Chapter 743 Extreme of Fire

Chapter 743 – Extreme of Fire

The powerful purple ray pierced towards Liu Qing’s arm, but the attack that was supposed to strike a hole through her flesh only left an almost negligible white dot there.

A slither of smoke rose as Lilu Qing looked up coldly…

“Hey… You aren’t as strong as you say.”

“Hmmm?” Sid, who thought that he had everything under control, frowned. The young girl who he easily shot multiple attacks through was now standing in front of him, completely unharmed.

Her fiery red hair touched the ground and her dark pupils also took on the color of fire.

How did she block the attack just now?

Sid thought to himself, but quickly shook his head. She probably used some tricks, but so what.

He was confident that he would not end up dead in the hands of such a naïve girl.

What’s more, this was not just blind confidence.

He was a rather experienced warrior in the Three Realms and his status of a general was won through a series of wars. Although he felt a bit of pressure from Liu Qing… But so what.

The battle he was most proud of was killing someone at the Sky Supreme level while he was just at the Earth Supreme level.

There was an almost unbreachable distance between the two levels, but he managed to bridge the gap!

Now, even if Liu Qing pulled some tricks, she was still nothing compared to him.

He didn’t care at all!

“Brother Twelve, are you alright?” Liu Qing disregarded Sid and turned towards Cui Twelve, who was sitting on the ground and looking at her worriedly.

“Why did you do that? You know you mustn’t take the pill!” Cui Twelve screamed his heart out. However, when he saw the flames at the center of Liu Qing’s forehead, he understood that it was too late.

She still ended up doing that!

“I don’t have a choice, do I?” Liu Qing smiled wryly. “We are unable to oppose a Diviner at our strength, this was the choice I had to make, and the only choice I could make.”

Cui Twelve could easily feel how troubled she was by making that decision.

There was no way she would have took the pill if she had even a glimmer of hope.

She must have undergone unbelievable internal struggles before taking ti.

“Alright now, the effects of the pill won’t last forever. I’ll hurry up and get rid of this annoying fellow,” Liu Qing’s smile disappeared as she turned around to face Sid once more. “Show me everything you’ve got, otherwise, you stand no chance at all.”

“Girlie, is that how you should speak to Lord Sid?” Sid sneered, but there was no hint of that emotion in his mind. He was indeed confident in himself, but that did not mean that he believed himself to be able to easily dispatch the girl in front of him now.


Raging demonic energy swirled around, forming two cyclone-like spirals.

The wind swept up pieces of rock and straws, leaving marks after marks of bloodstains on Liu Qing’s cheeks. If she was to open her eyes, then she would see that Sid had grown a lot taller and was laughing maniacally as he towered over her.

He held his hands up high and gathered the demonic energy of the realm towards him.

Jade Emperor was shocked. He watched on at the unbelievable seen and felt fear rising from the depths of his soul.

But moments later, that fear turned to excitement.

This is the strength of a Diviner!

“Girlie, Lord Sid did hold back on you before, but you didn’t take the chance,” Sid continued to mock Liu Qing as the spirals of demonic energy grew beside him.

Then all of a sudden, he squinted his eyes and pushed his arms forward, “Go!”

The two energy spirals rocketed towards Liu Qing and annihilated everything in their path.

They like a force of nature that swallowed all.

However, Liu Qing merely smiled and lifted her hands.

“Trying to rip my cyclones apart with your bare hands? Heh…” Sid mocked softly. He fully understood how strong his attack was.

Destroying his attack with her bare hands only made her seem delusion.

He continued to watch in wait of Liu Qing getting swallowed up by the storm, but…

A pair of hands…

A pair of white hands covered with a few sparks reached out from the spirals.

Then, they slowly pushed sideways, forcing a gap through the tornado.


The hands pushed backwards and tore the cyclone apart, turning it back into slithers of demonic energy.

“How is that possible!” Sid gasped.

She managed to destroy my demonic energy cyclone with just her hands!

He instinctively looked towards her and what he saw made him open his eyes wide.

A towering elder of fire stood behind Liu Qing. Although he seemed to be at the brink of death, there was a hint of undefiable authority to him.

He hands rested by his side, while the strongest type of flames sat in his palms…

Purple flames.

Liu Qing was standing in the exact same pose, the exact same first burned in her hands. There was only one difference. Her fire was not burning.

It was freezing!

“That’s the true extreme of fire,” Cui Twelve gasped when he felt the chill of Liu Qing’s flames.

Purple flames represented the highest level of control over fire, but that was not its extreme.

Ice was the extreme of fire!

The opposite of something the same as what lies beyond its limit!

The cold purple flames in Liu Qing’s hands clearly showed that she had grasped the true extreme of fire.

“I can’t believe Little Seventeen was so talented. No wonder His Majesty adored her so, but…” Cui Twelve gasped. Yet, at the same time, he felt pity for her. If she had not taken the pill, then her future would only shine brighter.

Oh well, perhaps…

This might be good for her.

Ye Zichen and his girlfriends popped up in Cui Twelve’s mind.

“Allow me to return your exact words to you,” Liu Qing smiled. “I did hold back on you before, but you didn’t take the opportunity. What a shame, you are about to disappear from this world now. It’s time for the Demon Realm to find a new general.”


Liu Qing, who was about to give Sid a fatal blow, stopped in her tracks. “Tell me your final wish.”

“I just want to know why you have the avatar of a fire demon!”

“Fire demon?” Liu Qing’s expression turned dark. “My avatar is the Fire God Avatar His Majesty handed to me. It’s no fire demon! Enough, it’s time for you to rest!”

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