Chapter 753 I Don’t Trust You

Chapter 753 – I Don’t Trust You

The Jade Emperor’s sudden change in his tone completely shocked all the deities. They looked at the Jade Emperor’s sullen look in shock, then glanced at Ye Zichen, who had a smile on his face. All of a sudden, they were completely unsure of what to do.

“Jade Emperor, what do you think you’re doing!?” Flame Emperor was the first to stand forth. He glared at the Jade Emperor furiously.

He had an uneasy feeling while he was coming over and sensed that it might be a trap. He had predicted something like this would occur.

Ye Zichen was of utmost importance to the Immortal Region, even if he dies here, he was not about to let anything happen to Ye Zichen.

“Flame Emperor, you could not match me ten thousand years ago. Do you really think that you are a threat to me now?”

The atmosphere tensed up. The Jade Emperor’s aura completely pressured Flame Emperor’s nerves like a ferocious beast.

He really broke through. There is no doubt about it.

He finally took that step.

“Alright now,” Ye Zichen patted Flame Emperor’s shoulders and walked out from behind him.

He smiled at Jade Emperor indifferently.

“Yang Jian, what are you doing? Why haven’t you captured Ye Zichen yet!?” Jade Emperor roared.

Yang Jian tensed up, but his body did not move.

“Are you defying orders? Leizhenzi, you go!”

God of Thunder merely bit his lips but did not walk forward.

“Fine. Fine. Fine,” Jade Emperor nodded sullenly. He swept his gaze over the various deities, then snorted. “Are you all going to be like them if I tell you to capture him?”

The deities remained silent. The lesser deities standing at the outskirts of the garden also looked over.

All of the deities were stunned when they learned that the Jade Emperor wanted to capture Ye Zichen. They could not comprehend why the Jade Emperor would give such an order.

Sky Sovereign was clearly the Jade Emperor’s favored one and the Chancellor of the Grand Secretariat in the Heavenly Court.

He stood above all but one deity.

But now, Jade Emperor wanted to capture the Sky Sovereign. Did the Sky Sovereign anger the Jade Emperor like Taibai Jingxing did previously?

However, if they were really asked to take sides, most of them would take Ye Zichen’s side.

It wasn’t because Ye Zichen was amazing. Rather, it was because the Jade Emperor has not done anything for the Heavenly Court in recent years.

Of course, they could only think that in their minds, they did not dare to say that out loud.

“Well, well. I really have some loyal deities,” the Jade Emperor snorted and glared at every single deity.

The deities continued to remain silent.

Meanwhile, Old Lord Taishang stood forth, “Your Majesty, this ancient one would like to ask why you wish to capture the Sky Sovereign.”

While it was inappropriate for the other deities to speak, Old Lord Taishang did have a right to as one of the Three Pure Ones.

“Do I need a reason to capture someone now? Don’t forget, I am the master here. The Three Pure Ones are revered, and I will not take this to heart. But I said capture him. Are you going to obey or not!?” Jade Emperor glared at Old Lord Taishang. He was truly infuriated.

However, the deities remained still.

Jade Emperor laughed tragically after seeing the deities’ reactions, “Iran the Heavenly Court for several hundred thousand years, I never expected it to be so difficult to ask you all to capture someone. I truly failed as the Jade Emperor! Fine, since you want to stand on his side, then I’ll crush all of you. I will just give up the Heavenly Court!”

All of a sudden, the aura of a supreme dominated the garden. The Jade Emperor raised his arms with spiritual energy flustering his sleeves as he glared at all the deities with bloodshot eyes.

The deities all looked forward solemnly and pondered about whether they should resist or not.

“Enough,” Ye Zichen, who had been smiling all along, shook his head. He turned to the Jade Emperor. “You want me, so I’ll leave with you. You must be in a tight spot right now, I’ll give you this chance to walk away. It’s up to you.”

“Alright,” Jade Emperor retracted his aura, then turned out of the garden without any hesitation.

Ye Zichen quickly followed suit without any second thoughts.

“Brother Ye,” Flame Emperor was still a bit worried.

However, Ye Zichen gave him a reaffirming look and turned back to the other deities, “Go do what you guys should be doing. I don’t want to hear anybody talking about this, got it? I’m just going to have a chat with Jade Emperor, we should be back shortly. He is probably going to announce something very important to you all, so stay here until we return.”

Jade Emperor lead Ye Zichen away from the garden and to a desolate and slightly chilly place. He stood and gazed into the dark.

“You must have been really troubled just now,” Ye Zichen walked beside Jade Emperor and took out a cigarette. He followed Jade Emperor’s gaze, only to find nothingness in front of him. “What the heck are you looking at? I can’t see crap.”

“That’s where I came from,” Jade Emperor was no longer being as hostile and forceful as he was before. All that remained in his tone was a sense of belonging. “I’ve been here for too long that I’ve gotten sick of everything. But now that I’m about to leave, I really don’t want to part.”

Ye Zichen trembled. Jade Emperor’s words resonated with him.

He was just like that in the Modern Realm, he completely hated the place, but the place he wanted to return to the most was the place he truly hated before.

“I get you,” Ye Zichen smiled. “How long before you leave?”

“In half a month or so.”

“I see that you’ve chosen a successor ages ago,” said Ye Zichen. “If you just decided to pick one now, then the one succeeding you will end up in a complete mess.”

“I did choose someone already,” Jade Emperor nodded with a smile. “He’s someone I decided upon ten thousand years ago, but I didn’t manage to ascend all these years, so I wasn’t able to pass the throne to him.”

“Then isn’t it wonderful?” Ye Zichen shrugged. “I was seriously scared that you were going to hand it all to me. Honestly, the Heavenly Court has driven me nuts the past six months, I can finally quit. Now, I’m completely free. And obviously, having a suitable successor is good for you, you don’t need to worry about this place all the time after you ascend.”

“That is true,” Jade Emperor nodded, then suddenly turned around with a sharp look. “But I don’t trust you!”

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