Chapter 750 Prophecy

Chapter 750 – Prophecy

Cui Twelve nearly could not believe his words.

His Majesty is…


The Four Directional Palace was in the center of the God Realm’s nine regions. Part of the reason they were considered one of the strongest was their geographical location, but the main reason was Bi’an.

Why did the powerful demons not dare to attack the God Realm? Why did the Liches who were beyond the Three Realms so wary of those of the Four Directional Palace?

Bi’an’s position as one of the strongest in the God Realm was no joke.

Yet, such a powerful person was coughing up blood.

Despite that, Cui Twelve realized he had misspoken the moment the words left his mouth.

He felt a sharp gaze look over. At that very instant, he shuddered as if he was trapped in a glacier.


Cui Twelve dropped to his knees without any hesitation.

“Your Majesty, I saw nothing.”

He had no choice but to ask for mercy even if he was a “Highness” in the Four Directional Palace.

He was superior to the vast majority and only stood below one person.

But he understood that his life did not belong to him. Bi’an only needed to say it to take his life.

Or rather, Bi’an only needed to think that.

Time slowly ticked away.

Cui Twelve’s sweat began to drip to the ground. His heart raced in uneasiness.

Why did I say that!?


After a seemed like a lifetime, Bi’an called out slightly indifferently.

Cui Twelve looked up frantically and saw that Bi’an had walked in front of him.

The intense pressure almost made his heart stop. He was suffocating, but he still held on to that glimmer of hope, “Present.”

“You have been with me for nearly a hundred years, right?”


“Honestly speaking, the reason you became a Highness in the Four Directional Palace was because I had faith in you. You are proficient in the art of prophecy and the only person who is proficient in that art is the one in the far north. He is also the one who has made our position at the center rather awkward. The ones in the far north are no weaker than us,” Bi’an’s gaze never left Cui Twelve’s eyes, causing Cui Twelve to lose his ability to think. “But over the years, you have only given me more and more disappointment. However, I will give you a chance… If you can foretell whether I will kill you or leave you alive, then I shall leave you alive.”

Cui Twelve couldn’t answer that paradoxical question.

His Majesty already gave me the answer in his words. But… will I really foretell myself as being left alive?


He took several deep breaths in an attempt to calm himself down. Then, Cui Twelve’s body began to emit a holy light.

Indeed, he was foretelling.

He was foretelling with everything he had.

Countless possibilities flashed through his mind and soon, his eyes and ears started to bleed.

He did have a talent for prophecy, but foretelling his own future was difficult enough, while Bi’an’s involvement only made it more so. He was unable to do it with his current strength.

Meanwhile, Bi’an waited silently for Cui Twelve’s answer.

At that very moment, an elder holding a book appeared behind Cui Twelve. The sight of the elder made Bi’an smile.

“Your Majesty.”

“You have an answer?”

“You will kill me, but you will revive me, then let the god avatar beneath this hall take over my body.”

“You can leave now.”

“Your Majesty, do I still need to take the poison half a day later?”

“What do you think?” Bi’an answered indifferently.

The subdimension continued to collapse.

Ye Zichen stared at the speed of the subdimension collapsing. He did not want to believe that anything happened to the white-robed man.

He wanted to determine whether the white-robed man was still alive or not through the speed in which the subdimension was collapsing.

But the results were dire.

“Brother Ye, what do you think…” Flame Emperor was uncertain, so he set his gaze upon Ye Zichen. No matter what, the white-robed man was closest to Ye Zichen.

“Did we evacuate everyone from the subdimension?” Ye Zichen did not answer.

“Yes,” City Lord Lin of the Hundred Flowers City answered. “There weren’t many people left inside, so we all came out the moment the collapse began. But we still have a lot of resources within.”

“I don’t think there’s any point of worrying about the resources is there? If the subdimension shatters, then they’ll all fall down, but since we haven’t seen the resources, then the subdimension must have self-destructed. I’m sure you all understand.”

Ye Zichen’s expression darkened.

He didn’t want to talk about it was to prevent others from noticing, but…

He glared at Zhao Zizhao. He’s here too.

Just what is he trying to do?

He gazed at Zhao Zizhao coldly. Noticing Ye Zichen’s gaze, everyone else looked towards the two.

“Emperor Ye, Zizhao doesn’t mean anything bad by it. He is just blunt with what he says.”

Lin Xihe’s relationship with Zhao Zizhao has been improving greatly during the past six months and women in love were true fools.

Only she would speak up for Zhao Zizhao in such a situation.

“Hah,” Ye Zichen laughed meaningfully. “I have to be honest with everyone. If the subdimension self-destructs, then everything within will be destroyed. But.. this doesn’t mean that its creator died, he might just be severely injured, so he had to withdraw the spiritual energy for recovery. I’m sure all of you understand.”

“Emperor Ye, you are making a mistake.”


Ye Zichen’s smile brightened when Zhao Zizhao spoke up once more.

“Shut it, I know what you want to say. If the master of the subdimension needs to withdraw the spiritual energy to recovery and let the subdimension self-destruct, then it won’t be able to fully recover, right? I let you off just now because City Lord Lin said that you’re a blunt and open person, but now… Why are you focusing on the situation of the subdimension’s master?”

“I’m just talking about facts, what’s wrong with that!?”

“Zizhao!” Lin Xihe called out with a frown and pulled Zhao Zizhao’s hand.

“You’re acting tough,” Ye Zichen pursed his lips, then looked at Zhao Zizhao meaningfully. “Did something get to you? You’re going to reveal yourself now?

Aren’t you in too much of a rush?”

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