Chapter 748 Spatial Collapse

Chapter 748 – Spatial Collapse

In the VIP lounge, a waiter put down some tea, then took his leave.

After seeing the door close, Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows with a smile, “It’s been a while. I see that the future successor of the Treasure Tower is getting more and more used to it all?”

“You finally realized that? I’m sure you forgot about me if I didn’t tell Xue Qi to go and get you,” Zuo Mo gave him the evil eye, then poured a cup of tea for Ye Zichen with pursed lips.

A wry smile appeared on Ye Zichen’s face. Then, he immediately changed the topic, “I saw you doing business just now. Are you sure it’s fine for you to just leave him hanging?”

He’s always like this.

Zuo Mo thought silently to herself, then glared at Ye Zichen in displeasure. When she noticed the foolish smile on Ye Zichen’s face, she took a deep breath and said casually, “He’s not an important customer. What’s more, we can also talk about the details later. Continuing talking with him just now wouldn’t help us come up with something. It’s better to give him some time to think. After all, continuously forcing the issue was not necessarily the best way, it might be better at times to put him aside for a while.”

“Alright. I really am not as knowledgeable running a business as you,” Ye Zichen smiled with a shrug. “I can tell that the Treasure Tower is doing so much better in the Immortal Region.”

“Hey, it’s all thanks to you.”

“Well, we’re good buds.”

And with that, the atmosphere in the room became a lot more carefree.

“Oh yeah, you have something to talk to me about, right?” Ye Zichen said after a bit of chitchat. “Don’t say something like ‘Can’t I go and get you if I don’t have anything to talk to you about?’ I don’t think I know you amazingly well, but you definitely have something to discuss with me since you asked Xue Qi and Stone to get me.”

“Yeah, yeah, you really are the genius aren’t you?” Zuo Mo rolled her eyes. “I just want to make a report for you.”


“I’ve started to mass produce fire powder, so we should be getting the finished products starting from three days later with the technicians from the Heavenly Court.”

The demonic invasion and how the Immortal Region could only back away from that caused Ye Zichen to realize the difference in strength.

The Immortal Region and to an extent, everybody in the Three Realms, were far weaker than the demons.

Ignoring the strongest ones, since the difference was truly too great, the ones who would influence the outcome of the situation the most was the common soldiers.

In order to make up for the difference in strength, Ye Zichen got the Heavenly Court and Immortal Region to start producing fire powder together.

Although explosives were not that threatening for those above the Sky Immortal level, it was great against those of the Earth Immortal and Human Immortal level. During the demonic invasion, the Heavenly Court had not yet started manufacturing any fire powder, but if they had…

They definitely would have been able to destroy the demons.

Now, it was definitely great news for people of the Immortal Region that the Treasure Tower had started the manufacturing of explosives.

“That’s amazing, but make sure to be careful. Don’t underestimate it. Enough explosives can blow up the world.”

“I’ll be sure to remind them,” Zuo Mo nodded. Then, she bit her lips. “Actually, I wanted to talk to you about something else.”

“Please,” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.



Ye Zichen slammed his cup of tea onto the table. Zuo Mo looked at him in shock as he stood up with locked eyebrows.

“What happened?”

“Young Mistress, there is someone out here… Hey, hey! Why are you forcing your way in!” The waiter outside called.

Soon, the door opened. Lin Ru walked in and scanned the two people within with a frown.

“You’re being rather carefree.”

“What happened? I sensed a powerful and strange energy fluctuation,” Ye Zichen ignored her mocking words.

“That subdimension base of yours shattered. Susu told me to go and get you to see what’s going on. Ugh, seriously, I can’t believe the Master of the Law is being a messenger for you mortals.”

Ye Zichen’s expression turned drastically dark. He immediately ran out without any hesitation.


Lin Ru looked at where Ye Zichen disappeared from in confusion.

What the heck? You’re just going to leave me here?

Lin Ru took several deep breaths to calm herself down, then twitched her mouth at Zuo Mo before leaving the room.

Meanwhile, Zuo Liang, who just got to the Treasure Tower, saw Ye Zichen rush out. He wanted to say hello, only to realize that Ye Zichen didn’t notice him at all.

Then, he looked at the VIP lounge and saw a furious lady storm out!


What’s going on?

When Lin Ru finally disappeared at the staircase, he walked into the room and raised his eyebrows, “Sis, I just saw Big Brother Ye. He was in quite a hurry. Who was that woman just now? Was she here to uhm… catch…”

“Catch your ass,” Zuo Mo frowned. “Why are you here.”

Zuo Liang’s expression sterned, “The elders of our family told me to get you.”

“Now? I thought it’s supposed to be two weeks later?” Zuo Mo replied with a nod. “Alright, I got it. I’ll sort things out here, then return. Let’s see what tricks they’re going to pull out this time.”

“What’s going on?”

“Why did the space collapse?”

“What’s going on?”

A group of people looked up at the shattering space above them on a plain several dozen kilometers away from Maple City.

It was the subdimension the white-robed man left behind that collapsed.

They had managed to safely evacuate from the subdimension immediately after things started to go wrong. While nobody was injured, everything did happen way too suddenly.

For some of them, they were merely walking on the streets when they realized that the ground disappeared. That’s why many people were shocked and frightened.


Ye Zichen arrived in a rush. The surrounding people bowed in greetings, while the women closest to him gathered over, including Xiao Yumei, who was holding Tiantian in her arms.

“Daddy!” The moment the baby girl saw Ye Zichen, she burst into tears. When the subdimension collapsed, she was playing with Lil’ Lan the winged dragon and the floor beneath her disappeared, causing her to fall from the sky.

If it wasn’t for Lil’ Lan, she might have fallen to her death.

Ye Zichen held Tiantian tightly and caressed her hair. Then, he looked up in the sky.

The subdimension collapsed!

And he was certain. The main way that a subdimension would collapse was…

The death of its creator!

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