatly. In order to repay you guys, I studied the art of business diligently. All of that was just so you can give me some more respect. Do you know how much I gave up for that?”

“What are you trying to say?” Zuo Mo frowned.

“Hah…” Zuo Liang laughed. He waved his hand proudly over the elders with blurred eyes. “Can’t you tell? I’m going to be the clan head. This clan head position is mine. It’s MINE!”

A wave of commotion overcame the guests.

What’s going on?

An internal argument in the clan.

One between the eldest daughter and the adopted son?

All of the guests could now tell that Zuo Liang plotted this for a long time.

Something to note was that the elders were acting very strangely. They all looked forward emotionlessly as if someone was controlling them.

Many guests tried to silently use some calming techniques on the elders, but none of them worked.

“Should we do something about it?” Xia Keke looked at everything with wide eyes. The girls had also come because of Ye Zichen.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea,” Su Yan frowned.

“But we can’t let that guy be the clan head.”

Although Xia Keke didn’t like Zuo Mo, those feelings were limited to their relationship with Ye Zichen.

She didn’t want something that should belong to Zuo Mo end up in someone else’s hands.

Especially not in the hands of Zuo Liang, someone she didn’t really like.

“How though?” Xiao Yumei, who was holding Tiantian, whispered. “No matter what happens, this is the Zuo Clan, we have no right to interfere with their clan. There are plenty of people who are friends of Zuo Mo, but did they do anything?”

The girls looked around and saw Ruan Qingtian.

He was very good friends with Zuo Mo. At that moment, he was looking at Zuo Liang sullenly with clenched fists. However, he remained still on his seat.

“We are just outsiders, getting involved recklessly would only make things worse for Zuo Mo. I saw Stone and Xue Qi hurry out. They should have gone to find Zichen. It’ll be fine when Zichen arrives,” Xiao Yumei smoke in a manner as expected of the eldest amongst them.

“Then let’s wait for Big Brother Zichen,” Xia Keke nodded obediently, then pouted and waved her fist. “I’m so angry. I want to beat that guy to a pulp and feed him to Lil’ White.”


Lil’ White, who had taken the human form of a handsome young man, looked at Xia Keke speechlessly.

“You…” Zuo Mo clenched her teeth and shuddered in anger. She ran towards Zuo Liang, only for Zuo Qingcheng to smile and send out several Sky Immortal level guest chamberlains to stop Zuo Mo.

Seeing that, the guest chamberlains stepped forth and matched Zuo Qingcheng’s guest chamberlains.

“You are working together now?” asked Zuo Mo.

“I have no choice, letting Zuo Liang be the clan head is better than letting you take the spot,” Zuo Qingcheng giggled.

Zuo Hongxin also stepped forward.

“My great niece, it’s an election, anybody has a chance. There is no need for you to mind it so much,” with that, he turned to Zuo Hongde, who was sitting in the very center. “Big Brother, who do you think the clan head should be?”

All of a sudden, Zuo Hongde, the clan head, became the center of attention.

The elders only gave advice, the final result should still be announced by Zuo Hongde.

Those with better eyesight instantly noticed at Zuo Hongde was now facing emotionlessly in front of him just like the others.

Hearing that, Zuo Hongde opened his seemingly sleepy eyes. “The position… of… clan… head… belongs to… Zuo… Liang!”

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