Chapter 755 The Jade Emperor Ascends

Chapter 755 – The Jade Emperor Ascends

Ye Zichen laid down within a celestial manor and played with his phone and on the screen was his chat with the Jade Emperor.

He had already accepted the red packet and discovered two hundred thousand Reputation within.

“Why did you give me all that?”

Ye Zichen thought back to when he opened the red packet. His expression had been filled with disbelief.


Two hundred thousand Reputation!

“Weren’t you exchanging Reputation with the deities? I don’t like paying attention to all that, but it doesn’t mean that I’m clueless.”

The Jade Emperor had answered with a carefree smile, “I’ll be waiting for you in the God Realm.”

Ye Zichen shook his head when he thought back to how free the Jade Emperor looked.

And now, he finally understands what Reputation is used for.

The amount of Reputation was what helped to determine the victor of the Struggle for the Three Realms. In fact, the ones with the highest Reputation in each realm would be that realm’s leader.

Meanwhile, the one with the highest Reputation had a chance to become the Master of the Three Realms.

That naturally required the agreements of the other people on the Reputation leaderboard.

Ye Zichen was indeed trading for Reputation with the deities in the group, it was something the white-robed man told him to do, it was something he never forgot.

I thought I was secretive enough, I can’t believe he still ended up noticing.

But what confused him was that the Jade Emperor actually handed all the latter’s Reputation to him. Why didn’t he hand it all to his successor?

“Three Realms Reputation Leaderboard,” Ye Zichen summoned the leaderboard quietly and saw that he was placed in second place with two hundred and ninety Reputation.

That means that he only managed to muster up ninety thousand Reputation before receiving the Reputation from the Jade Emperor.

He put it away again, then chuckled, “Ahh, I really don’t know what I should say.”

For beings like Ye Zichen, half a month passed by in the blink of an eye.

Ye Zichen remained in the Heavenly Court the entire time.

He was invited to watch the Jade Emperor’s ascension ceremony and the Jade Emperor also wanted to introduce the next master of the Heavenly Court to him.

The North Pole Emperor.

Ye Zichen was not surprised about this at all.

If the Jade Emperor had to choose someone that all the deities would accept, he naturally had to choose someone else from the Six Sovereigns[1]

The ascension of the Jade Emperor came so suddenly, so it had caught the deities in the Heavenly Court rather off guard.

However, ascension was a law of nature, even the Jade Emperor could not defy it.

At the South Heaven’s Gate.

It was the place where the Jade Emperor chose to ascend.

The South heaven’s Gate was the first line of defense for the Heavenly Court.

He decided upon this spot to prevent a demonic surprise attack as most of the deities would be present.

Yet, he was truly putting himself aside for this.

If the demons cause some trouble, then it might actually affect his ascension.

However, the Jade Emperor still make this decision without any hesitation even after Ye Zichen informed him of the possibility.

It was very clear that the Heavenly Court was the most important thing to him.

“I’ll leave this place to you now,” the Jade Emperor couldn’t help but say to the North Pole Emperor once again even though he was already certain that the North Pole Emperor would not disappoint him.

“Leave it to me,” the North Pole Emperor replied.

After getting his confirmation, the Jade Emperor turned back to his companions who have worked with him for countless years.

He smiled when he saw the longing looks on the deities’ faces.

Then, he rested his gaze on Ye Zichen.

“Don’t forget your promise.”

Ye Zichen nodded in response. No reply was as good as action.


A ray of holy light shone down from the skies and fell upon the Jade Emperor.

He pursed his lips with a smile, “It’s time. See you int eh God Realm.”

When Jade Emperor’s body began to rise uncontrollably, the deities started to wave towards him until he finally disappeared from sight. Even then, they still refused to leave.

The Seven Fairies had also started to cry in a circle.

They have never one separated from the Jade Emperor since he became a deity. Now that the Jade Emperor ascended, they must really miss him.

I guess we won’t be seeing any of their concerts in the short run.

“Alright everyone, ascending was the Jade Emperor’s wish of a lifetime. We should give him our blessing now that he has gotten his wish. He left this place to us before he left, so let us not disappoint him,” North Pole Emperor called out.

The other deities nodded.

After the ceremony ended, Ye Zichen and Flame Emperor refused North Pole Emperor’s invitation to stay and left the Heavenly Court.

Flame Emperor had a complicated expression on his face as they went away. It was filled with a bit of longing and a bit of loneliness.

Soon, he sighed, “Jade Emperor really did ascend.”

“Of course, we saw it with our very own owns. So, stop worrying now, he won’t be of any threat to the Immortal Region anymore,” Ye Zichen pursed his lips with a smile.

Flame Emperor merely shook his head in response, “I really don’t mind that anymore. I was just thinking, we will probably ascend in the future, right?”

“Of course.”

“We’ve lived here for so long, then suddenly, we have to be in a completely foreign place. There are so many people we’ve been with over here as well. I really can’t imagine what it’ll be like.”

Flame Emperor’s words made Ye Zichen think. What’ll it be like if I ascend?

After a while, he could only smile, “Everything comes to an end, since we are cultivators, then we have to get used to saying goodbye. It’s a natural part of our lives. If possible, then we’ll just meet up again in the God Realm.”

“That’s true.”

When the two of them returned to Maple City, Flame Emperor quickly took his leave because he had business to attend to in the Immortal Region.

Ye Zichen returned to the manor by himself and saw Stone pacing around anxiously with Xue Qi.

“What happened?” Ye Zichen walked towards the two.

Seeing him, the two of them beamed, “You’re finally back.”

“You were waiting for me?” Ye Zichen pointed at himself. Zuo Mo was the one who helped him manage everything, he was really happy about not having to actually do anything.

She was able to deal with most situations and he wasn’t really of any help in the ones she couldn’t deal with.

“Just go and find Zuo Mo, why come to me?”

The other two people shook their heads.

Xue Qi said worriedly, “Something happened with Lady Zuo Mo!”

  1. The Six Sovereigns are the Jade Emperor, the North Pole Emperor, the Imperial God of Earth, the East Pole Emperor, the South Pole Emperor, and the Great Palace Emperor.

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