Chapter 744 I beg of you

Chapter 744 – I beg of you

Flames surged out as Liu Qing finished her words.

Sid let out terrible screams as the purple fire started to cover him.

No matter how hard he tried to slap them out, no matter the technique he used to try and rid himself of the fire…

The flames did not go out!

Sid rolled on the ground in a desperate attempt to douse the flames. But it was futile. Soon, he his movements gradually slowed down until he could only writhe, until he finally laid still.

At the same time, the flames also stopped burning.

Sid was fully burnt, and a small layer of ice covered him.

“Is it over?” Jade Emperor muttered. Fear filled his body when Sid turned into a giant that towered over them.

And Liu Qing’s sudden increase in power also dumbfounded him.

As expected of the God Realm’s messenger.

Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens also silently gulped. He was less than half a meter from death earlier.

It was the young girl in front of them that saved them all.


Liu Qing wobbled, then started to fall. But Cui Twelve quickly got a hold of her before she hit the ground.

“Are you alright?”

Liu Qing smiled with a shake of her head, “I just feel a bit weak. We’ve caused quite the commotion here, so let’s get out of here. Otherwise, it’ll be troublesome when the demons come.”

“Then, what should we do about him…” Cui Twelve pointed at Sid’s burnt corpse.

Liu Qing gently tapped the layer of ice with her ribbon.

The corpse shattered into tiny pieces that dissolved into the air of demonic energy.

Cui Twelve’s eyes twitched…

The extreme of fire is truly powerful.

During the past few days, Ye Zichen sat in the courtyard of the mansion and gazed up into the sky.

For some reason, he just had an irking feeling that something bad was about to happen.

The other people did understand his feelings so they never went over to bother him.

“Hmm?” Just as Ye Zichen lit a cigarette for himself, he noticed a few unusual fluctuations of spiritual energy in the other region of the Immortal Region.

He had become extremely sensitive to the change in spiritual energy after nearly the Immortal King level.

He leaped into the air to see what was going on, then finally stopped worrying.

A soft smile appeared on his face as he looked towards the girl who was smiling at him.

“Welcome back,” Ye Zichen opened his arms.

Liu Qing quickly broke free from Cui Twelve and dashed into Ye Zichen’s embrace.

She buried her face in his chest. At that moment…

Nobody spoke.

And all Ye Zichen felt was the girl’s tremble in his arms.


Suddenly, a girl in a police uniform appeared in the sky. She wore a large cap just like a security police officer.

It was a very common getup in the Modern Realm, but seemed strangely out of place in the Immortal Region.

“I just started work, why is someone always trying to get on my bad side now!?”

It was no other than Lin Ru, the new Master of the Law.

Lin Ru had her hands on her waist then glared around like a mad woman.

“Ye Zichen!” Her scream echoed through the air.

“Why are you here again?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes, then noticed Lin Ru’s clothes. “Huh? You’ve fallen for cosplay recently?”

“Tsk, oh wow. You have that girl always following you around and now you’re holding this young one. Do you really not care about Susu anymore? I’m telling you, Su Yan was the true school beauty of Polytechnic University, anybody would spoil her beyond reason. But you? You’re the real Casa Nova aren’t you?” Lin Ru shouted, then indicated towards Liu Qing and Cui Twelve with a frown. “These two have surpassed the level of spiritual energy allowed here. I have to exile them.”

“So she is Lin Ru?” Liu Qing said weakly. She still remembers all the people Ye Zichen knows after following him around as a ghost for a while.

“Yes, she is now the Master of the Law here,” Ye Zichen replied.

“Master of the Law!”

Liu Qing, Cui Twelve, the Jade Emperor, and Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens all gasped.

The Law.

That was something that they could not touch and should never defy.

And now they have finally seen the face of the Master of the Law.

“You know me?” Lin Ru wasn’t deaf, she naturally heard what Liu Qing said.

Then, he eyes twitched as she put her hands on her hip, “Ye Zichen, you are truly terrible. I thought you only had a few girls by your side in the Modern Realm, so you were hiding this little girl there too!?”

“Shut it,” Ye Zichen said sullenly.

“Heh, whatever. I’m telling you again, the two of them are stronger than the level this realm can endure. I have to exile them.”

“Lin Ru!”

“Even if you glare at me, I still have the exile them. The Law is The Law,” Lin Ru refused to give in.

“Big Sister Lin Ru, please, I beg of you, can you let me stay here for half a day longer?” Liu Qing struggled out of Ye Zichen’s arms and kneeled on the ground.

“Liu Qing, what are you doing?” Ye Zichen tried to help her up.

Cui Twelve also frowned.

However, Liu Qing continued to look at Lin Ru with tear-filled eyes, “I beg of you, also The Law cannot be defied, but you are the Master of the Law. You can definitely change The Law for just a moment. I do not ask to stay here forever. Just half a day, please just half a day… Is that alright? I promise to not use any spiritual energy and not cause any troubles for you.”

“What are you doing?” Lin Ru was completely stunned at Liu Qing’s reaction. She did appear to be cold and uncaring, but it was just an act.

She had merely wanted to exile the girl as soon as possible not just because of The Law, but also because she didn’t like Ye Zichen’s personality.

But now…

“Get up to speak!’

“Please let me stay here for half a day longer.”

“Although I am the Master of the Law…”

“You definitely can, please, I beg of you,” tears flowed down Liu Qing’s face.

Ye Zichen couldn’t stand it anymore. He tried to pick Liu Qing up, “What are you doing, we have plenty of time to see each other in the future, so there is no need to beg her. Even if you can’t descend in the future, I can go over to the God Realm.”

However, Liu Qing continued to shake her head and look intently at Lin Ru.

“Whatever,” Lin Ru did the only thing she could think of.

Since she wasn’t sure of how to deal with it, she turned and left.

Ugh, whatever, I’ll just avoid them!

Gah, it sucks to be the Master of the Law right now!

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