Chapter 749 Bi’an Is Injured

Chapter 749 – Bi’an Is Injured

At the Four Directional Palace in the God Realm.

Cui Twelve stood side by side with Liu Qing within the main hall. Moments earlier, they were summoned by His Majesty to wait there.

It had already been six months since they returned from the Immortal Region. For the God Realm with its timeless history, six months merely went by in the blink of an eye.

Everything in the God Realm continued as normal, with the exception of…

Liu Qing.

Liu Qing’s personality changed greatly after taking the pill. She no longer smiled sweetly.

She started to keep everyone at a distance, and even though she used fire spiritual techniques, she was as cold as ice. So cold that she would often be perceived as insensitive.

Now, the two people who were once closest to each other now stood side by side in the main hall.

Cui Twelve was at a distance from Liu Qing. Partially because Liu Qing didn’t like others being too close to her, and partially because he couldn’t stand the hostility she radiated.

A figure passed through the middle of them.

Cui Twelve and Liu Qing quickly bowed, “Greetings, Your Majesty.”

Soon, a handsome middle-aged man appeared on the throne. Although his clothes were incredibly messy, his hair was still completely flawless.

Cui Twelve couldn’t help to take a peek at the man. He had never once seen His Majesty like that after coming to the God Realm.

His Majesty’s dragon robe…

That was his absolute favorite treasure, but it was now in shambles.

Bi’an nodded from the throne. His expression radiated fatigue while he rubbed the jade ring on his left thumb with his right hand. Soon, his sharp gaze settled on Cui Twelve and Liu Qing, “Do you know why I summoned you?”

“Your Majesty, I ask for my punishment.”

With that, Liu Qing kneeled down on one knee and placed her hands by her side.

Bi’an smiled, “And what for?”

A sense of nervousness rose up within Cui Twelve. Although he and Liu Qing had rehearsed what to do in this situation countless times during the past six months, he was truly worried that Liu Qing, who had become colder than ever, would completely disregard their plans.

Liu Qing looked up into Bi’an’s eyes. “I was unable to retrieving the item Your Majesty asked for.”

“Is that so?” Bi’an nodded.

Although it was a plain response, Cui Twelve and Liu Qing could not discern what exactly was Bi’an thinking.

And that, was why they feared Bi’an the most.

Cui Twelve could barely breathe under the pressure. However, Liu Qing seemed completely normal, as if she didn’t feel a thing as she continued to look Bi’an in the eye, “I first went to the Heavenly Court in the Lower Three Realms, which is rather close with us. They are also rather strong. I had wished to retrieve the Xuan-Yuan Sword using their strength. Everything continued normally under one day, I was unable to sense the Xuan-Yuan Sword anymore.

It was as if someone was trying to hide that divine artifact. I had tried to use spiritual energy to pierce through the protection but was unable to do so. Afterward, I blanket searched the realm, only to fail once more. Regardless, I was unable to accomplish my mission. Your Majesty, thus, I ask for my punishment.”

Liu Qing described what had happened without any excuses.

She merely spoke everything with force and conviction, but this only worried Cui Twelve. This is not according to plan!

Make excuses!

Why aren’t you making excuses for yourself!?

As Liu Qing lowered her head after her words, Cui Twelve quickly spoke up, “Your Majesty, actually…”

“Enough, I already know about that,” Bi’an waved his hand with a smile on his face. “I noticed that already. The technique Seventeen mentioned was the Heaven-Shrouding Formation. It was a good idea to try and pierce through the formation, but the one who set it is extremely powerful. Even I cannot promise to destroy it with certainty.”

As a look of relief appeared on Cui Twelve’s face, Bi’an continued, “But, you are still at fault. I did not wish for you to descend, but you swore that you would complete your mission. Now that you have failed, if I do not punish you, then everyone else would definitely object. Your punishment would be solitary confinement in the Frozen Ice Pool. Go.”

Frozen Ice Pool.

Cui Twelve was shocked. The Frozen Ice Pool…

Even a Sky Supreme well versed in ice techniques would be unable to defend against the chill. Telling Liu Qing to go there is like asking for her life!

“Understood.” However, Liu Qing did not try to argue for her fate. She merely stood up emotionlessly and walked out.

Seeing that, Cui Twelve felt an internal struggle.

He was closer to Liu Qing than other people.

Now that Liu Qing had to go to the Frozen Ice Pool, he started to hesitate on whether he should keep his promise about leaving the details of Ye Zichen out of everything.

“Twelve,” Bi’an called out to him.

Cui Twelve collected himself, “Present.”

“Did Twelve take the Emotion Shattering Pill?”


“Why?” Bi’an squinted his eyes.

The simple gesture caused immense pressure on Cui Twelve. He repeatedly calmed himself down before answering, “Seventeen was searching for the Xuan-Yuan Sword when they heard about the Demon Realm sending out a messenger to. Thus, in order to prevent anything from going wrong, her and I decided to ambush the messenger in the Demon Realm. But there were a bit of a mistake with the information, the Demon Realm’s messenger reached the Diviner level. She and I could not match up to him, so she took the pill to save me.”

“Did you just say that you tried to kill him in the Demon Realm?”



A furious aura radiated from Bi’an body, sending Cui Twelve crashing into a pillar.

“Ridiculous. Is that a place for you to go? You actually dared to ambush the Demon Realm’s messenger there? You going is one thing, but you actually brought Seventeen along? Ugh. Ahem… Can you face the consequences if she had died!?” Bi’an slammed down on the chair’s handle repeatedly with intense coughs.

No, it wasn’t just normal coughing. He was coughing up blood.

Blood stains covered the handkerchief in Bi’an’s hands.

Cui Twelve raised his eyebrows. “Your Majesty, you’re injured!”

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