Chapter 752 Trap

Chapter 752 – Trap

Did the Jade Emperor break through?

Indeed, he did.

After six months of quietness, the Heavenly Court became very lively once more. The Jade Emperor also called for several meetings in the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches.

After that, he declared that all deities should go to the Immortality Peach Garden where he had something important to announce.

Judging from past experience, an announcement in the Immortality Peach Garden was definitely good news.

Although the deities didn’t know what was the good news, they were all completely worried.

They had no idea of what present they should present.

Some important deities even decided to stay at home if they didn’t think of something suitable to bring.

Meanwhile, the Jade Emperor made six announcements in the chat group.

The basic meaning behind them was that anyone not present will suffer dire consequences.

Thus, the deities all hurry towards the Immortality Peach Garden with no other choice while asking each other what present they were bringing.

At the South Heaven’s Gate.

The Flame Emperor had a solemn look on his face as he arrived. The Jade Emperor breaking through was not a piece of good news for the Immortal Region.

While the Lower Three Realms were living in harmony now, the competition wasn’t just going to magically disappear.

“Don’t fret, even if the Jade Emperor did break through, he won’t do anything to the Immortal Region,” Ye Zichen shook his head with a chuckle. Judging from how badly the Jade Emperor thirsted for the God Realm, he would definitely ascend to the God Realm as soon as possible after breaking through. He was definitely not going to remain behind.

What’s more, Ye Zichen provided a lot to help the Jade Emperor to break through.

The Jade Emperor was definitely not going to do anything to the Immortal Region due to him.

What’s more, he still had an ace up his sleeve.

Lin Ru!

Ye Zichen patted Flame Emperor’s shoulders, then hurried over to the gate. Coincidentally, it was the same people standing guard as the last time he arrived.

“Chancellor Ye,” the vice-captain of the guards quickly hurried over when he saw Ye Zichen. Part of the reason he even managed to become the vice-captain was due to Ye Zichen.

“You’re on guard duty again? Where’s the captain? Oh yeah, are you going to block me out here again?”

“Please don’t make fun of this one,” the vice-captain smiled wryly. “The Jade Emperor summoned all deities to the Immortality Peach Garden and said that he has something to announce. You must be here for that too. This one will not take up   of your time.”

“Alright, then I’m going in.”

“Make way!” The vice-captain said to the guards behind him. All the guards quickly moved to either side of the gates. Since they were also people that benefitted from Ye Zichen’s kindness, they would not block his path even if the vice-captain did not give them those orders.

I guess the Jade Emperor really did break through.

Ye Zichen thought to himself as he walked through the South Heaven’s Gate. The reason for that was simple – he received a message from the Jade Emperor.

It was a simple message comprised of two sentences.

I broke through.

Come to the Heavenly Court now.

Ye Zichen did have some reservations about that before, but when he saw all the grandeur preparations that were being made, he knew that there was no mistake.

I wonder if the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens also broke through to the supreme level with him.

When Ye Zichen arrived at the Immortality Peach Garden, everything was like the vice-captain of the guards had said, basically, all of the deities were there.

The whole garden was filled with both lesser and greater deities.

All the deities turned to greet Ye Zichen. Of course, most of them merely raised their glasses from afar. Only the greater deities walked closer to him.

“Sky Sovereign is here too!” Barefoot Immortal walked over. He was a strange one from the Buddhist Region and generally stayed with the deities of the Heavenly Court instead of staying in the western Buddhist Region.

“I had no choice, the Jade Emperor made it clear to everyone. I’m so going to get in trouble if I don’t come over,” Ye Zichen said half-jokingly.

“Haha, Sky Sovereign, do you know what the Jade Emperor asked as to gather for?”

“How would I know?” Ye Zichen shrugged. “If you deities who are in the Heavenyl Court don’t know, would someone like me who’s always down there know?”

“Now, now, Sky Sovereign,” Barefoot Immortal raised his eyebrows. “You definitely have some news. Tell us a bit about it all.”

Ye Zichen merely pursed his lips. At the same time, Yang Jian, the God of Thunder and the other war gods walked in.

When they saw Ye Zichen, they quickly hurried over.

“Bro, you’re here!”

Ye Zichen was completely dumbstruck when he turned around. He wasn’t sure of how to react to what Erlang Shen was wearing at all.

A tuxedo…

It was once commonly seen amongst balls in the Modern Realm, but in the Heavenly Court…

Never mind, it was almost like a copy of the Modern Realm.

All of a sudden, Ye Zichen really missed his life back there.

Yet, time continued to pass by and he became stronger and stronger. He had wanted to return to the Modern Realm as soon as possible after becoming more powerful, but the truth was that he only became further away from it all.

Just like how the Jade Emperor was ascending, he was definitely going to ascend to the God Realm as well.

If I break through and ascend, then when can I return to the Modern Realm and live that nostalgic life I once detested?


“Yeah?” Ye Zichen came back to his senses when he heard Yan Jian’s call. He nodded and patted Yang Jian’s shoulder with a chuckle. “The tuxedo really looks great on you!”

“Of course, I’m the top male god in the Heavenly Court,” Yang Jian replied without any hint of humbleness.

“No, I am,” Nezha, who was dressed in a suit, wrinkled his nose.

“Don’t fight over this with me. I’m the adult one, you’re the kid one.”

“You’re making your Grandpa Sun unhappy,” the Monkey King’s cocky laughter rang out in the sky.

The proud smile on Yang Jiang’s face was instantly replaced by a dark look as Sun Wukong descended from the sky in his famous war armor.

“Monkey, I’ve been holding it back for a long time.”

“Then fight me?” The Great Sage took out his Ruyi Jingu Bang without any hesitation.

“Stop it you two.”

Ye Zichen covered his face speechlessly when he saw the two argue again. They clearly care about each other, why do they have to argue all the time.

While they did drop their weapons, the pair continued to glare at each other.

The surrounding deities were used to it already.

Suddenly, a series of clouds flew by and the Jade Emperor descended from the sky with a man in tow.

“Greetings, Your Majesty,” all of the deities bowed.

Ye Zichen nodded towards the Jade Emperor with a smile.

The Jade Emperor told everyone to rise with a warm smile, then walked in front of Ye Zichen, “Brother Ye, thank you. If it was not for you, then I don’t know how long it would take for me to reach this stage.”

“It’s no big deal,” Ye Zichen chuckled.

Yet, the Jade Emperor’s expression turned dark. He called out to the surrounding deities, “Capture him!”

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